Title: Eternal Wind
Series: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Rating: T (rated for safety)
By: MewSsomsie
Beta-ed By: Argent-Allure
Summary: "Even after Maron helped Fin, her battles weren't over yet. The 'Final Battle at the Ice Castle' was only the beginning. The demons that were still on Earth are now coming after Maron with everything they've got. Maron must now be stronger than ever, or else everything she does will be in vain, and everyone she loves will be in danger."

AN: Hello! This is my first Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne fanfic, and hopefully not my last! I have only seen the anime, so this fanfic is based directly after the anime. Also, sorry for the first chapter's short length. But all prologue's are short, aren't they?

I will be updating this story weekly (or close to it).

Disclaimer: I don't own Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. Nope, not even gonna put a corny pun in to make it funny.
Chapter: 1 – "Believe" –Prologue--

"You're such a liar, Maron. You said you couldn't cry anymore," said my cute little squeaky-voiced angel, Fin, when she herself was crying tears of happiness.

"You too, Fin," I replied, fully aware of the tears streaming down my face.

Access flew over and hugged Fin; he didn't exactly appreciate the "reward" he was given this time though- a rather painful punch to the face. I mean that's not to say that he wasn't rewarded later. After all, Fin did say thank you after a moment, much to the joy of Access's ego.

After witnessing our angelic friends "embrace," Chiaki and I smiled at each other as we started to walk back down the road towards the town, where Miyako was.

"Miyako, we're back," I said as my best friend almost strangled me.

"You idiot. You had me worried," she reprimanded, still crying slightly and refusing to let go.

Feeling the ground beneath our feet begin to rumble, Chiaki yelled out at us. "Maron, we need to get out. This place is about to collapse!"

"Right," I replied. We ran, well, it was actually more like Chiaki running with me as I was pulling Miyako up and Access and Fin flying above overhead as we crossed the ice bridge over to safety. We somehow managed to make it outside seconds before the whole castle collapsed behind us.

"Is this what it felt like when the police chased you?" Miyako asked, panting as we watched the castle crumble.

"No, not quite," I answered, before Chiaki could let out another shocking secret. After all, Miyako still didn't know about Chiaki being Sinbad, and although it probably wouldn't be a shock for her now, I wanted to let this information sink in first.

"You're not coming to school tomorrow, are you, Maron?" Chiaki asked, his cocky ever-present smile on his face.

"Probably not, but you're not one to talk either," I retorted, irritated with his constant arrogance.

Seeing that I wasn't in any mood to humor his immature teasing, Chiaki decided to move his attention elsewhere. "Hey Access! Gonna take a nap?" Chiaki asked.

"Access? There's someone else here besides the three of us?" Miyako asked while looking around.

"I forget some times," Chiaki began, "that not everyone can see them," he finished, giving me a small smile.

"You can? Geez, I couldn't if I tried," I responded playfully.

"What are you the two of you talking about?" Miyako asked, still looking around confused.

"Oh, just about Access Time," Chiaki finished, now satisfied in having someone else to aggravate, as Fin was asleep on my shoulder and Access was on Chiaki's head snoring.

"I'm gonna have to tease him when he wakes up, you know that right, Maron?" Chiaki asked.

"He fought very hard, so you should at least try to be nice to him every blue moon," I responded haughtily still walking when it hit me. "Oops," I uttered, placing my hand over my mouth.

"What?" I heard Miyako ask as Chiaki just shook his head.

"Finally realized?" He asked, cocky grin and all.

"Shut up," I responded, and then added, more to Miyako than to Chiaki, "I'll be right back. Wait for me!" I darted into a tree as Jeanne and came back as Maron again. "Now we can leave," I said smiling. Chiaki rolled his eyes again and Miyako looked shocked, as if she knew and yet at the same time couldn't quite comprehend. I decided to walk home slowly, more for Chiaki's sake than for my own, as he couldn't run even if he wanted to.

"What's for dinner?" Chiaki asked before adding, "Because surely you're not making me cook after all I went through for you today."

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, I'll cook, you lazy bum," I said.

After a long period of silence, Miyako said, "No one told me who 'Access Time' is yet."

Looking a certain blue haired boy in the eyes, I replied. "I'd rather not talk about it here. Why don't you eat dinner with Chiaki and me, and then spend the night at my apartment tonight. I think I should be able to cover just about everything that I know with you, just not here. Of course, I want someone else to help explain their side of the story too."

