He was leaving. Leaving. My husband was leaving me. Well, my fiancé was leaving me. We'd barely got to the altar, and he was leaving me.

Or rather, he left me.

The rain was pounding. Not pouring. Pounding. I was soaked, aside from the bottom of my gown, which was both soaked and muddy. We stood outside for an eternity; staring at one another. Before leaving, he explained.

"I can't be him, Helga."

He did what I didn't have the heart to do. What I told myself I could not do.

He decided for me.

I couldn't thank him enough.


My first oneshot/drabble, (and exactly 100 words, too. Not bad) which is funny, because I usually hate drabbles. Really; I rarely read them. But if you want the long, extended, sexy version of this, I'll definitely be posting it. What I do like about drabbles is that you can finishing them, without finishing them. Because the long, extended, sexy version has yet to be finished. Because I'm stuck. That's why I wrote this. If you have any suggestions (hint, hint…) feel free to contact me.