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Summary: The academy's finally getting serious about dealing with Mikan's alices, and the Dangerous Ability Class is getting a new teacher in the bargain. What's going to happen next?


Alice Academy
Headmaster's Office

"Persona's out of commission and in the hospital, and that girl's second alice seems to be awakening," said the shadowed figure behind the desk.

"So, why did you asked for me?" ask the other hidden in the shadows.

"The Dangerous Ability Class needs a new teacher, and that girl needs to be taken care of. That's why," the headmaster calmly said.

"I don't do classes," the shadow snarled.

"You don't, but your partner…"

"You want my partner to handle the class…"

"Yes. And you can handle the girl," the headmaster smugly said.

The shadow quietly thought about the headmaster's proposition.

"I need to talk to my partner about this first," the shadow said before turning to leave, but the headmaster stopped him.

"Before you leave, I want to make this offer more irresistible for you and your partner," the headmaster smirked.

"At your discretion, I'm giving you and your partner unrestricted power and authority around the academy, and in handling the class and the girl."

"I'm sure my partner would like that, but we still need to talk about it," the shadow uttered coldly, before leaving the office.

The headmaster gave a satisfied grin, "Problem solved."