Summery: In one night everything Meredith Grey worked so hard to build crumbled down on her. Even after all she had been through more news comes. This is a MerAlex story. Hope you like.

She ran her hand over the smooth surface of the porcelain doll's face. She looked at it and let the tear fall. The anger she had been bottling up over the last 25 years seemed to come flooding out. She stood up and threw it against the wall. She watched as the shattered pieces rained down and landed on the floor. The little basket of flowers the girl had cradled in her lap bounced off the floor. She stumbled backwards as sobs shook her body. She continued to stumble backwards until her back was against the wall. Her hands started to shake as she slid down it. Her knees were pulled up her chest letting her head fall to them. She started to sob harder. Her body was shaking violently.

She sat there for what seemed like forever and watched her life fall. It had been falling for a year and a half now, bit by bit. But now, it was falling into a big pile of rubble. She tried to tell herself it shouldn't surprise her since it had been happening her whole life. People would leave her or something would go terribly wrong just when everything was becoming better. It shouldn't surprise her, yet it was the worst pain she had ever felt. All at once, the world seemed to fall onto her.

An hour or more, she wasn't sure, passed and she had yet to get up. She finally lifted her head exposing red, puffy eyes and dark red circles on her cheeks from where they were pressed against her jeans. She, numbly, got up and walked up the stairs. She pushed the door open and looked at the bed. The bed that he used to lay in. She walked over to it. It looked as if he was going to come home and lay in that bed again tonight. It was unmade and the sheets were twisted up in themselves. The covers were thrown back, probably from when he got out of bed that morning for work.

She crawled into his bed and pulled his pillow close to her nose taking in his scent hoping it would last. She laid there curled up into a ball for what seemed like forever. Tears began to seep into the light blue cotton pillow case. Her body started to shake again and her breaths became short gasps.

::Flashback--A few months ago::

Meredith walked up the old wooden stairs of the porch. Each step creaking beneath her feet. She stepped onto the porch and fumbled with her keys unable to see through the tears that had formed in her eyes. Finally, she got the key into the hole and turned it letting it open in one swift motion. She stepped into the house just letting her things fall to the ground. Then, she froze. Because, just then it hit her, the whole night hit her like a ton of bricks. She looked up at Alex who gave her a strange look and the tears just came. The came as if they were as natural as breathing. He sprung up and was at her side in no time.

"What's wrong?" His voice was soft and comforting.

She just collapsed into his chest. She started to mumble something into it that wasn't audible to him.

"What?" He said as he stroked the back of her head.

"Derek… He cheated on me," She sobbed out.

:: End of flashback::

He knew exactly how to comfort her that night. She had gone to her room and cried for only five minutes before he came in pulling her into his lap. He just cradled her and soothed her. He had spent the whole night with her. That was probably the start of everything. From only a few weeks later, things got better and she was happy, really happy for the first time in a long time.

Then… Then things got worse out of no where. Everything she had worked so hard to build or rebuild crumbled in one quick swoop.

She slept in his room that night. Nobody came. Not even her friends. She wasn't sure if they knew exactly what had happened that night. It even seemed to happen fast for Meredith who was frozen in time. It was like she was frozen while the rest of the world ran.