Chapter 1: The Darkness Within

Dietrichstein Castle, Romania

Six Months After Dumbledore's Death

Warning: Rape, scenes of a sexual nature, swearing

The italics are one complete flashback

The darkened skies shed water in fury, thrusting the innocent droplets at the panes of glass menacingly, as if they were tiny daggers attempting to reach Draco's skin in revenge of the innocent. His mind clouded with memories. At least the droplets were clear instead of crimson. The innocent blood he shed was still dried on his hands, shining as if it were just spilled. He wouldn't be surprised if it seared his skin and scarred. He closed his eyes.

Draco looked around. It was actually a nice place, aside from the fact that Potter lived here. The white walls gleamed in the moonlight, hurting his eyes. He moved into the shadows; only there could he see properly. He laughed silently at the symbolism. Quietly, he made his way to the master bedroom where he knew he would find young Ginny Weasley sleeping softly in her bed. He wore no cloak of invisibility, nor cast a spell to silence his footsteps. He simply opened the door without alarm to an unsuspecting victim. A strange occurance in the wizarding world given the state of war, espesically for the Potter's. An onlooker may wonder why Draco took no caution in his task. One might call him careless, or unmindful. However, Draco knew no one would come and disturb them. He knew this becuase there was no reason they should be aware of his looming threat to the young Wealsey. He had the password. Draco Malfoy was intelligent, and that made him very dangerous.
"Draco," his voice silenced Draco's own mind with a whisper, "You have done well this past evening. Your patience and intelligence has brought me great satisfaction for the work you have done. Your ability to turn the young Order member who was the Potter's secret keeper to our side was pure genius as was your capture of the girl. The Order's young trainees from Bavaria will either bring us members of the Order, or will prove to those defying us that the Order is a dying cause. You have done well; you may retire to your quarters. I will summon you when you are needed again." The Dark Lord turned his back to Draco and proceeded towards the red headed girl that lie barely alive at the center of the gathered Death Eaters.
He pushed the door ajar and stepped into the warm room. Ginny suddenly felt a cold rush tingle up her spine and awoke to Draco's hand covering her mouth. Her dark red hair spread across her back only covered by thin silken pajamas. Once Ginny was fully awake and aware, Draco stepped back and let go of her.

Draco looked coldly at her. She was beautiful, he could acknowledge that, but she was tainted. And that simply disgusted him. It was as if he could see her fucking Potter right there in the bed.

"Tell me Weasley, did you let Potter fuck you like you were a virgin princess? Or did he treat you like the whore you are?"

Ginny looked at him incredulously.

Draco let out a hollow laugh, "Did you think Blaise kept his conquests quiet?" Her face fell in an instant. Draco approached her slowly, resting his knees on either side of her.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Ginny asked, quietly.

"All you have to do is tell me where the Order is training the recruits." Ginny looked up at him in horror, the fear truly shining in her eyes.

"You can't be serious… They are just children… I won't. I can't. Do what you will Malfoy, but you won't get that information from me."

Draco's face hardened. Slowly he withdrew a dagger from the belt beneath his robes.

"Just tell me and I won't have to do this."

His cold silver eyes bore into hers willing her to say it. His cool demeanor told her he did not want to do this, but he would. There was a line Ginny knew she could never cross; that line had been mutilated by Draco Malfoy, who now held a dagger in his hand above her, alone where no one knew that she was in danger. A strand of blond hair fell into his eyes screaming to her that her last seconds were dwindling. She closed her eyes and whispered faintly, "no."

Draco slowly made his way to his quarters. The air was thick and heavy, weighing him down. The smell of blood that lingered on him washed over him as a draft came through the open, stone window of the castle. He could still hear her screaming. Her fingernails tearing at his flesh. He had not wanted to do it. He had wanted her to just tell him and he would leave. He would have just left her there. Nothing is ever easy. Ever.
Ginny felt as Draco ripped open her silken top. Felt the blade as it ran down her skin leaving a trail of crimson behind it. She felt as her hands were bruisingly bound to the bedposts. And she felt Draco lean into her to whisper as he pressed the dagger into her throat.

"Tell me," he said.

Ginny shuddered.

"Tell you what?"

"How Potter fucked you." Ginny winced at Harry's name. If only he were here.

"Why does it matter?"

"It just does," Draco said, pushing himself up and looking into her eyes coldly.

Ginny felt his hand move away her torn gown, exposing her breasts to his cold touch.

His other hand still held the dagger to her throat pushing it closer as he said, "Tell me how."

Draco wasn't sure why he was pressing the matter so much. It wasn't that he cared, he just wanted to know. He was sure if Potter knew how 'active' Ginny was before him, he may think of her differently. Besides, it was clearly bothering her and he wanted her to be uncomfortable.

Ginny swallowed her pride and closed her eyes.

"I pretended…" she spoke quietly, as if she were scared someone would hear her.

Draco smirked. He breifly wondered what that was like.

"Last chance Weasley."

