Here's the new story. It's about an Umbreon who has a dark past and something always lurking where he lives. Enjoy the story.

"That horrifying image, why does it always keep playing visions of my past" the Umbreon thought "Was I suppose to be born like this" he looked out the window to see it getting dark "time to head out and let my feet take me too wherever I'm needed to feast on my next victim".

The Umbreon walk outside into the city called "Darkness". The Umbreon walk into the city with his black cloak covering his face and the rest of his skin. It only showed his dark red eyes so nobody can see what he look liked.

All the humans and pokemon back away from him because they knew he was a dangerous pokemon and if any trainer try too capture him, he would use his sharp teeth too bite his victims neck and drink every ounce of blood until his victim no longer moved. He sometimes does it to pokemon that try to avenge there trainers, but he only does it to pokemon in self-defense that try too kill him.

The reason they were scared of him because he only came out at night. Another reason was cause of his name,

They called him "Evil" that's what they think his name was. But what they didn't know was he had a name, of course he doesn't want to say it. (A/n I'll add his name later in the story.)

It was 12:00 am outside real dark. Evil needed to find somebody to feast on; he look across the street to find a drunken man sleeping on the sidewalk. He walked across the street, lick his lips, opens his mouth showing his sharp teeth, and slams his jaw on the person neck and drank all the blood. The man woke up, try too get the umbreon off of him, but he was too late.

Evil finish drinking all of the blood and walk away leaving the man on the sidewalk. He smile to himself and thinking he should feast on one more person before heading back too his place. He found a young lady picking up something off the street.

Evil walked up too her acting as if nothing happen. The women saw the umbreon walking over too where she was standing and she recognized it was the umbreon that came out at night she started to scream and run, She look behind her too see the umbreon chasing her.

Evil was running fast to not let his victim get away. He got close enough to leap at her neck, he was about too attack when he heard sirens in front of the women. "Dam it; it looks like I have to get out of here now" Evil said "and fast before I get caught". He ran as fast as he could too avoid the police. He hid in a alley before the police past the alley where he was hiding. After a few minutes the police were far off in the distance.

Evil thought he should head home now because it was almost morning. He was about to take a step when his vision started too get red and then he black out.

It was 8:00 am on the clock and a Glaceon has just woken up she rub her eyes with her paws. She then look too the left too see her best friend Leafeon laying on the floor "looks like he fell out of bed again" Glaceon thought. She jump out of bed and walk over to Leafeon. She put her face close too his and then she lick his lips.

Leafeon woke up too see Glaceon licking his lips, he put his arms around her and pull her into a hug, She hugged back too but she was still licking Leafeon lips. "All right Glacia why were you licking me" Leafeon said.

Glacia stopped licking him "because Leafia you're a hard sleeper and sometimes you wake up in the afternoon" Glacia said looking in his dark-green eyes.

"So I like sleeping in" Leafia said; but he knew couldn't win a conversation against Glacia "all right then I'll get up and start make breakfast".

"Good boy, and don't burn your tail on the oven like last time" she started too giggle as she walk out of the room.

Leafia look at Glacia as she walk out of the room "very funny" he thought as he got up and walk too the kitchen.

Leafia had to be careful so he doesn't burn his tail. He had a green tail that was shape like a leaf, his body was lightest tan and his four legs were lightest tan. His four paws were dark green, on his neck there were green leafs hanging. His face was lightest tan. He had a leaf on the back of his neck. On his head, his ears were also the shape of leafs, and between the ears was a long leaf sticking out of his head.

Leafia look across the living room too see Glacia watching the news. Glacia entire body was Darkest-light blue. Her ears were diamond shape and she had diamond shapes in the middle of her ears that were dark-blue. Her legs were darkest-light blue. But her paws were Dark-blue. She had a Darkest-light blue tail. Her eyes were also Dark-blue. And she had two dark-blue diamonds shapes, one on the back of her neck and the other on her back.

"Hey, Leafia come here there doing a special breaking news bulletin" Glacia said.