"Yeah, yeah. I gotcha," Chiaki responded.

"That's good; my parents have probably eaten by now," Miyako said.

At the mention of the word "parents" I looked down and asked Chiaki, "You think that they're okay now, right?"

That's when he walked over and gave me a short hug before replying, "Yes, I'm sure everything will be better."

"Thanks, Chiaki," I responded gratefully before walking again.

"Hey Maron, can we change? Access is getting heavy now," Chiaki said suddenly. I picked up on the invisible message that he was trying to send with it. He was trying to change the conversation.

"No, I happen to like having Fin on me, thank-you very much!" I said, turning around and looking at him.

"Well, I would like to experience what it feels like to not have a six pound weight on me all the time!" Chiaki replied with cockiness in his voice that was unable to reach to his eyes.

"And I would like to point out that the both of them are sleeping peacefully. Besides, Access is your problem, remember?" I retorted. In the corner of my eye I saw Miyako looking at us with a "what are they talking about" face on.

"Can't you walk any faster, Chiaki?" I asked, seeing as Miyako was getting impatient about being kept clueless.

"It depends, do you want me to be able to get out of bed the next day? You know that we're both gonna pay tomorrow, so I think I need to be able to get out of bed at least... maybe." He responded, though it did look like he sped up a little.

After we walked for another eight minutes or so, we reached our apartment complex. "Wanna take the elevator or stairs?" I asked, though I already knew the answer.

"You can run the stairs today. I'm taking the elevator," was the only response I got.

Miyako, who had been unusually, but understandably silent said, "I'm going to get my stuff then come over, okay?"

Sending a glare over in Chiaki's direction I said, "Sure, just don't take too long. I'll be able to cook the entire thing if you can keep all the food and snacks away from him. Every time he comes over, he and Access try and steal food from my kitchen, so I always have to play the 'food-keep-away' game with them both."

"It was one stupid time," I heard him mutter, and I'm positive he knew that I could hear it because he looked at me quickly afterwards.

"Yeah, yeah. One time per trip to my apartment?" I asked, where only he could hear it.

Before he could respond, Miyako shouted out to us. "Be there in a minute!"

Chiaki followed me into my apartment when I stated, "Chiaki, I don't want to tell her right now. Not about you being Sinbad. I think she would completely freak out right now. You think that you could wait a little while?" I asked.

I saw him try to hide a slight smile from me before he spoke. "Do you think it's wise to hide stuff? I've learned my lesson after what I went through with you. I won't tell if you don't want me to, but if it backfires it's all on you. Understand?"

"Yeah I gotcha, I just want to wait until tomorrow, you know? Let this information settle first." He nodded before I continued. "Now, why don't you go change clothes yourself? You look like you came out of a big fight or something," I responded, a small smile on my lips.

"Ha-ha. That's so funny I won't even comment about your hair right now," he responded playfully, his usual sarcastic tone in his voice.

I tried my best to blow the comment off because I knew he was just teasing me, but as soon as he left, I immediately ran to the bathroom to check. When I saw that I did indeed look fine, I took both of my hands and strongly beat them against one of the walls once. Of course, the wall just happened to be the one that connected to his apartment to mine.

He apparently had been expecting some sort of retaliation because he didn't come running over. I didn't bother to think about him coming through the balcony. After all, I thought he was just a little too sore to do that just yet.

I then heard a knock at my door. My guess was that it was Miyako, and I was right. She had a small duffel bag in her arms. "That was the quickest I have ever seen you pack," I said, looking at the small bag.

"Yeah. I had a motive today, I guess," she responded. She looked a little sad to me, then again she could have just been feeling lost and confused. I really didn't want her to be feeling either one, but I think the second choice would have been worse. Although I never liked seeing Miyako sad, I didn't want to even think about the latter. If she was in shock now, she might faint or something worse later.

Once she was inside I shut the door. I then heard the sliding glass-door open. "Why leave through the front door when you're just going to come back through the balcony?" I asked.

Miyako looked at me for a minute before another voice replied startling her, "Because you leave your balcony lock open and it takes too long for you to come open the door," a male voice replied. It was Chiaki yet again.

"Where did you put Access?" I asked, noticing that the purple-haired angel was missing.

"In his bed. Don't worry I left a note, Mother," he responded.

