Chapter two- Here comes your man pt. 1

By the way thank you for all the positive reviews. This is a story were the first six weren't about how illogical it was. Thank you and now onto Here comes your man pt.1

After a sequence of flashes finally they appeared at there favorite place- The Dot. Emma ended up being seated in a date with here ex-Peter.

(I don't remember the entire dialog so I'll make it up.) "So want to go down to the racetrack tomorrow. We can put up the roof- sit in the back seat…" Suggested Peter. He started to caress her hands.

Emma pulled away as soon as he touched her. "I'm sorry. You get my friend to flash you, try to go out with her, go after me and try to act like Sean? You're pathetic."

"What? How did you even know? And why are you breaking up with me? Sure I did some bad stuff but come on. Think about how many times I've helped you. When you were anorexic, when we found your dad and my mom making out. Come on. Give me another chance Em!" Peter yelled.

"I gave you so many chances if they were notes you could play a symphony." Retorted Emma. "We are done."

In the halls of Degrassi Liberty runs into…..J.T! (Crowd cheers so loud a man loses his hearing.)

"Hi Liberty." J.T said. He looked at her and walked down into chemistry.

"J.T wait!" Liberty screamed. She ran over to J. T and hugged him. She just hugged him as if it was the last time she would ever. "I missed you so much!"

"But we saw each other last week remember- in I'm Canadian Eh! Bookstore?" J.T said.

"Yeah but the week feels like months. Hey can you meet me at the dot after school?" She asked.

"Sure." He said.

Well that's the end of the second chapter. I decided I will follow up until Rock this Town comes and then you will see the finally. Well g2g people! Goodbye!