Okay, so the deal is that Elizabeth stayed at the hospital with her body, but didn't come back to see David because he went to see her first.

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He couldn't believe that she was gone. He understood that she needed to be with her physical half, but that she had said goodbye with such finality tore his heart to shreds. He didn't understand why things had to be this way.

Every time he touched the heat rings on the coffee table or looked at the cough syrup stained pillowcase, he just wanted to curl up in the bed and weep for what could never happen. One morning, as he lay awake in bed, he realized that he loved Elizabeth possibly even more than he had loved Laura. Both women were special to him in their own ways, but here and now, he had found it in his heart to learn to love Elizabeth. And as David realized this, he also realized he had to be with Elizabeth.

He drove to the hospital, and parked a few blocks away. He didn't know why, but something inside his heart told him there was something significant between his parking spot and the hospital. He jumped out of his truck, and walked toward the hospital. The door of a bookstore was open to the springtime breezes. Inside, he could hear a storyteller reading a fairy tale.

"And the dashing prince kissed the beautiful princess, and woke her from a deep sleep..." the storyteller was saying.

"That's it!" he exclaimed to no one. He ran to the hospital. He saw Fran at the desk again. "I know I already said goodbye to Elizabeth, but I wanted to see her one more time. I'm not a psycho, I promise."

"That's okay." Fran said. "Telling Elizabeth goodbye will be the hardest thing I've ever done. I can't get up the courage to let her go."

"Thanks for understanding." he said. She let him into Elizabeth's room, and he was not surprised to find her trying to work her spirit back into her body. She closed her eyes and concentrated really hard. Instead of feeling like Peter Pan being sewn to his shadow, she felt like someone was kissing her!

She opened her eyes, and there stood David, stooped over her bed, inches above her lips. "David!" she cried. The world spun and Elizabeth felt sick to her stomach. Then as quickly it had come, the feeling was gone, but she felt different. Whole, she realized. She commanded her body to lift her arm, and was amazed when her physical arm obeyed!

She reached up and was about to press the nurse button when she realized there was a strange man in her room. She remembered the accident, and figured she was in the hospital, but who was this man? He looked vaguely familiar, but she couldn't place him. "Elizabeth." he whispered, tears filling his eyes.

"Who are you?" she asked strainedly. "I know you...but how?"

"This is going to sound completely insane, but can we touch hands?" he asked.

"Okay." she held out her hand. Touching the guy's hand for a few seconds wouldn't hurt anything. She could scream if she needed to; the door was open.

He pressed his palm to hers, and everything washed over her like a breaking wave. She remembered him! "David!" she whispered. She slid to the far side of her bed and motioned for him to lay down. He did so, careful not to disturb the wires.

They were in full liplock when Fran came to tell David that visiting hours were over for the morning. "Oh, my," was all she could say.