Cold Aspirations: Sequel to Let Me Go

By: me once again

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Here's to people that reviewed me for Let Me Go…. Well, here you go.

The Package

Natalie's P.O.V.

Thirteen is a lucky year for most young adults. The age of thirteen dawns on some of the best and worst days of your life. Natalie Faulkner's summary of her 13th birthday can be explained with one thing; a package. It arrived in the mail around 9:00a.m. The return address was absent on this package, along with specific mail instructions. After all, the object inside sounded fragile. All that was said on the box was; To: Natalie Faulkner

"Where on earth did this come from," Amanda asked staring at the package that sat on the kitchen counter.

Having her suspicions, Amanda curiously gazed about the package looking for any signature or sender information. After a good five minutes of pondering what she should do, Natalie walked into the room in a sleepy daze.

Natalie looked at the package and asked, "What's that?"

Amanda replied, "I don't know. It came in this morning for you, but it doesn't say who it's from, and speaking of today; happy thirteenth birthday honey."

"Thanks mom," Natalie said still staring at the package.

Just as that was said, Adam walked into the kitchen and covered Natalie's eyes from behind her and said, "Happy birthday, you old woman."

"Okay dad and what would that make you, ancient?" Natalie asked playfully.

Adam stared at the package that seemed to beckon to all of them from across the room as Amanda asked him, "That package over there came for Natalie this morning, but I have no idea where it's from or who it's from. Do you have any ideas?"

Adam replied, "No clue; we should open it anyway though."

Natalie walked over to the package and began to carefully tear off the tape that sealed it shut. On the inside was a letter. It said:

213, Stygian Street

June 22, 2006

Dear Natalie,

You probably don't remember me, but I most certainly remember you. I have sent this to you on your 13th birthday because I have a special job for you. Your life has just begun, and I want to help you rise above expectation. You can be responsible for changing the world. Have people see as I see, and feel as I feel. Life is a very precious thing. At birth we are given the right to do with it what we wish, and some make worse choices than others. Your parents had betrayed me and had taken their lives for granted. I want you to show them, and everyone else the error of their ways. In the box are blueprints for contraptions that will be created by you to test people that are abusing life. You must do this in secret. The information given to you must never find its way into the wrong hands. Your mother and father have failed me, and it is now up to you to carry on my life's work. People must face these challenges, or die trying. The choice is now up to you. Don't fail me now Natalie. You are the only hope left for my philosophy. Do this for me, your adopted grandfather.


John Kramer

Natalie stared at this letter for about seven minutes before searching the rest of the box. As promised in the letter, the inside of the box contained materials for death contraptions. Just the thought of what they could do made Natalie's spine tingle. At the very bottom was a bag filled with hand tools that would build the contraptions such as a hammer, a screw driver, and a socket wrench.

Seeing the strain on her daughter's face Amanda asked, "Natalie, what does the letter say?"

Natalie wondered what she should do knowing that the letters instructions clearly stated that the information should be kept a secret. No sooner then thought kicked in, Natalie quickly replied, "Oh it's just a letter from my teacher at school wishing me a happy birthday. The box is filled with cards from my classmates. I'm just gonna go put this in my room for now."

Amanda sensed something wrong with the explanation, but she trusted Natalie.

Adam said to Amanda, "That's kinda strange don't you think? Natalie seemed really creeped out by that letter."

"Yeah, but I trust her enough to give her some space," Amanda said half- heartedly.

For the rest of the day Natalie spent time with Adam and Amanda participating in the usual birthday routine; opening presents, cake, and calls from friends wishing her a happy birthday. At the end of the day Natalie returned to her room to look even further into the package's contents. Looking once again at the letter, Natalie began to think very hard about what it could mean.

Life is a very precious thing. At birth we are given the right to do with it what we wish.

Given that the letter Natalie had received was dated back to thirteen years ago, she had no idea about the Jigsaw cases or his infamous traps. Amanda and Adam wanted to keep that from her until they thought she was old enough to hear about it.

"Your adopted grandfather," Natalie repeated to herself.

Suddenly the gears in her head began to work over what her "grandfather" was like. To Natalie this was innocent thinking. After all, Adam and Amanda were her only family.

"People must face these challenges or die trying," Natalie said to herself looking in the box for a blueprint.

The first one she pulled out looked to her like an enormous toaster. On the inside was a poorly drawn person that seemed to be shackled to the bottom of the 'toaster' by their ankles. The walls of the inside were highlighted in red which must have meant that they are meant to be heated, and they had arrows pointed inward at the person which must have meant that the heated walls were closing in. Looking at this device made Natalie sick to her stomach. One thing she found curious was that the top of the blueprint was labeled with one name, Alison. According to the blueprint she would have to reach past the heated bars to grab a key and free herself from the enclosing walls. Her only escape was a rope ladder that was dangling in her reach. Natalie guessed that the challenge after all was the shackles holding this woman in place.

Natalie exclaimed, "Oh my god."

She glanced downward on the blueprint to what the after effect would be. The poor woman looked like a burnt pancake. Just thinking about what it would really look like made Natalie gag. Even worse was the thought of building such a machine.

Having seen enough Natalie threw the blueprint back in the box glancing back inside, Natalie saw at least eleven tapes along with four tape recorders. All of the tapes were labeled with names such as Allison, Sarah, Daniel, Diana, and finally a tape with smeared letters. All you could see on it was 'Am- & A.'

Natalie finally sealed up the box and put it in the far back of her closet, and got ready for bed. Regardless of whether of not Natalie had seen enough with that one blueprint; worse was yet to come, much worse.