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Scooby What?

Chapter 1

One Hell of a Fucked Up Dream!

5 years have passed since the victory with the androids. Life is calm and natural except for at Capsule Corporation.

"Woman, the boy doesn't need t.v time!"

"Vegeta, aslong as he's half human, he's going to live like one. And that means that he will watch cartoons
like other children on this planet."

"The boy musn't concern himself with childish activities. He needs to train." Vegeta demanded.

"I don't know if you realized this but he IS a child. All you do is train, train, train. I insist that you watch tv
with Trunks."

"What? Woman have you gone mad? I refuse to do this shit." Vegeta declared.

"Well if you're like that then I guess we can't "train" together tonight!"

Vegeta froze, he hated when Bulma would take away the next thing he enjoyed next to fighting. That was sex. The one time he realy enjoyed being near the woman. Bulma knew he had Vegeta right where she
wanted him. Bulma stalked over towards Vegeta and from behind softly licked the left side of his face and stroke his chest softly. He was about to explode, but he kept control.

"Fine woman. You win. I better get what I want later!"

"Oh you will Geta-chan!".

Bulma kissed Vegeta on the cheek and went to her lab to catch up on some work that she had missed.
Vegeta pushed himself into the living room and saw his 5 year old son wasting his life away. Vegeta sat next to the young boy and startled him.

"Papa...what are you doing here?"

"The woman insists that we spend some time together" Vegeta made clear.

At the age of 5, Trunks knew what Vegeta meant when he said, woman. He knew his mother forced Vegeta
to do this. He didn't mind then. Trunks returned to the tv and continued to watch the Power Rangers. Vegeta was disgusted.

*This is disgusting, the boy could easily beat all those weaklings, yet he enjoys them fighting robots.
Humans.* Vegeta thought.

Then Power Rangers ended with a part that Trunks was happy about.

"Boy, what's the matter with you? Are you happy aswell that the show is over?" Vegeta asked.

"No Papa, I feel a little bad because the show ended but I'm happy because the Power Rangers saved the day again!" Trunks replied ecstatically. Vegeta sighed in disgust. Then was startled at the boy's next move.
Trunks jumped up into the air and landed on the floor softly on his stomach, infront of the tv. Trunks screamed Happily when the next show. Vegeta couldn't think for long when corny 60's music came on...

~Scooby Dooby Doo

Where are you

We've got some work to do now

Scooby Dooby Doo

Where are you

We need some help from you now.~

Vegeta was utterly in hell. Well in his opinion. When he tried to speak, he was silenced by his son. He
forced hiself to watch the human filth. He felt as if suicide or even genocide could be his cure when this madness was over. The show seemed like it would last a life time. Vegeta was so strucken with disgust, that
he didn't even realize the show went off. Trunks got up, took a stretch and was about to leave when he noticed that his father was still sitting. Trunks walked to his father and looked at his face. Vegeta looked as
though he was in deep thought.

Trunks tried to get Vegeta's attention. He waved his arms, yelled in his ears, everything. Then Trunks
slapped his father. He'd think of his regretts later. Vegeta snapped open, and was PISSED! Trunks scurried off before Vegeta could react. Vegeta decided he would concentrate this anger into his training. Vegeta went
onto the compound, and entered the gravity chamber. He set the gravity to 500 and began his usual training. Many hours had passed and the Prince wouldn't admit it but he was tired. He shut the Gravity
Machine off and came into the house. Bulma was just setting the table for dinner.

"Vegeta, Dinners all set!"

"Hmph!" Vegeta replied.

Bulma watched as Vegeta went up the stairs and went to sleep early without even thinking of eating.

"Trunks, what's wrong with Vegeta?"

Trunks looked up from his filled plate into his mother's eyes and replied "I think you should have left the man alone and not have forced him to watch tv with me!" Bulma looked in the direction Vegeta went and sighed. She continued to prepare dinner. Vegeta had gone upstairs and fell asleep instantly. He didn't bother to take a shower either. His dreams soon took over his body and he was in deep slumber...........

