Evil sat on the couch as he stared out the window; he was back at Blaze home, since he had nowhere else to go and he certainly had no place to live. Blaze had offer him too stay with her as long as he wanted too and he accepted it. She was really beautiful every time he looked at her, but, every time he looked at her, he could see Glacia in his mind.

It has been two days when he saw Leafia and Glacia kissing each other.

Why did she cheat on him…he would never know. It didn't matter anymore; that was then, this is now.

At least, he would take Blaze advice and move on too find some other girl. But for some strange reason, every time Blaze talk to him; he would feel a little strange around her. She has started flirt with him lately…he couldn't tell if she was trying to tease him or maybe, start something.

His face started to get warm…and it was driving him nuts. She was good friend, but it felt like they should be more than friends.

Whatever it was, the answers would come eventually.

He still had to find Solar and find out why he kill his father; plus, their were still some other things he had to take care of as well; finding out Blaze past, finding something that belong to his dad and a few other things as well. It was going to be hard, but he would find the answers eventually.

Getting off the couch was the first thing on his mind.

He jumped off the couch and walked into the kitchen, only to be pounce by Blaze.

"What're you doing?"

"Nothing" the Delcatty smile, she started to tickle him, but couldn't make him laugh until she was on the floor and he started tickling her.

"No…stop…someone, help me" she started laughing as she was really ticklish.

He kept tickling her for a minute until she pushed him off "come and catch me" she ran out of the kitchen as he got up and chase after her throughout the whole house. They chase after each other for a long time, along with playing, wrestling, hugging and rolling around the house.

The chase finally came to the basement as Blaze was trying to get over some boxes so Evil wouldn't find her. As she near the top, something collides into her and she was sent into the boxes along with whatever collides into her. The pile of boxes went into a complete mess as Blaze landed on her back along with a big Empty box trapping her and whatever was on her inside.

"I got you" it was Evil who got collided into her.

"Yes you did"

The two laugh for a moment until they looked directly into each others eyes.

Blaze smile as Evil looked at her; he looked so handsome…and mysterious. She could feel her heart beating against her chest.

"I wonder…if he's going to kiss me"

Evil looked directly into Blaze eyes…they were so beautiful and so was she. He couldn't picture Glacia like but instead…Blaze; he just wanted to kiss her. Was that the right thing to do, it's only been a couple days and why…no, he couldn't do it…it would make her feel uncomfortable, wouldn't it.

"Evil, are you okay?"

His mind was screaming at him to kiss her but he held back and got off of her. It was best to just stay friends…for now, maybe in the future; he'll try again to kiss her.

"Guess he's not going to kiss me," Blaze felt a little sad and annoyed, she wanted to kiss him in this box "guess he wasn't ready" she rolled onto her stomach and got up as Evil push the box off.

"Sorry about that awkward moment" Evil said.

"No harm was done" She felt upset for not having a moment with him.

"Good, anyway…you got to chase me now" he ran out of the room.

Blaze had a sad look on her face "I think he still cares about Glacia…maybe, I don't know…even after she cheated on him" she went off to go chase him through the house again.

Evil ran around the house, hiding from Blaze "Glacia…why did you kiss Leafia…I'm going to find out; maybe they just kissed each other because Glacia got out of her coma…If I see her again, I'm going to ask her if she still loves me"

He knew he should take Blaze advice and move on…but after that awkward moment with Blaze in the box. He still had feelings for Glacia…it didn't matter now; he needed to know if Glacia still loved him.

Whatever the answer she gives him; he would accept it, being with her or not.

"There you are"


The two pokemon went back to chasing each other.

Whatever future Moonlight had, he would find out by asking Glacia.

Someday, he'll find out, someday.

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