I was about to comment back when I took a deep breath and instead asked everyone, "What do you guys want for dinner?" Chiaki looked like he said about to give me another sarcastic remark when I looked at him with a "you really don't want to make that comment right now" type of look. I started going through my fridge as I told them, "I can either make a salad, call in a pizza, or make spaghetti."

"Pizza sounds good," Chiaki said, to which I corrected, "And a salad to you. You're injured too badly to eat unhealthy food."

"Then you get one too," he said indignantly.

"Nooo, I went through emotional trauma, not physical trauma. I should get chocolate instead of a salad," I responded. I'm almost positive that I heard a "yeah right" afterwards, but I ignored it.

"How about you, Miyako?" I asked to which she responded, "Pizza's fine." I then told them, "I'm going to put Fin to bed. Why don't you start your part of the story, Chiaki? Quit teasing her about Access and actually tell her who he is. He nodded as I got Fin's old teacup out, put a few pieces of candy in there, and walked away with her. I then put her in my room and came out to join the conversation.

"So, where are we at?" I asked.

"Still getting over angels," he responded.

"Access, hopefully?" I asked, trying to sound optimistic. I didn't really want Fin brought up too much.

I think that Chiaki saw that because he then asked, "How tall do you think Access is anyway? I'm guessing around seven inches or so myself."

"That sounds about right," I said in response.

"Angel?" I heard Miyako ask.

"Yep. We, we being Maron and I, have come across two angels. Fin Fish and Access Time. Maron can see them for obvious reasons, and I guess I'm just a defect. I see them too," he said, somehow still smiling and not acting affected at all.

"You're a defect, but not for those reasons," I told him. I caught a small smile play on his lips before I picked up the story from where he left off.

"Access came to Earth with Fin, but became separated for reasons that I would rather have Chiaki explain. Chiaki was walking around town for something, probably trying and failing to pick a girl up." At this point, I got me a look from a certain blue haired, beaten-up boy, but I continued anyway. After all, it was probably true. "From what Chiaki has told me, when he saw something floating, he ended up grabbing Access instead. Access then explained his story and Chiaki agreed to help him afterwards."

"What I didn't know at the time was that Chiaki already knew that I was Jeanne. That's why he moved in next door to me. He says he has changed his reason though I have to wonder sometimes." I received another glare from the tan and slightly muscular boy to the right of me when I ended my explanation with that last sentence. Miyako was to the left of me, looking like she was having trouble understanding it all. I could relate.

"Maron tried to hide it from everyone, but she still didn't know that I was already aware of her identity as Kaitou Jeanne. About the time I moved in was when Kaitou Sinbad showed up, right?" He asked, looking over at me for a fake confirmation, when we both already knew the answer to that question very well.

"Yeah, he was such a pain! He couldn't just be content with stealing my targets, oh no, he had to go and steal not only my first kiss, but my second one too! And then he said that he didn't care who or what was hurt in the process when he 'checkmated!' " I finished, out of breath. It was kind of funny actually, I knew that he couldn't respond with, "take that back," because that would expose his alter ego Sinbad.

Chiaki suddenly interrupted me shouting, "I thought I gave you your first kiss!"

At this I had to bite down on my tongue very hard to keep from shouting, "You did, you jerk! I almost lost a competition because you thought it would be funny to kiss me as Sinbad!" Instead, I swallowed very hard and said, "He had no business kissing me. I am still very mad at Sinbad for stealing my first two kisses!"

"Well, I've always liked Sinbad actually. Maybe he did that you make you shut up? I should try that sometime. Remind me to thank Kaitou Sinbad next time we see him, as he just gave me a very good idea. I even heard he saved you from being caught and from getting killed by demons. You were probably being a ditz or goofing off, " Chiaki responded. I had a frown now, since my advantage slipped.

"Still, he wasn't even an honorable thief! He knocked my pin out of the way when it was already in mid throw," I said.

"I'm sure he had an excellent reason," Chiaki countered, smiling at what he knew was victory for him.

"Yeah, yeah. Shut-up. You win," I said. "In fact, I'm going to take a bath and you can explain. After all, you're so smart and you know more than I do," I said smiling while walking to get a change of clothes.

"While we're waiting for the pizza to come?" He asked.

I stopped, not thinking about the pizza, and then replied, "Yeah, I'm going to take a short bath. More like a shower probably."

"Okay, hurry up then," he said, still smiling over his victory.

"Only if you wipe that smirk off your face," I replied then closed the door before he could respond.

