James was, without a doubt, a very annoying tease with details.

Sirius knew this of course. He found it one of James greatest qualities growing up, since he, Sirius, could never hold in a secret in long without sharing it with someone.

That was what close friends are for anyway.

But James, no, he was good at teasing you with details, just giving enough to taunt you with and get you more frustrated, but never enough to get a really good picture. Unlike Peter, who blurted out whatever secret upon questioning, and Remus, who never said any of his secrets without heavy duty prodding and sweet talking, with a side of research on their part.

So it wasn't much of a surprise when James just smiled at him when he got home from the Ministry and Sirius starting hounding him with questions, sounding very much like a distressed wife. While James' actual wife just sat on the couch, watching with an amused expression on her face, little Harry flying a couple inches off the ground going around in circles.

Just really, really annoying.

Ignoring Sirius, James walked over to Lily, kissed her on the cheek, grabbed Harry and put him on his shoulders and went into the kitchen in the time it took Sirius to scold James for ignoring him. Again.

Blowing a lock of hair out of his eyes, Sirius thought savagely to himself why he even became friends with such an annoying tease before shaking that thought away like an annoying fly. But that still didn't stop him from being miffed at him.

"Your gay is showing Sirius."

Whipping around and glaring at the giggling Lily, Sirius tried very hard not to pout, before he looked down at himself to see what Lily meant. Then he had to really try not pout at the picture he had unknowingly made when James had walked away. Hips slightly out, hands resting on them in the classic frustrated look, black hair past his shoulders, it seemed like an "Oh please!" and a foot stomp would not be out of place.

Straightening his back and dropping his arms, Sirius rubbed his face in frustration, and then turned to Lily with a smirk on his face.

"Don't hate the beautiful Lily. We are simply here to help the less fortunate, like your self, by being so fabulous. Our very aura is magical."

Dodging one of Harry's plastic toys he walked in the kitchen where James sat sipping coffee, quietly watching Harry bring out smaller pots cautiously so Lily won't hear.

Heh. Kid was already learning the tricks.

Sirius sat across the small kitchen table, study James' posture. Messy black hair stood up in all directions, as though dancing to the beat of his thoughts. Holding the Daily Prophet in one hand, James eyes were wary behind wiry frames. He sighed when Sirius began to move his leg back and forth, tension and lack of patience becoming apparent.

It was Sirius who broke the too quiet silence first.

"What did they rule?"

The quiet clanking of pots could be heard over the folding paper, James eyes' becoming less wary and more tired, as though they didn't want to witness the scene that was no doubt about to follow, or maybe even tired from what they already saw today.

Or maybe even both.

James sighed again and for the hundredth time cursed the war for what it did to his family. All of his family. Whoever claimed that a war ended with the last shot clearly wasn't there when the shot rang through ragged soldiers, soldiers who's very morals were ripped to shreds in a matter of seconds along with there comrades. Who never had to watch as the soldiers fell silently to the ground, whether by someone else's hands or their own.

Who never had to see those very hands rip apart a friendship and love so strong that the price is still being paid nearly five years later.

"Sirius…" Black hair swayed slightly in the breeze from the open window, grey eyes sharp and guarded at the warning tone in his friends voice. Birds outside the window chirped a little before flying off in the direction of the dying sun.

Boy, how he wished he was a bird then.

Looking away so he wouldn't have to see his friends face, James began to talk.

"The main objective of the hearing was to basically get him away from Ministry of Magic. Period. I know that they have an unbreakable contract, why do you think they didn't just send him back to the Azkaban," James added in a tense tone, sensing Sirius' interruption. "He...apparently his…cellmate, real wacky creature that one was, had some contacts in North America. I real powerful bird, she came in with bodyguards that looked like children, but you could practically feel the power coming off of them. Only one of them really looked physically powerful, and he was massive.

"But anyway, the Ministry was basically begging them to take him off their hands. Apparently Good ol' Moony knew how to throw some punches in before they locked him the cage, plus he seemed to heal almost freakishly fast. I think they explained that since his body has been going through transformations when he was still young, one of few children who actually survived a werewolf attack, then growing up with the werewolf through puberty resulted in more then just increased strength and stuff. I didn't really follow what they were saying but I think the general statement was that they had a really powerful wizard who was so parallel with the werewolf inside him, it almost made him impossible to handle without a wand should He decide to fight back."

James rolled his eyes at that, "As though he would fight now. I don't think he ever was that small, not even when he first came to Hogwarts. Though he did seem a little healthier looking then when we first brought into the Ministry," he added quickly, not wanting to cause his friend anymore pain by bringing up memories.

Silence took over that little expanse of time, seeming to stretch farther with each breath they took. Once again, Sirius broke the silence.

"So…They are sending him to America?" There was slight panic in his tone along with a defeated look.

James could never really stand that look.

"No." A bang of one of the bigger pots rang through the small kitchen, scaring away some of the lingering birds.

"What do you mean no? You said the woman was from North America, surly she was going to go home at some point?"

"Sirius, open your ears. Where did I say she was taking him to North America? You think she came all the way here for a fugitive? Really now, start using that brain of yours. She is moving to France. Plus, that would be the only way that the Ministry wouldn't break that…contract you have with them."

Sirius heard the aggravation in his friends' voice at the mention of the contract he made with the Ministry a couple years ago. A contract to transfer a prisoner from Azkaban to the Ministry of Magic to utilize their powers while the holder is still…sane wasn't unheard of, just very rare.

Very, very rare.

To get the Minister to agree to such terms as it were took some wording, charming, a little bribing, and Dumbledore.

The Dumbledore part was especially important.