"WHAT?" Sakura had her hands on the table and her face set with a furious expression before her Hokage, who raised her eyebrows at Sakura's reaction. She looked behind the 19 year-old apprentice and studied Kakashi's reaction. His one eye that was visible was as wide as a golf ball and his eyebrow was arched and invisible in is silver hair. His hand, which had been resting behind his head when she had told the news, was frozen there in place. Tsunade sighed, and then fixed Sakura with a very stern expression. Upon seeing her face, Sakura quickly jumped back to stand beside Kakashi, leaving two handprints in the Hokage's desk. Kakashi had still said nothing. Tsunade continued on, fixing them both with her 'stage one' glare, which was still scary, although not comparable to her 'stage two' and 'stage three' glares, the latter sending even the most scariest of opponents trembling in a corner.

"Are there any objections that I might want to know of?" she said, eyeing them as if daring them to speak. Sakura was not that afraid, however.

"Hokage, he is my former sensei! He's probably old enough to be my father!" At this comment Kakashi unglued himself enough to say,

"Actually, Sakura I am 28, as a matter of fact. Although I am touched that you would regard me with such a loving title." His lightness of voice did not cover the fact that his last sentence was dripping with sarcasm. The Fifth smirked. She turned to Sakura, who was making a face at her former sensei.

"Sakura, you are being far too over reactive. This is a mission, carried out by able shinobi for the wellness of the village. And this mission is to go into a town undercover as a newlywed and extract information as well as crush a problem that is threatening wellness of our village. I am not asking you to love him, or take your relationship to a higher level, but to carry out a mission, and you are being very childish about it."

After this speech, Sakura sighed resignedly and hung her head, thus accepting the mission.

"Now," the woman went on. "Of course you will have to be believable, and so fake intimacy must be used around people. Remember, your story is that you both fled the village because both of your families refused to accept your love for each other and accept the other for their child, resulting in violence, and you two are currently on the run from both your clans. Think of how much love one must feel for another to desert their hometown and family for them, and act accordingly.

"I have arranged for three others to accompany you, as we do not know the full extent of this problem's threat on our village and neighboring villages, so the mission is un-rated and we are taking full precautions. These three people will be Ino Yamanaka, Kiba Inuzuka, and Naruto Uzumaki. As you two are the two main people involved in the mission, these three are meant for guards, help, as in back up. Their explanations for joining you are as follows: Ino is your sister, Sakura, and couldn't bare to have you leave without her, Kiba is her boyfriend, soon-to-be husband and cannot bear to live without her, and Naruto is Kakashi's nephew and Kakashi is his only living relative. Any questions?"

Sakura did one of those anime sweat drops upon hearing this. Ino? Oh, the embarrassment…And Kiba and Naruto were the most obnoxious shinobi of their class! They wouldn't be exactly mature upon hearing this either.

"Here is your marriage contract. I have already signed it, so you two are now officially a married couple. Don't worry, though, I can undo it after you get back. You are dismissed. Oh, and report to the gates before midday tomorrow for your departure. The Land of the Waterfall is, at least, a two-day journey, and this mission is suspected to be no more than two months, no less than one month, so pack accordingly. Good luck."

A still-in-shock Sakura and a good-as-new, cool-as-can-be Kakashi emerged from the room, seeing Ino, Kiba and Naruto waiting to be called in. Sakura wondered how long they had been there and if they had heard anything, so didn't glance in their direction and got away from that room. Her and Kakashi walked alongside each other. Kakashi didn't seem to care and had pulled out his Icha Icha novel. Sakura was almost disgusted. He had just gotten married, for goodness sake!

"How many times have you read that book? Every time we see you, you have it with you. You must have read it at least a thousand times!"

Kakashi turned a page before answering. He did not look at her, his eyes still glued on the book.

"You'd be surprised at how many books there are in this series, but I'd say, since this is my favorite one, I've read it about seventeen to eighteen times," he said smoothly. Sakura did another sweat drop.

"Pervert! I'm married to a pervert!"

Kakashi shrugged. There was silence.



"You know you can't act like that around me starting tomorrow, right? We have to be madly in love. That means a lot of work on both our sides. From you, there can be no slips like that, and we have to refer to each other like 'darling' or 'sweetie'. We might have to hold hands, even kiss in public. You understand?" Sakura could tell he was trying to be kind, and now since the initial shock had worn off, she could start to act normally again. She sighed and nodded. It wasn't like she had not had to kiss someone for a mission before. And more often than not, it had been someone less decent than Kakashi. Sakura felt like she should say this to him, but could not bring herself to compliment him like that after what had just happened.

See Sakura, that's one of the problems with this mission. If you can't even bring yourself to say that much to your husband now, what's gonna happen when the mission really starts?

What happens now doesn't matter. I know I'll be able to pull it off when we need to. I just don't feel like it right now.

Uh huh, yeah, right.

Sakura sighed again and bid Kakashi good-bye, as her house had come into view.