he's already made a big impact in my life. and that was completely accidental.

much to my dismay, he's the epitome of "my type". and i didn't change my type to fit him or change him to fit my type.

i tried to ignore my feelings for him; i knew liking him would be pointless.

i'm not gonna say any cheesy lines like "he makes my world stop" or anything, because that's not me. or him. we're just ourselves. we follow the trends we set, not any others.

i'm not going to say i love him, because i'm young and i don't know what love really is, because i haven't experienced it for myself.

he makes me sad and happy all at the same time. i never knew it was possible.

he's not like those popular guys i used to like just because they were hott. no. he's different. he's not exceptionally good-looking, but he's got a real personality. not one you find in hollister or any other stupid labels.

the worst part about this entire thing is...he'll never know.