Title: Eternal Wind
Series: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Rating: T
By: MewSsomsie
Beta-ed By: Argent-Allure

Summary: "Even after Maron helped Fin, her battles weren't over yet. The 'Final Battle at the Ice Castle' was only the beginning. The demons that were still on Earth are now coming after Maron with everything they've got. Maron must now be stronger than ever, or else everything she does will be in vain, and everyone she loves will be in danger."

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Chapter: 8 –Line of Hope-

I woke up earlier than usual because I had went to bed a few minutes earlier the night before.

It's Thursday. Only one day of school left after today. I thought with a smile.

I sighed and got up to repeat my morning routine once again. I was nearly finished getting ready when I saw Fin slowly fly up to me.

"Are you okay, Fin?" I asked.

"Maron. Access and I were getting suspicious of all these demon attacks, so we went to ask for information," Fin responded with her face down.

"And?" I asked. I had been wondering about the same thing.

"And apparently the demons we're dealing with are the last ones, but they combine with each other to become stronger," Fin finished.

"So, the demons we've been 'checkmating' have actually been more than one demon?" I asked slowly.

Fin nodded in agreement.

"But if we're having this many problems with just a few combined, what if they combined together to the point where we couldn't touch them?" I asked with fear.

"Maron! You're the reincarnation of Jeanne d'Arc! You can do anything!" Fin responded encouragingly.

"I hope you're right…" I responded uneasily.

I then finished getting ready and walked to the kitchen.

As I was finishing my breakfast, Miyako started her game of breaking my door down.

I opened the door and said, "When you break my door, you're buying me a new one!"

"It took you long enough today!" Miyako argued back.

"Yes, yes," I responded with a sigh.

The three of us, which included Chiaki -who had come running out of his apartment when he heard Miyako kill my door again-; Miyako, the door- killer; and me all walked to the school.

"Hey Chiaki, did you talk to Access this morning?" I asked.

"Not about anything in particular, why?" Chiaki asked.

"Never mind," I replied.

I don't want to worry Miyako. I thought as I watched the sidewalk with newfound interest.

The rest of the walk was fairly quiet. Chiaki saw that I did want to talk to him about something, but he must have guessed that I didn't want to mention it in front of Miyako. Unfortunately, that left Miyako with no one to talk to as I was lost in thought looking at the pavement in front of me, while Chiaki was walking slightly ahead of the two of us.

Once we arrived at school, Miyako walked into the classroom while Chiaki pulled me back from following her and asked, "Now, what did you want to talk about earlier?"

I looked down and told him. "Fin said that the demons would only get worse. Once they're gone, all of this is done. But until then…"

"Until then, it's gonna be rough, right?" Chiaki guessed.

I nodded weakly. Chiaki pulled me into a light hug and whispered some soft words into my ear. After that, he walked into class casually.

As I followed him into the classroom, I thought about what he had whispered to me before: "We can do anything…as long as we're together. I'm going to protect you no matter what, Maron."

Now inside the classroom, I noticed Chiaki making small talk with some of the other students.

"What was that about?" Miyako asked.

"What was what?" I asked as innocently as I could.

"What was Chiaki talking to you about?" Miyako asked again, impatient now.

"…Nothing important," I replied as I took out the books I needed for class.

"Yeah right. What was it, Maron?" Miyako pushed again.

"Nothing, okay?" I reassured as I started getting annoyed with the purple-haired girl standing in front of me.

"It was something!" Miyako tried again.

I then looked up at her and said very slowly, "It's…. nothing that you need to be concerned about."

"Fine," Miyako agreed.

"Alright class. Only one more day after today," Pakkamlamao-sensei said as she walked into class.

We all settled down into our seats and started taking notes.

Why are we even taking notes? There won't be any more tests today or tomorrow anyway. I thought glumly.

"Attention! All students and teachers! We have been sent a notice that Kaitou Jeanne is going to blow up the school! Please evacuate!" the person on the intercom said.

I looked at Chiaki in distress.

"From that look, I'd say that we have work to do?" Chiaki asked with a sigh.

"You think? Granted, school isn't my favorite place, but I wouldn't go that far," I whispered back.

As soon as everyone was running out of the building, and after we had blended into the crowd, Chiaki and I stopped running.

We had almost escaped unnoticed when Miyako saw us turn around and run in the other direction.

"What are you two doing? Did you not hear! We are evacuating because of a bomb—," Miyako was saying until she was interrupted by Chiaki.

"That wasn't sent by 'Kaitou Jeanne'," he said flatly.

"What do you mean?" Miyako asked, confused.

" I didn't send a notice, and Fin's learned her lesson about sending notices without my consent. It's a fake threat by the demons to lure Jeanne out. And guess what, it's working," I responded as I glared at the dark hallways in front of me.

"Go on back, Miyako. I don't know how safe it's gonna be!" I yelled as I ran down the halls to the place where the Petit Claire was ringing loudest.

As soon as I saw that Miyako wasn't following me close behind, I said my words of strength, which helped me to transform:

"Strong and serious….

Matchless and marvelous…

Energetic and courageous!"

When my feet touched the ground after the transformation, I was Jeanne again.

I then started running when I heard someone calling me. "Maron! Where are you?" Miyako called.

"Why doesn't she listen?" I asked myself in annoyance.

I ran back to Miyako and saw that Chiaki, who was still Chiaki, was beside her.

"Are they coming back this way?" Chiaki asked.

"No, but I don't want this idiot getting hurt," I replied as I started back the way I came. Only this time, I was walking.

"Hey! Who are you calling an 'idiot'?" Miyako asked angrily.

"Right now, we can't joke around, okay?" I replied as I followed the increasing beeps coming from the Petit Claire.