I don't think that I was suppose to hear the comment, "She just has to have to last say." Then again, this was Chiaki that I was talking about. I mean he probably already knew already I was going to do that before the thought had even entered my head.

I turned the water on and waited for it to warm up. It felt so nice getting into the shower. It felt like I was washing away the past to look into the new, clean future… the new, clean me.

I got out about fifteen minutes later and put on a new set of clothes, though not my pajamas because Chiaki was there. No telling what kind of comments from him I would get if I came out in my pajamas.

I opened the door to blow-dry my hair and heard a little bit about the current conversation. I heard Miyako say something that I couldn't quite hear, but at least she was talking now. I knew the moment I transformed into Jeanne in front of her that nothing would be the same. Actually, I was expecting her to be in much worse condition. But still, it made me feel bad that she was devastated because of me.

I wondered if this was how Chiaki felt when I found out he was Sinbad. That whole time frame felt like a bad dream. If Miyako was able to move on, like I was eventually able to, then I think we – that is Chiaki, Miyako, and me, Maron- could have a very strong friend ship. Of course, Chiaki and I are "more than friends" I believe, but still. I want to be able to tell Miyako everything so that there won't be any "inside-jokes" or things she can't understand. The only thing that she can't do is see Access and Fin, but if that's it, then that would be the only thing separating her from Chiaki and me- besides the obvious fact that Chiaki and I were "dating" and that we were both kaitous of course. All in all, I thought that she would be okay.

"Maron! Pizza's here!" I heard Chiaki yell, which was impressive because the hairdryer was on and I was lost in thought.

"Coming!" I yelled. I went to my purse and pulled the required money out to pay when I saw that the pizza was on the table with the pizza man gone.

"I went ahead and paid," Chiaki said.

"I had the money ready," I explained to him, to which he replied, "I had the pocket money and you took too long. Come on, I'm hungry," He told me. I looked outside a window for a moment, noticing that it was dark outside.

"Geez, eating at 10? I haven't done this in a while," I responded. The three of us sat at my table and began to eat. I left out the fact that at the time I was either about to "checkmate" something or was aggravating Chiaki. Revenge was sweet, wasn't it?

"Maron, I'm going to bed after we eat. I might already know that I'm skipping tomorrow, but I'd rather get a good night of sleep too. I would advise you to do the same as I imagine that you're drained, whether you realize it or not," Chiaki advised.

"You sound like you've been through this personally," Miyako observed.

"It's what I'm going through now. Maron is going to have it worse though. It's probably a good thing that you're going to be here in the morning because personally, I'd be surprised if she got up. You might end up running errands for us when you get back from school—," Chiaki was explaining, but was cut off by Miyako.

"I'm not going tomorrow. I feel horrible about what I did today, so I want to help tomorrow when both of you really need it. I already told my parents that you both caught really bad colds and that I wanted to take care of you two. Dad wanted to argue, but Mom said that she understood," Miyako finished.

That was why she was quiet. She felt ashamed. I didn't know what else to do than to get up and hug her, telling her that it wasn't her fault. Chiaki even added, "I'm really not that bad off. I've done stuff like this for Maron many times before. This time I just have scratches where I usually have broken bones, but in no way is this your fault, Miyako. Maron is going to need you tomorrow, not me. I'm going to have Access bandage me and then I'll sleep like nothing's wrong and be sore in the morning. Nothing new, really," Chiaki said.

"Nothing new?" I asked, the cockiness finally getting to me because I was tired.

"You really want to bring that up? He responded.

"Just please go to bed and don't wake me up. I'm tired and I want to go to bed," I replied.

He nodded and kissed my cheek and said, "That's for earlier. Night ladies!" He said as he opened the sliding-glass door and jumped to his balcony.

"I'm surprised he can do that now, being as sore as he is," I said to no one in particular while shaking my head and smiling. I started to wrap the pizza up as there were only a few slices left, and I couldn't take another bite if I tried.

Darn! I forgot to make a salad for Chiaki! I bet he knew too! Grr… He's in trouble now, I thought to myself. I looked up at Miyako after the pizza was all put away and saw that she still seemed a bit depressed.

I wanted to let her know that I didn't blame her at all by consoling her. "Miyako, none of this is your fault at all. It's not Fin's fault, it's not your fault, it's not Chiaki's fault, and it's not my fault. The one at fault is the devil, no one else. Besides, I'm glad that I had the chance to do what I did. I actually never stole a single thing though, as crazy as that sounds. All that I was able to do was 'checkmate' stuff."

