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Summary: The academy's finally getting serious about dealing with Mikan's alices, and the Dangerous Ability Class is getting a new teacher in the bargain. What's going to happen next?


Alice Academy
Hospital Waiting Room

Ruka Nogi restlessly paced the hallways anxiously. The screams were horrible. It sounded like the tortured souls in the deepest, darkest part of hell. It was as if the souls of the dead were out to get him; to forcibly drag him into the abyss with them.

His best-friend, who was calmly seated on a waiting room chair with a burgundy-furred kitten on his lap, watching him pace, scoffed. "They don't have to drag you to hell, Ruka. You already willingly entered there when you made Imai your girlfriend. And you'll be walking into the deepest part of it when you make her your wife." An elbow dug itself into Natsume's side, stopping him from further comments.

Ruka halted in mid-pace. He hadn't realized he was mumbling to himself while he paced, until Natsume made the comment. Another scream rented the air, sending Ruka's feet unconsciously pacing again. The fact that he'd been thrown out of the birthing room didn't help calm him either. So what if he'd panicked to the point of being a hindrance? He was no stranger to birthings. He'd helped countless of animals give birth before, but none of them seems to have lasted this long.

"Something's wrong," he agitatedly stated. "This is taking too long. Why is this taking so long?"

"Relax, Ruka," Mikan uttered coldly as she stroke a little, pale-blue kitten on the head. "It's only been four hours since Hotaru went in there."

Ruka sighed. Mikan's still a little irate at him for getting Hotaru pregnant before they'd graduated, especially without the benefit of marriage. He'll admit they should have gotten some morning-after pills, after that last condom broke… Okay, so they should have brought those morning-after pills every time the condom broke on them. They shouldn't have disregarded it all those times.

Mikan went so far as to threaten to castrate and skin him, in that specific order, if he doesn't make an honest woman out of her best-friend as soon as they were out of the academy. Thankfully, Mikan had also told him that she just needed some time for her anger to cool down, nine months to be exact. And what a long and tense nine months it's been for him.

The sudden silence inside the birthing room had Ruka on edge. It was followed by the resounding wail of an infant that had Ruka zooming into the room without anyone's prompting. He nearly bulldozed the two nurses that were about to exit the room in his haste.

He rushed towards the bed. "Hotaru?" he murmured hoarsely, terrified that something might have happened to her.

Hotaru greeted him with one of her rare, soft smiles, telling him that she was fine. "Have you met our daughter yet?" she exhaustedly asked.

"Daughter?" The nineteen-year-old father gaped in awe just as a nurse came back to hand them their minute-old, freshly cleaned, warmly wrapped, newborn baby. Ruka's amazement doubled as Hotaru pushed back the cloth over their daughter's head, revealing a tuff of raven hair on her crown. The infant squirmed a bit before opening her eyes, giving her parents a glimpse of big, cerulean-blue orbs. Hotaru gently transferred their baby into Ruka's arms. Ruka held out a finger for their daughter to grasp, before sharing a tender smile with Hotaru.

"Thank you for our daughter," Ruka whispered lovingly as he bent to give Hotaru a kiss.

"Don't make it sound like you didn't have a hand in creating her," Hotaru teasingly scolded before turning to the door. "Come in, you two, and meet your goddaughter."

Mikan and Natsume headed towards them. Ruka then carefully transferred his daughter into Mikan's arms. A smile tugged on Mikan's lips as the infant inquisitively stared at her with wide blue eyes. "Since my goddaughter's so adorable," Mikan chuckled, "you finally forgiven, Ruka."

Ruka breathed out a sigh of relief. "Thank you for that, too," he murmured to the heavens.

Natsume peered over Mikan's shoulder to catch a glimpse of the baby, not realizing that the baby looked like his and Mikan's when they're in that position. "What are you going to name her?"

Ruka and Hotaru shared a small, meaningful smile with each other. "We planned on naming her Hikari," Ruka proudly grinned.

"Hikari," Mikan smiled at the little bundle in her arms. "Hopefully, she'll act as someone's light in the future," she murmured as she handed little Hikari back to her parents. "Well, I think Natsume and I should leave you guys now. Get a lot of rest, Hotaru," she waved back as she headed for the door. Natsume smirked back at the little family while he followed Mikan out the room.

Ruka sniggered. "Mikan doesn't have a clue, does she? But I think Natsume knows that we got Hikari's name from her."

"You know Mikan. She might be sensitive when it comes to other people, but when it's something regarding herself," Hotaru rolled her eyes, "she can be as dense as a block of concrete."

