Desire is Half of Life

Summary: BleachNaruto Crossover Naruto was captured by Akatsuki at long last but was not saved in time. He died. Sasuke finally fought with his brother but he was still not strong enough and was killed. Both wind up in Soul Society. Yaoi R&R



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Chapter One: Death of Two Shinobi

(Naruto First Person POV)

(A/N: The point of view will shift but don't worry I'll give you a heads up like above when it changes.)

"To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life."

This is a joke right? I'm just dreaming that this happened right? I'm just having a nightmare…right? There's just no way that…that I died. That can't be right. I've fought so long and so hard just to die now? That's…that's retarded! I'm going to be Hokage! I can't be dead! I won't accept it!

Even if I don't accept it, it will never change the truth. I'm floating around in this darkness that just doesn't seem to end. I keep trying to look ahead to see where I am going but nothing appears. All around me is this black nothingness that just keeps going. I suppose trying to shout for someone is stupid no one will hear me.

I'm dead.

Akatsuki finally got me and took the Kyuubi from me. I'm not any bit part of that demon anymore but it doesn't change anything now. I am dead. I wonder how Sakura and the others are holding up.

I hope Sai doesn't hate me for dieing on him. I told him I would be there and yet, I'm here instead of there. I heard his calling a while back but it was too fait for me to find where it was coming from so I guess I'm never coming back. Chiyo-baabaa isn't around to revive me like she did with Gaara so I guess I'm going to stay dead.

Here's some food for thought though. If I really am dead why am I able to still think? Why am I still able to process what's going on around me? What is this place?

"Is this really what death is like?" I say out loud before suddenly a bright white light covers my vision and I open my eyes. Was I really just dreaming I was dead?

(Third Person POV aka Omniscient)

Naruto sat up slowly slightly weak, not feeling like himself. He felt as if he had had all of his charka drawn from him, which meant the Kyuubi must have been gone. He'd never felt this weak before, not even after the fight with Gaara where he was dragging himself on the ground incase Gaara still wanted to fight.

Naruto's blue orbs scanned the room he was now in before he raised an eyebrow in confusion. The room looked old like back in the samurai period before steam boats and television. In regards to the room, it was clean and Naruto swore he could smell cherry blossoms somewhere near. The young ninja looked toward the shoji to his left with interest. Before he tried to stand up, after he stood he found he was wearing a simple white male kimono with a white obi keeping it shut. He was confused as to why he was wearing a kimono after being in the fight. He expected to be in the Konoha hospital clothing as he normally wound up in.

Shaking his head and getting over the fact he was not in the hospital nor was he wearing hospital clothes, he walked to the shoji and placed a hand on the slider. For some reason he felt that if he opened the door his life would forever change. As he thought he did not hear the footsteps approaching. After much deliberation Naruto decided to open the door, and in once forceful and fearful push he slid the door open with a heavy slam. His eyes were squeezed shut for a moment then slowly opened.

'Please let me see someone I know.' Naruto thought as he saw a pair of sandaled feet. These sandals were a little different to what he was used to, and barely above the feet the young blonde could see the hem of a black hakama. 'That doesn't look like I'm going to know this person.' Naruto told himself as he looked up quickly and came face to face with what looked like it could have been him save for the missing whiskers, and the tallness. "Ah!!" Naruto shouted as he stumbled back and fell on his ass. "Who…who are you!?" he asked pointing at the older blonde man with the same blue eyes.

"Me?" he asked pointing at his face with a questioning and silly face. "My name is Namikaze Minato." The man said waving a little. He wore a black hakama with a white over coat ripped along the bottom and the sleeves. "It's nice to finally get to talk to you Naruto."

(A/N: I do last name first name, so you'll see things like Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Itachi and so on.)

"How do you know my name!?" Naruto asked still freaking out over the aged image of himself.

"How?" Minato asked with the same face from before. "Well I would hope to know the name of my own son."

"Your son?" Naruto questioned looking confused and staring at Minato.

"Yes." The blonde man said with a stupid grin.