"Checkmate?" she asked. I smiled as she said, "I do remember Jeanne—I mean you, saying that a lot. Didn't Sinbad say that too?" she asked. Great, the one person I didn't want to bring up was now just brought up.

"Yeah, he did," I responded uneasily, while I was cleaning the table and washing dishes.

"Do you not like Sinbad? You seem to always frown when you talk about him," Miyako said.

"Shoot!" I thought to myself. "No, it's not that. Sinbad was almost killed on several occasions protecting me, and I'm very grateful. It's just that, well, it's hard to explain. Technically he was my rival in the beginning, but as we saw each other more and more, he became more of an ally than a rival. I said a lot of mean things to him because I didn't know what he knew. Yet even when I said this stuff, he still protected me no matter what, even letting me 'checkmate' when he could have done it himself if he had chosen not to save me. He broke bones, was burned severely, and always had scratches when he left. I saved him a couple of times too, but not nearly as often as he saved me. It's kind of our inside joke that when one of us saves the other, the one who is saved says, 'I'm not going to say 'thank-you'," I said smiling as I remembered the joke taken place earlier today.

"Anyway, I'm going to bed now. If I stay up too much longer I won't be able to go to bed until around four a.m.," I then thought to myself, because unfortunately, all those "thieving-sprees" I've gone on have trained me to stay alert for about five hours anytime I'm up past 11pm. The adrena,line just starts kicking in whether I want it to or not. "Miyako, there's more things we have to talk about in the morning, but go to bed okay? Everything is okay now. At least I hope so," I told her, whispering the last sentence quietly to myself.

"Will Chiaki be okay?" Miyako asked.

"Of course! As he said, he's been beaten up pretty badly before and gone to school the next day. I'm sure that he just got Access to help him and is now already in bed. Snoring, probably. And Miyako, this probably goes without saying, but please don't mention to anyone that I was—am Jeanne. Also, when you find out who Sinbad is, please don't tell anyone about him either," I told her.

"Wait," Miyako said as I was walking to my bed. "You know who Sinbad really is?" She asked, as I stopped to listen to her.

"Yeah, that really big fight Chiaki and me had was mainly about him," I replied. I wanted to jump in bed and pretend to be fast asleep before the next question was asked because I knew what it was.

"Who is he?" she asked, as predicted.

Turning around I told her, "I don't want to tell you without talking to him first. It wouldn't be fair to him to tell you without his permission, after all. But, I don't think he'll mind. Who knows, there might even be a few easy clean-up jobs left where you can go with us." I smiled as I said the last sentence. Then I had to add (most likely from Chiaki's bad influence rubbing off on me), "You could be on the winning team for once, even."

Needless to say I ran through my bedroom and into my bathroom as fast as I could after saying that and as expected, Miyako soon chased after me while shouting, "Hey! What do you mean, 'You could be on the winning team, for once?' I don't know if I want to be on a team of sneaky thieves!" I smiled as she said this while I brushed my teeth.

"Yeah, yeah. Go get ready for bed. I'll get your bed out for you," I said when I was done. Truthfully, Miyako had been spending the night at my apartment since we were little. She even had her own pullout bed, which was almost as good as her regular bed. I always set it next to my bed when she spent the night, so that we could talk at night. Originally, it was done when we were little so that one of us could wake the other up, or hop into bed with the other when we both had nightmares. Now, we had our beds close by out of habit or tradition, although I don't know which. For a very long time, I couldn't have Miyako stay at my apartment because I had to go "steal" items as Jeanne. But now, everything was okay again.

I went under my bed and pulled the usual makeshift bed out as Miyako came out from the bathroom in her pajamas. I grabbed mine as she went to finish getting her bed set up. It was such an old habit that no exchange of words was necessary between us. I pulled the bed out while Miyako got ready for bed, and while I was getting ready, she put the sheets and covers on and grabbed one of my pillows.

It was probably a good thing that she was spending the night. I think Chiaki was right, all "for once" jokes put aside because I did believe that I was going to be sore tomorrow… very sore. Chiaki could even end up being in Miyako's bed tomorrow while she tended to the both of us. Poor Miyako…

I smiled as we laid down in our own beds, just like we used to. "Night Miyako," I said, which was followed by, "Night Maron," from the other person in the room.