Natsume and Mikan went back to the waiting room to get their familiars. The burgundy and pale-blue kittens perked up when they saw their owners. The little burgundy cat sat up and just let out a tiny mew in greeting. But the pale-blue one took a couple of steps back on the waiting room chair, and then lunched itself on Mikan.

"Sky!" Mikan shrieked as she caught the kitten before it hurt itself. "Don't do that so suddenly, you silly cat!" she scolded. Sky just ignored her and snuggled in her arms with a content purr. Mikan sighed in defeat. "How come your cat doesn't unexpectedly jump on you?" she asked, watching as Natsume lifted up the burgundy cat then draped it on his shoulder.

"Because Vlad's disciplined. Like his owner," he replied coolly before striding out ahead of her.

"I still can't believe you'd name him 'Vlad'," Mikan grimaced. "And what the hell are you saying? That I'm undisciplined!" she shouted after him. That earned her a silencing glare from the nurses, telling her to keep it down. Mikan mumbled a soft "sorry" to them before quietly exiting the hospital alongside Natsume.

"You got the nurses mad at me," Mikan whined as soon as they were out the lobby.

"That's because you're noisy," Natsume smirked at her, but drew her closer against him as they walked side-by-side towards their sakura tree.

Once they'd settled down beneath the tree's shade, Sky and Vlad leaped down to the ground and started exploring their vicinity together. Mikan leaned her head on Natsume's shoulder and smiled at the curious little kittens that were surveying every square inch of their surroundings. She can still clearly recall the day when Sky and Vlad were created a year ago.


Demon and Angel led Mikan and Natsume into the woods beyond the Northern Gates of the academy. The two teenagers' alices were increasingly getting out of control, and their respective godparent supposed that it's time for them to create a familiar of their own to help seal off some of their powers. Since Demon and Angel were there to take care of anything that goes wrong, both Mikan and Natsume were allowed to make their familiars simultaneously. So, Sky and Vlad came about, little red and blue fluffs that were barely larger than a hand at that time.

Shadow inquisitively drew closer to investigate the little creatures. Sky gazed up at him with her large, yellow-gold eyes. Shadow gave the little pale-blue cat a gentle nudge with his muzzle, making Sky emit an adorable, questioning mew. Shadow pulled back a bit, somewhat surprise that it emitted a strange sound to him, before a happy, mischievous gleam entered his eyes, the kind of gleam that it takes on when he finds a new plaything he likes.

Before Mikan could react, Shadow picked up Sky by the scruff of her neck and happily trotted off with her. Sky stared back at Mikan while dangling in Shadow's jaw, her yellow-gold eyes wide with shock, and gave off a pitiful, confused meow.

"Shadow!" Mikan bellowed, once she snapped out of her bewilderment. "Come back here with her!" Shadow glanced back at Mikan. But instead of going back to her with Sky, he bolted deeper into the woods with little kitten hanging from his mouth.

Vlad and Lumi's introduction was far more dignified. Lumi's cobalt eyes studied the little burgundy cat for a moment. Vlad was gazing up at her, his jade eyes filled with what seems like awe and adulation. Then as if suddenly settling that Vlad was acceptable, Lumi decided that they should follow their supposed companions into the woods. She took the lead while Vlad cutely ambled along behind her.

The four humans vacantly stared at where their familiars disappeared off into. "Well, at least we know that the four of them get along with each other," Angel grinned, breaking their confounded silence.

-End of Flashback-

Mikan closed her eyes and grinned. Vlad and Sky had grown a bit since then. But Shadow still likes abducting Sky every now and then to play with her. Sky doesn't seem to mind getting kidnapped though. Mikan felt a presence heading towards them. And speaking of the said hellhound, Mikan opened her eyes to see Shadow loping towards them.

Sky scampered to meet the black wolf. Shadow bent down to allow the kitten to clamber onto his massive head, Sky draping herself between Shadows pointed ears like a floppy, furry, pale-blue hat. Lumi padded at a more demure pace than her mate. Vlad waited for the white wolf to lie down before imploring her to play with him, too. Lumi didn't move from her spot, but she lazily curled her bushy tail around and gently wagged it in front of the burgundy kitten. Vlad happily rolled around trying to catch the white tail's tip.

A few moments after the wolves arrived, Demon and Angel stroll towards them. Demon drolly looked at Shadow carrying Sky around on top of his head. "I wonder what Shadow would do if Sky ends up being as big as a damn jaguar?"