Leafia came into the living room too what was happening on the news.

Breaking news:

We are here live at the crime scene where a man was found dead this morning. When the police got there they thought he was strangled but on closer inspection there were two dots on the neck, they believed all his blood was suck out by a wild pokemon, But when they tried to find any blood in his blood stream it was all empty. They believed it came from the cloak umbreon that came out last night. The umbreon chase a young lady last night but fled when the police arrive they chase it for two hour but lost sight of it. Well bring more updates after this commercial break.

"Okay turn the channel this is freaking me out" Leafia said.

Glacia turn off the TV instead of turning the channel. "Did you find anything too eat" Glacia said.

"I decided too not to make anything, lets go out for breakfast instead" Leafia said

"Okay" glacia said.

Glacia and Leafia both left Leafia Apartment room and went too go get some breakfast.

Evil woke up and his vision got back too normal "what just happen and where am I" Evil thought. He looks around too see he was in a room. The windows were boarded up and it was quiet, too quiet. He look too see he was on a bed. Evil was about too get off the bed when he heard voices; he looked around too see nobody "Okay, that was weird" he thought. He walks out of the room and then the voices lit up again. Evil slams the door and runs down the stairs hopping too never go back upstairs again.

"Okay, that startle me a little but I don't have too worry about a thing" Evil said too himself "The thing that bothers me now is that I have too wait till dark before I go outside". He took off his cloak and put it on a old table in the kitchen. He jumps on the counter and turns on the sink put his front paws in the water and splash his face with water.

After he was done he look out the window too see the bright morning sun shine on his right paw burning his skin. He held back the pain until it went away. He back away into the shadows and walk across the counter, he open up a cabinet, and pull out some wine. He grab a cup, walk back too the table and drank for the rest of the day till dark.

His rings on his body started too flash on and off slowly because he couldn't get drunk, the reason; because he has gotten use to it.

Evil body was the same as any other umbreon but the reason he was different was his rings: one on his tail, one on his forehead, one on each of his legs, one on both left and right of his ears, and one on his back. They were Deep Darken-red rings. His entire face and body were pure black. And the last thing on him was a pair of wings that were on his back.

The house he lived in was in the suburbs that was close too the city. He doesn't remember how long he has lived there but he thinks he moved in a couple years ago. The house was abandoned for a long time; some of the windows were boarded up, a lot of the rooms were empty, the front and backyard didn't have a lot of grass but he didn't mind.

Evil drank the last bit of whine, he smash the wine glass onto the floor he also smash the cup onto the floor. He looks outside too see it was nighttime "time to go find something too feast on tonight; I think I'll feast on a pokemon tonight" he thought too himself. He put his cloak around his body and face so people would only see his eyes. He ran outside and ran into the city too look for something too eat.

It was 10:00pm at night; Glacia, Leafia, and a skitty named Blaze have just gotten finishing watching a movie at the theaters.

"Finally" Leafia said "I'm glad that movie is over, I thought it was never going too end."

"Oh, stop whining Leafia" Blaze said "you should've like it; It was a good movie"

The two argued for 2 minutes until Glacia yelled at them to shut up "quit arguing you two before you both make a scene". They both stayed quiet for a while until blaze started getting a little scare.

"Guys, I have a feeling were being follow" said blaze.

"Quit, being scared blaze" teased Leafia "whats wrong do you think that umbreon will attack you"

Blaze started too get even more scared "shut up Leafia, that's not funny" yelled blaze.

Glacia was pissed off, she slap Leafia with her paw really hard that he almost fell on the sidewalk "Quit scaring her Leafia, you know she doesn't like it when you scare her" Glacia yelled real loud that it attract a few pokemon to stare at them.

"Come on glacia, I was just joking" Leafia joked.

"Well it's not funny" Glacia said with a "humph".