"Me…?" Naruto pointed at himself then to Minato," you?" he paused assuming Minato understood him, and got a nod from the older man. "WHAT!?"


(Sasuke POV)

How the hell did I get to this place? I don't understand. I know I died fighting with my brother but…where is this? People all over the place wearing old hakama and kimonos and kids that all look like trouble children eye shops and other things that look like they could fetch a good price. I don't understand this. Even I was wearing a worn and tattered jinbei colored tan.

I take a seat on an old water barrel to take in the sites I see before me. It all looks so weird. Almost like someone putting on a show or one of those "Live in the Old Times" amusement parks. I just sat there looking at everyone passing by, thinking to myself, trying to figure out what all of this was. Suddenly my eyes snap to a woman walking by with a strange grin on her face. The expression doesn't interest me as much as the woman does. She looks just like my mother, but that's impossible because she's dead. Dead like me.

That mean's that it could be her! I have to follow her. I have to know!

(Omniscient POV)

Sasuke quickly hopped off of the barrel he had been sitting on and followed behind the woman careful not to let her know he was there. She stopped by a few places buying food and cooking tools before she began to walk to the outskirts of the town. About a half mile away from all of the commotion of the city she walked into a smaller living place that had six or seven houses grouped together.

"I'm home." She called as Sasuke jetted over to the simple window and peered in to see what was happening inside.

"Welcome home." said a man that looked painstakingly like Sasuke's father. "You were taking so long I thought that you had gotten mugged by some of those brats in town."

"I'm fine." She said setting the shopping prizes on the small table. "We've been here for a little over seven years, we should be used to everything by now don't you think?" she asked her husband.

"We should." The man said with a sigh as his wife began to pull out all of the items and fill a pot with water. "Did anyone weird fallow you home?"

"Weird?" she questioned as she out the pot on a lit stove. "No." she answered glancing to the window for a split second but Sasuke saw it. Sasuke always caught things like that.

"Alright." The man said sitting back and leaning on the wall.

"But we should invite our guest inside don't you think?" the woman asked sparking the man and Sasuke's attention. "It's been a long time since we've seen him."

"Who?" The man asked standing up and walking outside, while Sasuke simply stared at the back of the woman who was cutting carrots.

'How did she know I was here?' Sasuke asked himself as the man rounded the corner. He squinted his eyes for a moment before they went wide with amazement.

"Sa…Sasuke?" the man breathed walking over to the raven haired Uchiha. "It is…its Sasuke…." He said touching the ninja's shoulders as the Uchiha teen tensed. The man hugged Sasuke tightly all the while the young ninja stared at the side of the house confused. He had no idea what was going on but for some reason he felt at home in this place. He felt safe.


"Okay! So this place is Soul Society?" Naruto questioned his legs crosses and a hand on each knee. He looked to Minato getting a nod then he continued. "I am in fact dead." Another nod was his answer. "You're my father." Another nod for his answer. "And we're now Shinigami?"

"That's right." Minato said wanting to speak now. "We live in the part of Soul Society called Seireitei and we as Shinigami protect Soul Society and the human world from Hollows."

"Hollows are what now?" Naruto asked confused.

"Hollows are former human souls that lose their hearts to despair or remain in the real world for too long. Any spirit that is not guided to Soul Society by a shinigami may eventually turn into a Hollow." Minato explained.

"Alright." Naruto said nodding his head and taking a deep breath. "I'm dead, I'm a shinigami, and I am supposed to kill these things called Hollows. Got that all down…What the hell ever happened to the after life being a restful and happy place?"

"Just think of this as a between world. Actually almost every spirit comes through this place. It is the final judgment ground for humans. Souls with amazing powers eventually become Shinigami and part of the Goteijūsantai." Minato said. "I'm the captain of the Third Division of the Goteijūsantai."

Naruto pushed his hand to his face with exasperation. "Okay." Naruto said trying to stay calm. "Goteijūsantai…right." Naruto took another deep breath before he stood up quickly. "You're just playing around with me right? I'm not really dead and all of this Hollow and Shinigami crap is just a load of bull right?"

