Okay guys, this is it for this story. I am sad to fisish it, but it needs to be done. This alternate ending is very, very dark. PLEASE so not read it unless you are prepared for severe angst and tragedy. This is the direction I was initially intending to end the story on, but my damn good nature got in the way…lol. So please use caution… I don't want any whining…lol. So just don't read it if you don't want to. If you are satisfied with the first ending and liked it, I suggest you just leaved it at that. I felt like I really needed to say that, so now I just wanted to put a segments of Chapter 4 in here… it pertains to my ending. Keep in mind, I was going to end this story originally like this, so the symbolism should be obvious here…

Picks up from Chapter 22!!! Ignore 23.

Chapter 4 Segment:

(Hermione in Draco's room for the first time)

She laughed hollowly to herself as she realized everything was black. The carpet, the sheets, the bed curtains, the paintings even had a dark theme.

One was of a black dragon cowering to a dark wizard who held the dragon's heart in his hand. She had heard this tale before. The dragon was perceived to be evil when truly it was only doing the dark wizard's bidding to survive. The dragon died in the end along with the dark wizard. It wasn't even given a chance.

Alternate Ending: From Chapter 22

The handle was hot in his hand as he gripped it. It was burning him. He let go of it. He didn't want to be here, where he had first taken Hermione…

He turned his back on the flat and made his way out of the building where he apparated back to London.

He found himself in front of his private quarters. It was basically a smaller version of Malfoy Manor on the outskirts of the city.

It was dark as Draco made his way along the garden path into his house.

"Draco," called a small voice.

His head rose quickly to detect the speaker.


She looked scared and pale as she watched Draco come through the door.

"Melanie?" he asked, remembering himself telling her to come here…

"Draco what's happened, is the war over?" she asked, her voice trembling.

Draco watched her long tendrils sway gently to and from as her head glanced around nervously.

"No," Draco said after some time. He turned his back to her and left the room.

Hermione sobbed quietly in her room at Grimmauld Place as dark clouds moved in front of the moon, casting her in shadows.

She didn't know what to do, she had looked everywhere for Draco only to be let down each time.

Several weeks had passed and there was no sign of him, or of the Death Eater's still unaccounted for.

Hermione could hardly stand it. She barely spoke to Ron or Harry constantly were trying to find out what was wrong.

Hermione wondered if what she remembered were even real, It seemed so distant…

Darkness plagued his soul completely as Draco gazed around the room. The same room that Voldemort once stood in gazing at his followers. So many nights Draco had pondered what he should do… and finally he made his decision.

He gave his life and everything he had for Hermione… and now she despised him. He simply could not afford to lose her, it had destroyed what decency he had left… the decency she had preserved.

Blaise stood by his side, their friendship renewed. They would overtake the wizarding world and dominate… leaving Hermione to Draco.

It no longer mattered that she love him, or that she was happy… he just needed her. Needed her and needed to be rid of her with such a passion it drove him mad. Everything… everything, he had done was for her, and for what? To be left with nothing while The Boy who he wanted to kill frolics about as the hero of existence…

No. That was not a game Draco Malfoy was willing to play. Draco Malfoy had blood on his hands… again.

The fresh air was like a drug to Hermione. It cleared her senses and rid her mind temporarily of any thought that had caused her such tremendous pain.

The sun was setting as she walked through the streets of London, gazing at the passerby's wishing her life was someone else's. It was unfair how war tore apart lives. Tore apart her life… She didn't even have a vague idea of what the future held for her.

At least she wouldn't until a few moments later…

A dark, gloved hand was placed firmly over her mouth stifling her scream as she was pulled into a strong grasp. Her panic was evident as her heart threatened to explode in her chest. Hermione looked around the crowded street and saw the people looking at her in panic and then out of thin air, Death Eater's had apparated in and were effectively attacking the crowded London street. Screams pierced Hermione's ears as she watched blood spill into the streets as she struggled uselessly against her captor, who held her tightly, not moving, or participating, or even attempting to take her anywhere.

She flt tears stream down her face as children were forced from their mothers arms and killed… the women being dragged off by the Death Eaters…

Hermione heard a strange crack and glanced down and saw her wand snapped in two in the black gloved hand.

Panic like she had never known welled up inside of her as she felt herself being side-along apparated and drug backwards. Finally, after several long moments of struggling she was released and fell onto a soft, carpeted floor.

Hermione opened her eyes and immediately looked up at her captor.Ther were in Draco's room.

None other than cold, silver eyes met hers. But there was no spark of light there.

"Draco," she gasped… shock gripped her as she tried to make sense of what had just happened.

Draco said nothing, but a look of contempt crossed his face briefly.

He threw the pieces of her wand across the room and looked back at her,

"Good to know you remember my name at least," he said bitterly, more to himself than to her. It never really occurred to him that she had used his given name and not his surname.