I then heard a bang come from some area ahead of me. The Petit Claire was beeping as fast as it could.

"The demon's here," I said quietly.

The lights then popped on around us.

"Wel-comee Jeeannne! This show is s-sure to be a t-tt-thriller," a demonic voice said cackling.

I saw ten demons begin to surround us.

"You ready?" I asked Chiaki.

"Oughta be fun," Chiaki, still as Chiaki, replied.

"Always is!" I responded as I took the preemptive strike and killed off one of the demons.

Chiaki formed twenty pins in his hands and shot them at a demon, yelling "Checkmate!" afterwards.

"Two done, eight to go," I replied as I was back to back with Chiaki. Miyako was hiding in a corner, out of view.

"Already one-fifth of the way there!" Chiaki replied as we both jumped out of the way of a demon attack.

I was about to attack a demon in front of me when Chiaki yelled, "Look out!"

Chiaki then threw his boomerang through a demon that was heading towards my back. This successfully killed the demon.

I positioned my back against his again as I arrogantly said, "I'm not going to thank you."

"Wouldn't dream of it," he replied back confidently.

I dodged around another tentacle that was flying at me and "checkmated" that demon.

A few minutes later, between Chiaki and me, we had just knocked eight of the ten demons out.

Then the real problems began: The two remaining demons combined into one.

The two demons—now combined as one—sent a laser at me. I closed my eyes in anticipation of the attack, but the pain never came. Instead, I felt Chiaki lay his head on my shoulder as he gasped in pain.

"Chiaki!" I yelled.

"I'm… going to… protect you," he responded.

I laid him down gently and stood up.

"Now, demon, you're dead!" I yelled as I said the words needed to "checkmate" the demon:

"In the name of God!

You, a demon born in the dark…

I seal you here…


The demon writhed in pain as it disappeared.

Afterwards, I pulled the ribbon out of my hair, successfully turning back into Maron again.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I ran to Chiaki.

"I'll be fine," Chiaki mumbled as he tried to sit up.

Miyako came out of her hiding spot as I helped Chiaki up.

Chiaki's uniform was slightly torn, but he didn't look like he was in too bad a shape.

"You're gonna get yourself killed one day because of me," I said as I laid my head on his chest.

"If I'm gonna die, that sounds like a good way to do it," Chiaki replied softly.

"I'm not gonna let you take the easy way out, buddy," I replied in a soft voice similar to the one that Chiaki had just used.

"And I was hoping I could," Chiaki replied sarcastically.

"No such luck," I replied back.

I finished helping him up, and then we sneaked back outside to where the rest of the student body was.

As soon as we were back in line, and we were sure that no one had noticed our absence, all three of us let out a sigh of relief.

"Attention! All students are dismissed for the day!" the principal called.

Miyako, Chiaki, and I then walked home together. Chiaki had to lean on me for a little support when we were going up hills, but he seemed to be either tuning the pain out, or recovering already.

When we arrived at the apartment complex, I went to check my mailbox. I had a little bit of junk mail, but other than that, there was nothing of interest in the mailbox.

We then went up the elevator, and I took Chiaki to my couch so that I could "play doctor" with him.

"This is revenge for the other day," I said mischievously.

I then took peroxide and poured some of it into the little white cap. After that, I took a cotton ball and soaked it in the substance.

Chiaki gasped a little bit when I put the cotton ball on one of his cuts.

I guess it does hurt. His whole back is basically white from the peroxide. I thought.

After that, I started applying an ointment.

Once that was finished, I went and changed out of my school uniform. I wasn't worried about Chiaki opening the door on me because he was already half-unconscious due to the pain from the peroxide.

I came back in a pair of shorts and a loose t-shirt.

Chiaki was already asleep due to the pain, and I decided that a nap wouldn't be too bad of an idea. On the couch opposite of Chiaki, I laid myself down and fell asleep.

"Maron!" I heard a voice call as I was awoken from my slumber.

"What?" I asked as I rubbed my eyes.

"It five o'clock! What are we having for dinner?" Chiaki asked.

"Left…overs…" I replied as I turned over to go back to sleep.

"It's time to get up!" Chiaki argued as he pushed my back a little.

"Yes, sleep does sound good. I agree," I replied.

Chiaki then pushed me off the couch. Luckily, my hands prevented me from hitting my head on the floor. I then glared at the smirking blue-haired boy in front of me.

"You're mean," I replied as I stood up.

"I just want you to be able to sleep tonight. That's all," Chiaki replied with an "innocent" smile.

"Yeah right. You just wanna eat," I replied as I walked over to the refrigerator and took out the leftover pizza from the night before.

I then started heating it up in the microwave.

"Where are Access and Fin?" I asked Chiaki.

"Off looking for more demons," Chiaki replied.

I sighed, and then got out two cups.

"What do you want to drink?" I asked the only other person in the room.

"Coke," Chiaki replied as he stood up and started walking over to where I was.

I then poured two cups of coke for Chiaki and myself. As soon as the drinks were set down on the table, the timer signaling the pizza was done, rang.

I set the pizza down, and Chiaki and I had a little bit of small talk.

"Tomorrow's the last day of school before summer vacation! It's exciting!" I commented.

"Yep," Chiaki replied.

Soon after, we cleaned up our finished meals.

"You rest up, okay?" I asked as I opened my door so Chiaki could walk out into the hallway.

"Yes, mom," Chiaki replied playfully as he opened his own apartment door.

I rolled my eyes at his comment. I then returned to my own apartment as I started getting ready for the next day.

Once I was finally in bed, I thought excitedly, "After tomorrow, I get two whole months away from school!"

After some effort on my part, I finally calmed down enough to fall asleep.

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