"Afraid not, I know it is a lot to take in at one time Naruto but you have to believe me." Minato said to the once Kyuubi holder.

"How can I!?" Naruto snapped. "This is all too much to take in at one time! I get that I'm dead even if I don't want to accept that but you want me to believe I'm a Death God and I'm supposed to kill these weird monsters! You're crazy! And how in the name of all things dead are you my father! You're the asshole that sealed the Kyuubi within me!" Naruto was now shouting at the top of his lungs seriously pissed and confused.

"Is everything alright Taicho?" asked a dark haired woman as she slid the door open.

"Yes everything is fine. He just seems to be having a hard time accepting everything." Minato said with a smile toward the woman.

"Taicho maybe if you didn't try to feed everything to him at one time?" the woman suggested. "And maybe let the school decide if he should be a Shinigami."

"He's my son of course he should be!" Minato exclaimed facing the woman fully. "Katsuragi-san, please believe me when I say this."

"I believe you but it is still required." Katsuragi said with a light shake of her head. "You remember what it was like for you?"

"Yes." Minato said as he let his head drop to one side.

"Good! Now, Hitsugaya-Taicho is here with Kurosaki Ichigo to talk with you so go meet them and I shall assist your son." Katsuragi said with a smile as Naruto protested believe that he was Minato's son.

"Alright." Minato said pulling up his sword which had been on he ground beside him then used it to pull himself up. "We'll talk more later, listen to what Katsuragi-san tells you." He said as he walked out of the room. "I'll see you later on my son." With that Minato left with a quick step that seemed to come from joy.

"Can you really deny he is your father?" Katsuragi questioned Naruto with a kind look.

"I can but it wouldn't mean anything." Naruto said sitting back down. "Is everything he told me true?"

"Yes," Katsuragi said, "he is a very intelligent man, and a strong captain. When he first arrived in this place he too denied everything but he got over it and grew into a strong man. After a while all he could talk about was how he hoped you would do well in your life so you could one day join him in Seireitei. This was quiet a bit earlier then he expected though." The woman said as she walked over and sat on her knees next to Naruto. "My name is Katsuragi Sanko, a pleasure to meet you Naruto-kun."

"Ah," Naruto sounded looking at Sanko," Uzu…" he paused to think for a minute before he started again," Namikaze Naruto." He smiled a little unsure if he was being right or wrong.

"You are getting a grip of things faster then your father that is for certain." Sanko said with a kind smile. "Now we should get you dressed, we have to go to the school to see if we can't make you a Shinigami."

"Oh…Okay." Naruto said still confused as ever but willing to go along with everything. Besides, it wasn't like he was going to be doing anything else from now on.


"So this means that Itachi really has wiped out our entire clan." Sasuke's father said as the three of them sat down to eat. "Damn it all." He said slamming his fists together.

"I'm sorry I couldn't kill him." Sasuke said bowing his head.

"No, it's fine." The older Uchiha said waving a hand at his son. "You tried and you became stronger then anyone in our clan could have wished. We're proud of you."

"You shouldn't be." Sasuke said before his mother patted him on the top of the head.

"We're just happy to see you again, though it is a pity that you died so young. You didn't even have time to fall in love or have a family." She said with a kind smile.

"Mother." Sasuke said looking at her as she began to serve the stew she had cooked.

"We can just live here together. There is no way that Itachi could ruin our lives here." The father said with a relieved look before he thanked his wife for the meal and ate.

"Sure." Sasuke said as he stared at the food. 'If I'm dead why would I need food?' Sasuke asked himself before he too thanked his mother for the food and ate. It had been far too long since he had had anything his mother cooked.

They ate in silence until the father spoke up voicing what he was thinking. "Sasuke…how would you like you try and become a Shinigami?"

"A what?" Sasuke questioned not seeing the concerned look his mother held at the words.

