A/N: This story is basically a chronicle of everything that happens to Nny on his "vacation", from the perspective of the unfortunate people he meets during it. It's also going to be much different comedy-wise than anything I've done, to let ya know. Just a warning. There aren't going to be any donuts falling out of the sky for no reason or anything like that. It's a hell of a lot more serious. There are also going to be cameos from a bunch of things all the way through, but you don't have to know who they are to read the story. It makes it a bit more fun, though.

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Chapter One: Room 203

James was the landlord at Knobsic Hotels, a kind of shabby, small place to stay. The people around the town were almost all upper-middle class, so it was almost never used by anyone. Some wondered why it was even there.

James was lonely man, and the fact that no one ever seemed to drop by his shitty little hotel didn't exactly boost his ego. So, by the rare occasion that anyone ever DID drop by, he would take advantage of this opportunity by dropping in constantly and making light conversation with its occupants… at two in the morning. Doing this usually just scared his only customers far, far away, but oh, it was worth it.

One man hadn't been scared away, though. He had checked in about three days ago and hadn't left. He was the only occupant the Knobsic had at the moment.

James found it hard to forget this person. It was 2:45 AM when he arrived there for the first time. It was pouring outside and James had decided that there was no better time than this to finish Swiss Family Robinson, one of the most boring books in the history of mankind. Then there was a knock at the door.

Now who could that possibly be, at this time? He asked himself. In the 3.2 seconds that it had taken James to think that, the person at the door had decided to stop knocking politely and to start pounding on it with his foot as hard as he possibly could.

"I'm coming, I'm coming…" James muttered, getting up from his comfy chair and opening the door. He found an unusually tall and thin man standing there, looking thoughtfully back at him as if nothing had happened at all. James looked over at his door to find deep gashes in the wood.

When he glanced over to the young man, James saw that he too was surveying the door. But instead of looking horrified, he looked quite interested in the gashes. Then WHAM! He whacked the door again with his foot.

"Why did you do that?!" James asked him, shocked. The man grinned.

"It's a face."

James looked back at the door. The gashes really were in the shape of a smiley face. He hadn't recognized it before because at the time it had only one eye.

He looked back at the young man to find he was looking directly at him, unblinkingly.

"Um… can I help you?" James asked him.

"I want a room," he replied coldly.

James started to get disturbed at his sudden change of attitude. He wished he could see him properly through the rain and dark. "You can have… Room 203. It's 25 bucks a night." Then James handed him the key. The man grabbed it from him, and James could just imagine him glaring at him through the darkness. He sighed. "You're going to have to pay for that, you know," James said, pointing at the door. But the man had already left.

The first day with him was really odd. James heard absolutely no signs of life from his room until 9 PM at night. He was trying to read the Swiss Family Robinson again when he heard a loud THUMP! Then dust and dirt fell from the ceiling.

"Wha…?" he asked himself, looking upwards.


"What in blazes is going on here?" he asked himself again. Every time he heard a THUMP, his ceiling would leak dust in a different place, and the ceiling's wood would bend a little. James got up and opened his door. And as soon as he did this, the young man who had checked in the night before lowered his head down from the top of the office complex and right in front of his face, grinning manically.

"Why are you jumping on my roof?!" James asked him angrily.

"The TV's broken," he replied, a serious look on his face.

"Then why didn't you just knock on the door?" James asked exasperatedly. The man just looked at him blankly. James began to wonder why the blood wasn't rushing to his face. He sighed. "What's your name, son?"


"Knee?" James asked him, confused. "Like the body part?"


There was a silence where Knee looked at him quite seriously and James wondered if he was going to say anything else. He didn't.

"Um… okay… Well, could you tell me what's wrong with the TV?"

Knee didn't reply. He just jumped down from the roof and started walking towards his hotel room. James sighed before following suit.

When Knee opened the door to his room, James was shocked to find that it was already completely trashed. Someone (likely Knee) had drawn stick figures on all the walls with a stick of charcoal. The bed sheets had been strewn across the room, and some of them had been used to make little forts. The contents of the bathroom had been thrown onto the ground, and the toothpaste smeared on the mirrors. It had been also smeared onto one of the walls in the form on the word POTATO. Then the toothpaste had been nailed to the wall. Now that James had seen that, he saw all the other odd things that been nailed to the wall, including a spatula and a sausage. Not to mention that there was a giant hole in the TV screen.

James bent in front on the television to inspect it further. "You threw a rock through the TV!" he said, pulling out a rock from the hole.

"That's a grenade," Knee corrected him.

"No it's n—AH!" James yelped, and chucked it out the window. It exploded before it hit the ground. James jut stood there, shocked.

"So can you fix it?" Knee asked. James turned around slowly, wondering what the hell was wrong with him.

"Uh… sure, but you're going to have to pay for the TV," he replied uncertainly.

Knee took out a fifty dollar bill from his pocket and handed it to him, completely unfazed by the grenade incident.

The next day…

James came over to Room 203 to deliver the new TV. He practically had to drag it up the steps, it was so heavy. When he was finally in front of Knee's room, he knocked on the door. Knee answered almost immediately, ketchup sprayed all over his clothes. James eyes it warily, wondering if he sprayed any on his nice carpet.

"What?" Knee asked.

"I have the new TV," James responded, holding out the television, his arms shaking from the weight. Knee took it easily, holding it as if it weighed the same as a fluffy teddy bear. Strong guy for such a stick… James thought.

"I can install it myself," Knee said, preparing to leave.

"Bu—" Knee slammed the door shut before James could finish. He sighed and made his way back down to the office.

The next day…

It was 11:30 PM. James was once again trying to read the Swiss Family Robinson without interruption when he heard a crash from the kitchen. James jumped up and grabbed his shotgun. He sneaked into the kitchen, expecting a robber.

"FREEZE!" James yelled, pointing his shotgun at the dark figure by the counter. The figure turned around to reveal the perpetrator—Knee. "Oh, it's you," James said, lowering his gun. "What are you doing in my kitchen?"

Knee staggered out of the shadows to reveal the shape he was in. James gasped. He was deathly pale, and the bags under his eyes seemed to be even darker. Knee was holding onto something for support with one hand and with the other he was clutching his stomach. There was also a glisten of something on his shirt… Blood! All down his front!

"Knee, are you okay?" James asked in shock.

"Hurts…" Knee hissed, then keeled and vomited all over the ground.

"AH!" James yelped and jumped back from the glistening substance. Glistening…? "Is that blood? Knee! You're vomiting blood! I'm calling an ambulance!"

"NO!" Knee screamed hoarsely, grabbing James in the back. "No… hospals… need messin…."

James looked down to see Knee kneeling in his own blood and looking up at James pitifully. James looked up to find his medicine cabinet open and its contents allover the floor. It didn't take much for James to put the two together. "You broke in to get my medicine, didn't you?"

Knee opened his mouth weakly to respond, but then grimaced and fell to the ground. "Damn it," he hissed. Then his eyes rolled back into his head and he said no more.

James went and called an ambulance anyway.

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