~ Dun Dun Dun! The Dream ~

*Sugar Sugar*
Do Do de do de do
Ahh Honey Honey*
Do Do de do de do
You ar my candy girl!*

"What the hell is this?" Vegeta screamed.

"What do you mean, it's the Archies. This song is called "Sugar Sugar"

Vegeta jumped out of his trance of *this music is so shitty that I think I'm gonna scream* felling and realized what he was doing. First he stopped the car.

"Ok, what the hell is going on here? And why the hell are you dressed like that?"

"Vegeta, I don't know, but I think you're having one of THOSE dreams again." Bulma replied.

"Wouldn't I be thinking of sex right now?"

"No, I mean the kind of dreams where you watched a show and you then later dreamed about it."

"No..." Vegeta whispered.

Vegeta froze. The last time he had one of THESE dreams was after he watched "The Weakest Link". He shuddered for a while then turned and faced his wife who was in a disturbing outfit.

"Woman, what show is this?"

"What was the last show you watched?"

"Um.... I remember you forcing me to "spend some time with the brat". You made me watch damned "Shit in a box" with him. "


"The last show I watched was a stupid show with a bunch of kids solving mysteries." Vegeta replied.

"I got it, it's Scooby Doo!"

"Scooby What?"

"You know, the 60's kids show, where teens solve mysteries?" Bulma replied.

"No I don't know. All I want to do is get the hell out of here!"

"I don't think you can do that until you solve a mystery?"

"What, Oh Hell no!" Vegeta screamed.


Vegeta looked in the front of him. He saw that he and his mate were in a gloomy woods on a path. They were in a crappy mode of transportaion, which had the words "Mystery Machine" on the side. He looked at him self using a mirror and saw that he was wearing a white top, blue jeans, and a ugly scarf.

"What the hell is this?"

"It's your average 60's clothing." Bulma replied.

Vegeta looked at Bulma's outfit up close. Bulma had on a purple dress with a purple head band, she still had blue hair, which was odd. She had light purple leggings and purple shoes. She also had a green ascot. Ascot?

"Woman, what the hell is this?" Vegeta asked angrily.

Vegeta pointed to his acsot.

"Vegeta, that's you're ascot."

"This is women's wear."

"In the 60's ascots were for everybody. Technically they STILL Are."

"You and your earth traditions freak the hell out of me!"

"Whatever!" Bulma replied.

Vegeta turned to the front of the car and sighed. He took in his surroundings and collected his thoughts and laid his head on the steering wheel.

*Ok, I'm stuck in this dream, and I can't leave until I solve a fucked up mystery. Damn!* Vegeta thought.

Then suddenly it hit him.



"Were'nt there 5 retards on the show?" Vegeta asked.

Vegeta turned down slowly and saw "Them"

"Riya Regeta!"

Vegeta bagen to laugh histerically.

"Kakarott..... *laughing* you're the damn mut?" vegeta asked in between his fits of laughter.

"I ron't see ra problem?"

Vegeta continued to laugh. Then he dried the tears from his eyes and looked on to the "Rest" of them. There, next to Scooby D- I mean Goku, was Yamcha, only he looked like he had to many joints today. He wore a ragedy green shirt and brown bell bottoms. He "Defintely* needed a shave. Vegeta continued to look till he saw a girl, more like nerd, who was Chi Chi. Chi Chi wore, a red skirt, tall orage socks, red shoes, and a orange sweater, with the most ugliest pair of glasses he ever saw. Vegeta continued to laugh.

"Damn Nerd, I mean Kakarott's mate. Not only are you mated to a damn dog, but you like like his ass!" Vegeta made aware to everyone.

"Very funny! Hey Vegeta, Nice ASS-Cot!" Chi Chi complimented.

Vegeta fumed to himself and turned back to his woman.

"Well come on Vegeta, let's go already. I want to get out of this dream as much as you do!"

"No, I want to get out more than you do. This is the shittiest nightmare I have ever had. Damn it, Go to comercial!" Vegeta screamed bitterly.

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