"A Death God, Shinigami, they escort souls to the after life and enforce the laws in Seireitei all while killing Hollows." The father explained as Sasuke looked on intently. "You see…" he paused putting his plate down and looking his son in the eye," they all work to become stronger and protect what is important to them whether it be greed or family. I'm not saying you have to be a Shinigami I was just saying it because you still look like you want to prove yourself."

"I do." Sasuke said with a serious look.

"Then becoming a Shinigami may be just right for you." The father spoke. "You can prove yourself and protect your family as such."

"Why didn't you become one?" Sasuke asked.

"Not everyone can, they have to have a high level of reiatsu." Sasuke's mother interjected.

"I can feel you have something son." The father spoke leaning over the table slightly. "If you apply yourself you can do it."

"I'll do it." Sasuke said. "I'll become a Shinigami and protect all of you, unlike before."

"Alright." The father said then went back to eating.


"Fuck you, and you, and you, and you!" shouted an orange haired Shinigami, Kurosaki Ichigo, as he looked around the room at two white haired captains, Hitsugaya Toushiro and Ukitake Jushirou, the blonde Namikaze Minato, and the matty haired and tipsy looking Kyouraku Shunsui. "I'm not going to step in for that bastard Renji because you assume I'll do well as a vice-captain. You're all out of your minds."

"But Kurosaki-kun you would be perfect as the Sixth Squad's new vice-captain." Shunsui said with a slightly drunken smile. "You've got the strength to do it too."

"If anything you should be a captain but the superior-commander says that due to you going Ryouka before you actually died it does not seem fitting." Ukitake said with a weak and sickly smile.

"That was almost six years ago!" Ichigo growled as he glared at the captains in the room.

"If you think about how long we have lived that is actually not a very long time Kurosaki-kun." Minato said with a slight smile.

"I don't even know who the hell you are." Ichigo said staring at the blonde captain of the third squad.

"At any rate, this is the job assigned to you by the Soutaichou so you either take it or you'll go out of Seireitei and be forced to live in Rukongai in District 80." Hitsugaya said getting annoyed at Ichigo's persistent refusal.

"And what about Byakuya, what has he said about this?" Ichigo asked annoyed. He knew that the 80th District was bad and he did not want to be there of all places.

"Unlike you Kuchiki-Taicho follows orders from the Soutaichou." Hitsugaya said still annoyed. "He's already been informed and your living arrangements put you in the Kuchiki house."

"You have got to be kidding." Ichigo said with an annoyed eyebrow twitch. "This is all a bad joke right? If I laugh will you guys tell me what I'm really doing?"

"It's the truth Kurosaki-kun." Ukitake said his weak smile remaining. "You are going to be living under the Kuchiki house, and will be the vice-captain of the Sixth Division."

"If you can just agree to this already Namikaze-Taicho will take you to the Kuchiki house and the rest of us can go home." Kyouraku sighed as he pulled out a bottle of sake and a small glass.

"I can't believe this shit." Ichigo said as he sat down. "I'm still having a hard time believing I died."

"That's the second time I've heard something similar to that in the last twenty minutes." Minato said with a smile crossed between sad and happy. "My son died you see and now he is here, a few things were different between you two but the initial idea is that both of you died recently and have to cope with it. You've got more experience being a Shinigami, before this all happened he was a ninja from our part of the many worlds connected to Soul Society. You should consider yourself lucky you're having a vice-captain offered to you. Take the luck now while it lasts Kurosaki-kun."

Ichigo stared at the blonde captain before he took a deep breath and then let it out in a sigh. "Fine, I'll take the damn job." He growled getting a smile from Ukitake and Kyouraku and a smirk from Hitsugaya.

"Good," the ice captain said standing up, "Namikaze-Taicho will escort you to the Kuchiki house seeing as he has business there anyway. We will see you later Kurosaki."

"Right." Ichigo said with a shake of his head before Ukitake and Kyouraku stood to leave. After the other captains left Minato looked over at Ichigo with a smile on his face, and for some reason Ichigo felt concerned about it.