"Do your worst," she said.

Draco pushed open the heavy wooden doors to his room. The darkness inside was pitch black. But he could see. It acted as a shroud to what was around him. Severing that part of his life when he enters this room. A part of his life he sometimes wished to leave behind completely, even though there was only one way to do so…

"Draco." A female voice. It was Melanie. She was often here waiting for him to get back. Draco felt her come closer. Her breath soon mingled with his and her skin pressed gently against him. For a few confused seconds, he was unsure of whether to hurt or caress her. Melanie's skin felt so like hers… warm… almost too warm, probably because his skin was too cold. The contrast killed him. It defined his life. His forced actions and his private thoughts so rarely coincided. It was a game he viewed as a game simply to pretend it wasn't reality. He felt Melanie's lips on his skin as he pushed her against the door with his blood stained hands. Draco looked into her face darkly.

"Melanie," he said more harshly than necessary, "when I fuck you, pretend you are still a virgin." She looked strangely at Draco but nodded.

Draco released the clasp of his pants and removed his cloak. Ginny watched distantly as the dagger cut her panties off, cutting into her thigh deeply while doing so. She heard herself scream. It was a blood-curdling scream only normal to Draco Malfoy. He traced the blade around her breast pressing the cold blade flat against her nipple causing her to shudder. He put the blade to her lips making her taste her blood. Something about it turned him on more than it should have. He then swiped a clean cut on her cheek. It immediately began to bleed. The drops ran down along the cut and began to stream to her jaw and drip furiously onto her breast. Draco ran his tongue along her breast tasting the bitter substance. He felt her nipples harden more under his tongue and had to release his aching erection.

"You're even more fucked up than Blaise…" Ginny spoke as she watched him suck at her now bloody nipple.

"You have no idea," Draco said, knowing how very fucked up it was to do unspeakable things you yourself did not desire to do, but for another. Perhaps it was the darkness inside that took control of him.

"I am about to fuck the life out of you… Tell me what I want to know at anytime and I will let you live."

Draco heard the hollow tone in his voice and was disappointed in himself. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her close and roughly shoved his thick cock into her, not unsurprisingly, wet cunt. It was now clear to Draco that whether or not the female wanted the rape to happen or not, when it was him, she could not stop herself from becoming aroused. Ginny was no different. He hesitated only a second before pushing her knees to her chest and buried himself deeply inside of her. Not only did she scream, but she frantically pulled at her restraints trying to release herself. He roughly dislodged himself from her, only to immediately shove his throbbing cock back into her. Soon she stilled and he leaned over her, his arms wrapped around her thighs, and began heartlessly pumping his dick into her writhing body. She looked helplessly into Draco's cold eyes. It seemed nothing could express the pain she felt. Draco knew it hurt, and he meant for it to. She would break soon. She screamed and begged for him to stop, but nothing. Draco relentlessly fucked her and was faintly aware of the blood now seeping into the sheets.

"Malfoy… Malfoy, stop, okay, I'll tell you, just… stop…" her voice was faint but Draco slowed his pace. When she opened her eyes, Draco put her legs down, but kept paceful thrusts.

"Where. Tell me."

"They are in Bayern. In Germany, north of Munich. It is a city called Amberg." Draco immediately pulled out of her and released her bounds.

"Suck me off, now," he said, pulling her head down. He caught a quick shocked look before she took him in her mouth.

Draco closed his eyes grateful for her skill and her confession. Soon, all would be better.

At that moment the dark mark on Draco's arm burned painfully along with a message. Quickly reading the message burned into his arm momentarily, he sighed. He pushed Ginny's head down further and faster until he climaxed, then used the portkey in his cloak to take them both to hell.

Two Days Later

Draco tore Melanie's shirt over her head and pushed her back against the wall roughly. The darkness in the room enticed him as he unclasped her bra and threw it to the side. Slowly, he began to kiss her neck and nip gently at her throat. She moaned lightly at this and pushed her lips onto Draco's for a bruising kiss. His hands slid up her stomach and cupped her breasts while she unfastened his shirt hastily. Within moments both were without clothes and Draco had her breasts bouncing at a mouth watering pace. Her raven hair rested around her shoulders as his dick pushed into her over and over again and she moaned every second of it, wishing only that he could be shoving it in her anally at the same time.

Sweat forming on his brow, Draco's sleek body held hers off the ground for well over ten minutes of fucking before he came. Just as Melanie let out her last moan, and before Draco pulled his dick out of her, Blaise burst into the room. He stopped slightly as he saw Draco and Melanie.

"Draco, the mark, do you seriously not feel it during sex, you lucky bastard." Draco pulled his dick out of Melanie as he let go of her ass and checked his wrist. Sure enough the dark mark was burning black as night. Soon the pain seeped into his blood as the euphoria wore off.

Blaise was looking at Draco with a rather pissed off incredulous look.

"Draco, someone broke in and over three-quarters of the prisoners escaped. You have to come now, we caught the person who did it."

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