Kim Possible: A Blonde Moment Prologue

By: Eoraptor

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Kim turned the handles of the shower and hummed the latest Brittina single as she waited for the water to come up to her favored steaming temperature. She opened her long pink bathrobe and hung it up on the proper hook on the back of the bathroom door. Wincing suddenly as her arm stretched up over her head a moment, she moved it again, turning towards the vanity over the sink to see why it hurt.

"Darn it Shego!" She clicked her teeth together, examining the purple bruise under her left armpit and across the side of her breast, remembering the sharp kick she had failed to fully catch. "Guess no tank-top for me for a few days… Grrrr and it's going to be hot today too!"

Sighing and pausing to make sure the damage wasn't more severe now that adrenaline rush of the evening before had worn off and allowed her to feel pain again, Kim lowered her arm and turned back to the shower, which was now generating the wanted amount of steam. She tugged aside the shower door and stepped gingerly inside, letting the pale freckled skin of her leg adjust to water just a few degrees short of scalding.

"Mmmmmmm… that's the stuff!" she sighed contently and ran her head and shoulders under the water. After a few moments Kim was practically purring, feeling the pulsating, spinning jets of her special shower-head massage her scalp and power away a night's work full of sweat that had dried there during her sleep.

A few more moments of self-indulgent soaking and she reached for the bodywash bottle and squirted out a heavy dallop. She knew if she took too long in here, the twins would come pounding at the bathroom door and demand their turn. She scrubbed herself down with the shower puff, ridding her freckled skin of sweat and dirt, and letting the soothing cucumber-melon scent help her to relax in lieu of a much longer shower. Paying careful attention to her latest contusion, She scrubbed away a bit more, and finally rinsed her lean body off, cooing again as the steaming water rinsed away exfoliated skin and most of the evidence of her nemesis's handiwork.

Long red hair hanging down across her eyes, she felt around the small shower stall for the shampoo. Finally she grabbed it and squeezed some out into her hands. She frowned when she was not once-more met with the scent of cucumber-melon, but remembered that the tweebs had said they spilled it the day before.

"Well at least they replaced it… Bubblegum isn't horrible anyways," She began working the shampoo into her hair, and sighed again in relaxation.

"Mmmmmm, I'll have to ask them where they got this stuff… it feels good. Kinda tingly actually!" Rubbing her hands through her hair, scratching short nails across her scalp, and relishing the fresh feeling, Kim smiled lightly and began humming again.

By the time she had got through Brittina's single again, she decided that was probably long enough and that she was definitely running danger of interruption of her allotted fifteen minutes shower time. She turned her back to the shower head and tossed her sudsy hair back, allowing the shower beater to work the shampoo from her hair and at the same time massage tense shoulders.

Caressing fingers through her hair, sweeping it back to remove more of the bubblegum-scented stuff, she marveled at how silky it felt this morning. Finally feeling the last of the suds gone, she sighed and turned about one last time to remove any residual bodywash or shampoo.

Giggling as she turned the water off, she stepped out of the stall and tossed her hair back, artfully wrapping long tresses up into a towel without so much as a glance at the uselessly steamed up mirror. "Tim's girlfriend must be teaching him something right on those trips to the mall."

Reaching up and not wincing as much this time, she drew her robe back about her and tied it snuggly about her, turning to open the door and egress the bathroom. As she did her eyes caught a flash of purple in the dressing-mirror mounted to the door. Something tickled the back of her brain. Where did she remember a purple bottle from?

Even as she heard the requisite knock at the bathroom door, she was turning back, and looking at the purple smear she could make out through the frosted shower door. With growing trepidation, Kim stepped back to the stall and opened it.

There, right where she had set it after squeezing out a generous handful of the stuff; sat the purple bottle of shampoo.

"Dr. Drakken's NEW AND IMPROVED Lather, Rinse, Obey! A Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mind Control Serum in one bottle!"

Kim started panting, remembering the now suddenly disturbing tingle she'd felt in her scalp when she'd washed. "Oh crap! Oh no! nononononono!"

As one of the tweebs now pounded on the door, she scrabbled at the towel balanced on her head, and stared into the mirror in utter shock at what was revealed beneath as it unraveled and allowed thick hair to spill out. She smeared her hand across the fogged vanity mirror, stared at her visage, and shrieked.

(Cue Kim Possible theme)