"Well on our way over there we'll be taking my son too. I need to talk to Kuchiki-Taicho about him." Minato said as he stood up using his Zanpakutou to push himself up as the sound of footsteps approached. "Here he is."

"This thing is way too baggy." Naruto said sliding the door opening and walking in wearing his blue and white hakama.

"You're not a ninja anymore son, you're going to be a Shinigami so don't complain." Minato said as the young Namikaze as he messed with his obi.

"How the hell am I supposed to move in this thing?" Naruto asked before looking at the orange haired teen then shaking his head. "What the hell am I feeling?"

"It's reiatsu." Minato said with a smile. "Kurosaki-kun happens to have a lot of it and it not very good at keeping it in check. Even if he has been a Shinigami for quiet a long time, but not as long and I have been."

"Right." Naruto said counting in his head," you've been one for about fifteen or more years now right?"

"That's right." Minato said as Ichigo seemed to become a little annoyed.

"Oi, listen I know that you just died kid and you met up with your pops but can we get going." Ichigo said the whole family thing making him a little bored.

"Oh yeah, let's go." Minato said placing his Zanpakutou on his side.

"Why do I need to go now?" Naruto asked wondering why Sanko told him to go to him father.

"You'll see." Minato hummed a song before he led the way out.


"So we'll take you to the Shinigami School tomorrow to see if they'll accept you." Sasuke's mother said as she cleaned the dishes.

"I'm sure they will," Sasuke's father said with a smile," he's our son and an Uchiha, he'll do great."

"I pray that you're right." The mother said as she turned to face her family with a kind smile. "I don't think Sasuke deserves to have to stay out here. Seireitei is much more fitting."

Sasuke did not speak; he was still having a hard time accepting that he was with his mother and father at this time. He was dead yet, living. It did not seem real to him.

"Are you feeling alright?" Sasuke's mother asked pressing a hand to his forehead.

"I'm fine." Sasuke said bowing his head away from her.

"I know what's wrong, give him some space. He's just died, and he had to live by himself for a long time. He doesn't believe what is going on. He can't believe that you and I are here." Sasuke's father said reading Sasuke's thoughts exactly.

"I see." The mother said standing up and walking toward the back of the house. "There's a room here for you with a bed already made. It might be a little dusty; I haven't dusted in a week. We were always hoping that we'd never have to have you here though. At least not until you were grown and died of something normal."

"Thank you." Sasuke said nodding to the woman before she vanished into another room.

"Son." The father spoke getting the newly dead Uchiha's attention. "Did you ever discover why Itachi killed us all?"

Sasuke was quiet for a moment wondering if he should tell his father. He stood and began to walk away from the man and paused before the door to his room. "He said…" he paused, "he said he killed everyone just to test his strength." And with that Sasuke went into his room shutting the door behind him. Sasuke stared at the bed in the middle of the room taking in a breath before he walked over to it and lied down. The sun was barely setting but he felt tired and his mind was plagued with thoughts. He simply wanted to rest and that was all.


(Chapter One End)

Yo everyone! I just typed this all up like real quick. I'm kind of being vague and exact at the same time so I feel I'm doing okay. This is a head's up for the next chapter so like, cool off and listen.

The next chapter is going to have a time jump in it. This chapter was for what Sasuke and Naruto went through after dying. So yeah, here's a preview.

Chapter Two: The Third in the Sixth and the Sixth of the Third


"What did the Taicho want Ichigo?" Naruto asked the orange haired vice-captain of the sixth squad.

"I don't want to talk about it." Ichigo said with an annoyed growl as he shrugged past the blond Kazuma. "You know you're about as annoying as your dad. Look at the trouble you got me in because you wanted to go off and kill those Hollows on your own. You almost die and I have to get chewed out for me being "unqualified" to lead a simple patrol."

"Gezz, sorry." Naruto said with a sigh as he rested his hand on his Zanpakutou. "You're wound a little to tight you know that?"

"Naruto?" questioned a voice that Naruto had not heard in years.

"No way!" Naruto exclaimed looking behind him…


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