"Draco, what have you done… I have been looking for you for weeks… Draco," Hermione started desperately before he cut her off.

"Shut up! You cannot change what will happen now… It is the only way. No matter what I do, I can't fix things, so I have to take control for myself, or I will have nothing…"

Hermione cringed at the deranged tone in his voice…

"Draco, please, you have to listen…"

Draco grabbed her arm and shoved her hard into the wall behind him.

"No, you listen. I am tired of never accomplishing my goal when I try so fucking hard to get it done… I am finally going to set my own goals… You being here with me, it is an achievement in itself."

Hermione barely had a chance to breathe before Draco pushed his lips to her roughly, his need for her dangerous. His touch was rushed and painful… It was like he was trying to convey the pain he felt to her, to show her what she had done to him…

He stripped her of her muggle clothes quickly, leaving her shivering against his body. She was so gorgeous…

Draco tore open his pants and released his raging erection, pressing it into her abdomen.

He leaned close to her and whispered, "If I can't have you forever, then no one will… I've tried so hard Hermione, to keep you, to have you forever… but fate has determined it shall not be…"

Draco pressed his solid erection into her, pleased at her slick entrance. By instinct, she wrapped her legs around him tightly as he pumped his cock into her steadily, soft, glorious moans coming from her mouth. Draco was surprised as to how she was reacting to him, but didn't think too much on it. She was in shock… it wouldn't last.

Hermione ran her hands into Draco's blond hair and held tightly as he fucked her harder than he had ever done before. She knew he was confused and therefore didn't want to cry out as he fucked her harder, but she couldn't stop it. A pained cry escaped her mouth as she felt him tear into her flesh. He kissed her violently, ignoring the tears running down her cheeks…

Draco knew he was close as he felt her soft skin… how he would miss the feel of her… but he knew it would be impossible to hold onto her forever, she would escape somehow… And he'd be damned if she were to be with anyone else…

He was barely aware of her pounding on his back in pain and her crying out as he pumped into her hard, his release so near. The second he cummed inside of her, he pressed his lips to her, stifling her cries.

Draco carried out his plan, his heart wrenching terribly, but his twisted, dark mind controlling his actions. Silently, he pulled a dagger out of his back pocket and pressed it to Hermione's chest, his lips still pressed gently to hers…

In one fluid motion, he slid the dagger into her chest, penetrating her beating heart so that it would beat no more. He pulled his lips away from hers one last time, her tears now wetting his skin.

"Draco… I remember… I remember everything," Hermione said, her voice barely above a whisper. Her eyes were in shock and soon crossed to disappointment. As she realized what he had done, she let go of him, his dick sliding out of her gracefully as she fell to the ground.

He barely heard her as he watched her eyes, the sadness overwhelming and the pain excruciating.

"What did you say?" he asked, his voice hoarse and disbelieving.

"I love you, Draco…" Hermione said, just before she began to choke. Small droplets of crimson blood were coughed up out of her lungs as she tried desperately to take her last breath. But it never came…

Draco stared at her like a small child trying to understand. No thoughts came to him as he looked at her beautiful face marred with her own blood because of him…

He stared into her golden eyes, the pain enveloping him like it never had before… how could she have remembered… now after so long…

Silent tears of pain fell from Draco's darkened eyes. Nothing had gone right… ever… Nothing would ever be right now… now that he had killed the one thing he had loved most in this world… the one person and only person to ever truly love him…

His mind was clouded and detached as he redressed and picked up his wand. He glanced over at his piano he had loved so much once upon a time.

He sat down at the piano and pointed his wand at it. He muttered a long and complex curse before he laid his wand on the bench beside him.

Dark droplets of blood once again smeared the keys as he laid his hands down gently. The tune of the somber ballad filled his ears causing him to recall once teaching his beloved to play this with him… Tears fell from his eyes as he continued to play even after he began to feel weak.

Each note filled his mind with such sadness he barely noticed when he stopped breathing. He played like that for minutes, absorbed in the memories he cherished as his best…

But the song was never finished… his lifeless hands fell from the piano…

They could no longer play the somber tune that was the only release he could have ever shown before her…

He fell sideways onto the bench, his soft blond bangs blowing gently in the wind…

War had torn apart the lives of everyone, but most of all, Draco Malfoy.

The dragon had never had a chance.

The End

I just want to point out, the curse killed him as he touched the piano, it drained the life from him…

Also, the song never being finished symbolizes the lives they never finished…

I hope that doesn't really depress anyone. But that is what war does… it is sad… it is reality…

Thank you to everyone who reviewed the story and read it! I really appreciate it tremendously! You guys are awesome!!! I hope you will read my other stories. I have a new idea for a story, still don't know how long it may be. But "Break You Down, " is almost finished!

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