Chapter One- Up,up and away!

"Just a little more citric acid and…" Said Liberty. Finally, Liberty hit the bright blue button and it started. It started out as a hissing noise- like a hose when you cut off the water and the pressure builds up. Then sparks came flying for maybe 3 seconds and finally it was completed.

She called up everyone who she knew would love this experience. One by one people started to file into her basement.

"Thank you everyone for coming." Said Liberty. "As you know last month we all lost someone very important to us. That is why I built this." Liberty pointed to the big contraption in the corner.

"Wow hon, I knew you were a nerd but you actually built a piece of garbage." Gossiped Paige.

"Actually Paige, it is the GBIT300. A time machine." Exclaimed Liberty.

"And what are we supposed to do with a time machine?" Asked Sean.

"We are going to go back and warn J.T about his death and protect him." Said Liberty." So who's in?"

There was a long silence before a voice eventually spoke up.

"I will." Said Emma.

"Me too. He was my best friend." Said Toby

"If my girlfriends doing it I guess I should too." Said Sean.

"I will-time travel is awesome." Said Spinner.

"I will. J.T was hot." Said Dylan.

"I'll come so that he doesn't steel my boyfriend!" Said Marco.

"I will. I did date him for the whole third season." Said Manny.

"Fine." Said Paige.

"Me too!" Said Jimmy.

"Cool. Oh my gosh. I totally forgot. Jimmy can't come." Said Liberty.

"Why not? Is J.T against crippled people?" Yelled Jimmy.

"No! The medal from your wheelchair will set it off. In fact everyone has to remove every bit of medal. Including piercings-EVERYWHERE! But Jimmy. You can stay here and watch through the monitor. If the red light flashes tell us to come back immdieatly. Ready?" Asked Liberty.

Everyone nodded and they all disappeared into the sixth season.