I'll Follow You into the Dark

How Hisana met Byakuya, and subsequently fell in love. I would like to include a mini-author's note right here 

I wrote this story on a whim, because I felt like there wasn't enough back story on one of the greatest OTP's in Bleach. This story is complete, and I will post it chapter by chapter. Each chapter tends to have a song lyric title, or is based on, so I'll have a suggested listening posted for each chapter. Please read and review, I've enjoyed writing this story so much that I am writing another Byakuya x Hisana as we speak. However I've found that unless I write a complete story, it never gets done. This story is over fifty pages long  and it's about 23 Chapters long, so this is only the beginning.

Enjoy! – Kristen

If heaven and hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the "no's" on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you, when your soul embarks
I'll follow you into the dark

((Suggested Listening: I'll Follow You into the Dark, Death Cab for Cutie))

Chapter One: Little Match Girl

It was a cold day in the Rukongai, Hisana thought, her dark hair falling into her face as she tried to carry the heavy parcel that her employer had given her. Touting it around on her shoulders was hard enough, but with her cough, she couldn't seem to muster the strength to keep moving.

Sighing she pulled her shawl around her, trying to hide herself from the biting cold that stung her cheeks and bare feet. Her last pair of sandals had given out, despite the fact that she tried not to wear them on the warmest days, and she was left with nothing but spare rags from the alley ways to keep her feet dry.

Frowning, she looked at her delivery slip as she came towards the great gates that surrounded the homes of the 13 Gotei. It was hard to believe that the standards of life varied so greatly in Soul Society. At least in the Real World, before death, before soul burial, there had been some sense of equality amongst the people who lived there.

But here…there was a stark divide between those who lived inside those white walls, and those who lived on the outsides, where filth ran in the streets. Even the nicest of the neighborhoods were disturbingly violent. The dog eat dog mentality had caused her to lose a small portion of her sanity, her dreams, her hopes, everything she had ever wished for had been lost when she and her sister had been in that accident in the real world.

People said that death was only the beginning. She almost wondered what hell was like if this was supposed to be the world where those who had lived their lives well got to spend the rest of their eternity. Stumbling, she fell into a mud puddle and tore her ragged kimono, cursing at the snow falling from the sky and the mixed rain that fell with it. The package was okay, albeit a little dirty, but she could imagine what her employer would have to say when he heard from his client.

She frowned as she looked at the unfamiliar, paved, porcelain white streets of the beautiful city before her and walked towards the gates, her bare feet dragging painfully. The shinigami guards standing at the doorway stood at attention as she approached, her knee bleeding from her fall, her whole soul bone weary.

"Excuse me…sir" she said, her hands shaking as she lifted the package from her back. "I have a delivery for a…Mayuri-sama."

"Captain Mayuri?" the Soul Reaper asked, his face questionable. "Who is this package from girl, speak up!"

"It's from Master Dillimund, in the city, sir." She replied, her voice shaking.

"Very well then, we'll scan it and send it on, be on your way Rukongai scum!" the guard shouted, his swords hilt lashing out and hitting her in the back as she turned away. Gasping, she fell to the ground, her body heaving as she was seized by a violent cough.

Blood dripped from her mouth as her vision swayed. She didn't even feel the bite of the cold snow as she lay there. A shout from behind her wasn't enough to make her eyes open again…she would much rather, if they just stayed closed.

The last thing she saw before she drifted into unconscious-ness was a pair of sandaled feet, white socks and the billowing legs of black Shinigami robes.