§Alice's POV§

1987. Just a number when you are immortal. I often mused at this. When will it stop? Frankly, I didn't really care. What was the point? The end would come when it was ready.

"Alice, are you okay?" Jasper asked softly. I smiled up at him. We were walking down the street in Chicago. Esme, Carlisle, Emmett and Rosalie were all at home. They didn't feel like hunting at the time. The only reason we were here in the first place, was because we were tired of moving. We would be moving again in the morning, it was too sunny here.

"Of course I'm okay. How can I not be when I'm with you?" I teased. He laughed down at me and I smiled back up at him.

When we walked past an ally, we could here a baby cry. It was not a place for a baby and I could only here one hart beat, meaning that the baby was alone, in a dark black ally, in the middle of the night.

I ran into the ally, looking for the little baby that was crying. I found him behind the dumpster. He was a beautiful little baby boy, with thin bronze hair and shocking green eyes. When he saw me he stopped crying. He started to laugh and reached out for me with his tiny fingers.

I picked him up and held him close. I stiffened when the tingling sensation went down my spine. I was having a vision. The last thing I remembered before my vision, was Jasper taking the baby boy from my arms, so I wouldn't hurt him.

The vision was about a little boy, with untidy bronze hair, blowing out five
candles from a big cake. I saw myself and my family clapping and smiling
around him. He was beaming up at us. I looked at the cake and saw the name
Edward written on it.

End of vision.

"We're keeping him." I said firmly, taking him from Jaspers arms. He couldn't be more than a few months old, poor thing.

"What?! Alice, we can give him up to the police or something. We can't keep him, he is not a pet." Jasper said quietly. I knew he hated to disagree with me. I glared at him.

"We are going to keep him end of discussion. I saw him in my vision, at the age of five. It was his birthday and we were all clapping and having fun." I told him. I started walking home. I could here Jasper trailing behind me.

"Well, I guess he is kind of cute. This could be fun. But my control…." Jasper was the on with the worst control of ours. I felt sympathy for him, but not enough to give up Edward.

"Jasper, he is too small for you to feel any attraction to his blood. And when he grows up, you'll be so use to it you wont even notice it." I assured him. He smiled thankfully at me, as we walked threw the door.

Edward was making small gurgling noises in my ear, and he reached out one hand towards Jasper. Jasper laughed and put his finger in his tiny hand. Edward put it in his mouth.

"Is he trying to eat me?!" Jasper asked astonished. It's not every day you see a baby human taste a vampire. I laughed at him and he frowned back at me, clearly disgusted about having his finger inside someone's mouth.

"No, Jasper, he is not trying to eat you. He is just chewing at your finger because his mouth is scratchy" I explained.

"Why is his mouth scratchy?"

"His teeth are coming. That's painful, so I've heard." I muttered. I couldn't remember a thing about my human life.

"What's his name?" He asked suddenly.

"Edward." I answered. We smiled at each other and walked through the door. Everyone was in the living room. They were shocked to say the least when they saw what I was carrying in my arms.

"Alice, who is that….?" Esme asked hesitantly. The others were to shocked to say anything. Even Carlisle couldn't form a correct word.

"We found him behind a dumpster in an ally. I had a vision and I saw him living with us. He was five and was blowing out candels. The name on the cake said Edward, so this is Edward. Your new son and our new brother." I said smiling. If Esme could cry, she would have had tears of joy in her eyes.

"Can I hold him?" She asked softly. I smiled and handed her Edward. Jasper followed, with his finger firmly placed in Edwards mouth. Esme looked at him strangely and he just shrugged. He pulled his finger out and Edward started to cry. When he put his finger back into his mouth, he went quiet.

"The poor thing must be starving. Emmette, Rosalie, Would you please go down to the super marked and buy some milk? And a bottle." Esme asked warmly. They nodded and went for the door. Emmette snickered at Jasper for being used as a chewing toy. He just glared back.

"What are we going to do when he grows up? He will see that we never age. Are we going to tell him?" Carlisle asked. I nodded my head to him. Yes, we would tell him and we would give him the choice to be a vampire too, if he wished.

"Then it is settled. From now on his name will be Edward Cullen." Carlisle said beaming down at him. I don't think he smiled that big since his own wedding. Esme was just the same. She was bored when we were at school and Carlisle worked. Now she could have her own little buddy to play with. This would be great for her, after the loss of her own son.

"He needs to sleep. And eat. Where are those two?" Esme asked impatiently. I giggled a little. This would be fun.

I could not wait for him to grow up.