Evil was flying in the sky flapping his wings on his back "I wonder what pokemon I should find tonight" he thought. Evil then heard somebody yelling he landed on a roof and looked down too see a glaceon yelling at a leafeon. "Seems that Glaceon is a female, I guess I'm going too have a nice dinner" Evil thought.

He went ahead to hide in a alley to get a better look at the three pokemon. He was hiding in the alley till heard the name of the glaceon "Glacia, nice name" he thought. When the three pokemon pass by he saw that the glaceon was beautiful "Wow, she's beautiful" Evil thought. He felt some kind of emotion he hasn't felt for a long time, but he shook it away "okay I got too focus" he thought "time too get to work".

Glacia stop for a moment, she thinks somebody said her name. "Glacia" the voice said. Glacia walk into the alley; she was getting a little nervous but she saw nothing "probably just my imagination" she said. She was about too walk out of the alley when she heard the voice again "or it can be somebody trying to get your attention". Glacia turned around too see an umbreon walk out of the shadows. But this one was different it had red rings instead of yellow.

Evil smile at Glacia and then leaps too attack her but she shoots an Ice beam attack that knocks him into the wall.

"Glacia" a voice said; She turns around too see Leafia and Blaze coming towards to help her. "Are all right" Leafia said. "We heard a sound and came looking for you"

"I'm fine Leafia, but that umbreon attack me, but I shot my Ice Beam, and he crashed into a wall" Glacia said walking over to him.

"Glacia, look out" Blaze yelled. Glacia turn around too see a shadow ball attack coming towards her; she didn't have time too dodge the attack; it hit her, sending her into a wall. Glacia hit the wall hard and fell too the ground. She got unconscious.

Leafia was mad now "what did you do to her" Leafia yelled.

"She'll be fine, but enough of this" Evil said "if you want her to live then you got to fight me".

Leafia chuckled "all right umbreon, I'll fight you, ready too do this"

"All right Leafia, defend yourself" Evil said.

The two fought for two hours. Evil was losing, "this leafeon is stronger than I thought, I have too get out of here now" Evil thought. He charged up a shadow ball, sending it too Leafia.

Leafia got hit by the shadow ball attack and crash into Blaze "you okay blaze" Leafia said looking at her while getting off of her.

"Yeah, I'm okay Leafia, but you got too save Glacia" Blaze said looking straight into his green eyes.

While Leafia and Blaze were talking; Evil walked up too Glacia who was still unconscious and was about to feast on her neck and drink her blood; when he hesitate; he look at her, he try a few times too bite her neck but his body wouldn't do it cause he felt an emotion inside him that he hasn't felt for a long time.

"I can't do it" Evil said too himself "this emotion I haven't felt for a long time I think it's called-"he was about to say the word when vision started to get red again "no, not again" Evil thought. He tried to concentrate but his vision wouldn't focus; he walk over to Glacia, put his paw on her cheek, and then he black out.

Leafia look too see the umbreon and Glacia not there "No, glacia where are you" he looked around in the alley, but he couldn't find his best friend. Tears start to come out of his eyes "No, she's gone" Leafia said while trying not too cry in front of blaze. But he couldn't hold it back and he burst into tears.

Blaze walked up to Leafia and nuzzled his cheek "don't worry Leafia; I'm sure she'll be okay".

Leafia look straight into Blaze pinkish-purple eyes "I hope so, cause if that umbreon does any harm too her, he's going to pay real bad".

"Okay" blaze said trying too change the subject "we should go now; I'll stay at your place tonight so your not lonely.

"Okay, lets go" Leafia said.

As they were about too exit the alley Leafia gave blaze a lick on the cheek.

Blaze started too blush as she look at Leafia "why did you kiss my cheek".

Leafia started blushing too "I...I d-don't know".

They both look at each other and their faces got closer; they were about too kiss each other when sirens in the distance came on.

"Come on blaze, get on my back and lets go back to my place" Leafia said.

"Okay" blaze said.

Blaze jump on Leafia back, and held on too Leafia, they both left the scene, and ran back to Leafia Apartment room.

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