Ten years later…


Meredith and Alex:

Gavin and Mackenzie are seventeen. Whitney is fifteen. Ryan is ten.

Izzie and Mark:

Abby is fifteen. Linds is thirteen. Dylan is nine.

Lisa and George:

Kaylee is eleven. Lily is eight.

Christina and Taylor:

Matty is fourteen. Stevie is twelve. Mia is nine.

Addison and Pete:

Josh is thirteen. Emily is ten. Logan is nine.


Meredith stood at the bottom of the stairs with a frustrated look.

"Gavin Alexander Kerev! Mackenzie Ellis Kerev! Hurry up!" She yelled.

"God, Mom, I'm trying to sleep." Whitney said scratching her head.

"You have to get up anyway."

"We're right here," Gavin said walking down the stairs his twin sister right behind him. "I get to drive."

"No, I do." Mackenzie screeched angrily.

"If you guys keep fighting, I'll drive." Meredith said wagging her finger. "Whitney, go wake your brother." She sighed and walked back into the kitchen. Alex soon walked in. Her wrapped her arms around her waist and kissed her neck. She giggled. "Stop. We have to go."

He spun her around and planted a kiss right on her lips. "I know and good morning to you too."

She rolled her eyes. "Good Morning." She walked back out into the living room. "Ryan, go get dressed."

"We're going." Mackenzie said standing at the front door. Meredith nodded.

"Everyone is going to be there today." She said. "So look for us."

"Alright." The twins said in unison before the door shut.

"Whitney, we have to be on time, so don't take forever in the shower."

"Okay." She rolled her eyes and disappeared down the hall. Ryan went to the other bathroom to take his shower while Meredith returned to her husband in the kitchen.

"I can't believe they're graduating today." She smiled at him.

"Yeah me neither."


They all sat down in the reserved for families section. They were all there. The whole family Gavin and Mackenzie grew up with: Meredith, Alex, Whitney, Ryan, Izzie, Mark,

Abby, Lindsay, Dylan, Lisa, George, Kaylee, Lily, Christina, Taylor, Matty, Stevie, Addison, Pete, Josh, Emily, and Logan.

Meredith looked at Alex who was sitting beside her. "We have the biggest 'family' in the whole graduating class."

Alex looked around and nodded. "Who cares?" Meredith shrugged.

The principal cleared his throat into the microphone making everyone look. He tapped it.

"Um… Hello family and friends of the graduating class of 2024. I'm Dr. Michael P. Walters, principal of John Walker's High School. I'd like to start off saying…"


"My hands are getting tired." Ryan whispered his mother.

"Sh. You brother and sister should be coming up soon." Meredith whispered back clapping as James Kalm walked across the stage. Ryan nodded and looked back at the stage. Matty was holding the video camera, since he wanted to be a director when he grew up. Izzie, Alex, George, Taylor, and Pete were all holding digital cameras waiting for Gavin's name to be called.

"Mary Kalt." Dr. Walters called.

They crowd clapped again.

"Gavin Kerev." He called. As Gavin stood up five flashes went off. Matty carefully video taped him walked across the stage, shake the principal's hand, and take his diploma before walking off stage and back to his seat. Everybody else how wasn't taking pictures/ video taping clapped the whole time.

"Mackenzie Kerev." Once again the process repeated. Meredith reached up and wiped a tear from her eye.


"So how does it feel to be big graduates?" Matty asked zooming in on Mackenzie's and Gavin's face. Gavin laughed reaching over ruffling his hair.

"I am so proud of you two." Meredith said hugging Mackenzie first then Gavin. Alex hugged them both two.

"How does it feel?" Addison asked.

"It feels good." Mackenzie said with a sigh.

"All I can say is college here we come. Par…ty." Gavin said getting a stern look from Meredith. "Study! Study!" He cheered with a fake smile.

They all laughed and Meredith hugged him again. "Don't you party too much."

"That's something your mother is and expert on." Christina said and Meredith elbowed her in the stomach. "Ow. That hurt."

"Congratulations, you guys." Taylor said standing beside Christina. Everyone gave their congratulations before heading off to a celebratory lunch.


They all sat around the table laughing and talking about different things. Izzie stood up and cleared her throat loudly so everyone would look at her.

"All I want to toast to is… a great future for Gavin and Mackenzie… and not too much partying."

Everyone laughed as Izzie looked at Meredith.

"Good Luck in college and you better be back here to see us every holiday. Mer, would you like to say anything?"

Meredith stood up and a tear rolled down her cheek. "My babies are all grown up…. And you better call or write or email or text message or something."

They all laughed.

"She means all of us." Addison said from her seat and everyone laughed again. Meredith fell back in her seats looking at everyone.

"We're all grown up." She whispered letting out a little laugh remembering all the times they got drunk as if they had no responsibility. She remembered all the heartbreak and tears. She remembered when they started their internship knowing nothing about each other. She remembered the accident that Alex was in. She remembered that Thatcher and Molly and Lexi blamed her for Susan's death. She remembered all the mistakes they had all made… and none of that mattered anymore. Derek didn't matter. Burke didn't matter. They were all happy.


So that's it. Trapped Under The Rubble is complete. Hope you liked it.