Mikan glanced at Sky nettled comfortably on top of Shadow. The two seems to enjoy going around like that. "I guess Shadow will just have to turn into a dragon to continue carrying her around that way when she gets that big," Mikan said teasingly.

Demon rolled his eyes. "Don't ever give the big, black mutt that idea." Mikan chuckled at that advice.

"Since the cats still want to play, why don't we take them with us for awhile," Angel proposed. The two cats' ears twitched at the suggestion. They scurried towards their respective masters, sat cutely in front of them, and let off twin adorable meows, pleading for permission.

Mikan threw her hands up, unable to resist all the cuteness. "Alright, you win, Sky. You can go." Sky lunched herself onto Mikan, showing her appreciation by rubbing the top of her head against Mikan's cheek before giving it a tiny, thank-you lick. Natsume gave in with more poise, giving Vlad a nod and then allowing the burgundy cat to rub against his hand as a thank you.

Angel and Demon leisurely walked towards their sakura tree. Shadow ran ahead, Sky suspended neatly on his head. Lumi toddled a bit behind, waiting for Vlad to catch up with his stubby legs. In the end, Lumi picked Vlad up by the scruff, much to the burgundy cat's delight, to hasten their progress.

Angel stretched her arms over her head. "The future's looking good. Taro, Megumi, and the others have already replaced their uptight fathers' positions in the high-ups. I'm sure they'll handle the academy better than their fathers did, especially regarding the DA Class and the missions."

She sat down at the base of their tree. "Persona's decided that he likes hanging around in the Mediterranean so he won't be coming back." She leaned back more comfortably on the trunk. "Nobara's finally coming out of her shell outside the academy's walls, getting rid of her shyness and learning how to interact with different people. I'm sure she'll competently handle being the DA Adviser once she gets back here a year from now. That means we still got a year to work in here." She glanced back that the neighboring sakura tree. "Our godchildren are also happy. So what now?" she asked, turning to her partner.

Demon settled down beside her. "How about you allow me to change your last name?" he suggested with a brow raised. "Don't you think twenty years is a long enough wait?"

"More like fifteen years?" Angel grinned unrepentantly. "Twenty years ago we'd rather tear each other to pieces than get hitched."

"It's twenty," Demon stated. "Why did you think I introduced you to my brothers when we were nine?"

Angel gaped. "I thought you just wanted to see them again at that time!" she exclaimed. Demon just looked at her blankly. "Fine," she faked a forlorn sigh. "Set the wedding for next month and let's get it over with."

"Done," Demon smirked and tossed her a small velvet box.

Angel scowled down at the box. "Do you always carry this around?" she inquired, knowing it was the same one twelve years ago that he'd promised to give her once they're both ready for that final commitment. Demon's smirk answered her question. "You're the same as Natsume," she rolled her eyes. "You're a big, sappy closet-romantic under that gruff exterior of yours." She suddenly grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I think I like you that way," she whispered before she pressed her lips against his.

Mikan snuggled closer against Natsume then stared off into the distance. There doesn't seem to be anything to worry about these days. Their future once they graduate from the academy is also secured. Natsume's already doing some work for Angel, and he's slowly learning the business and climbing up H&H's corporate ladder. She doesn't have to do as much, since Demon already taught her all about businesses years ago when she received her inheritance from her Ji-chan.

The glistening diamond ring on her finger caught her eyes. A soft smile formed on her lips. She and Natsume had already planned on getting married after they graduate from the academy a year from now. The smile widened as she remembered the romantic little evening Natsume concocted before he presented her with that very ring.


The night started out like any ordinary date of theirs, with Natsume pompously stating that they were going out somewhere to eat supper. That was followed by an oh-so-Natsume command to get ready and to wear the dress that was laid out on the bed.

Mikan went into the bedroom muttering under her breath that she was inches away from throttling him, but her breath caught when she saw the beautiful, halter cocktail dress on the bed. She was still in awe as she lifted the dress, running a hand through the black silk fabric that it was composed off.

Natsume stood by the doorway already dressed in black trousers and white shirt, watching every emotion the she exhibited. "You like it?" he asked, a tilt on one corner of his lips, already knowing the answer to his question. Mikan could only numbly nod in reply. "Hurry up, or we'll be late," he said before he pulled the door shut and walked away to let her dress in peace.

Standing in front of the mirror, Mikan studied herself in the dress. The outfit fit her like a glove, hugging her curves in all the right places. But it left her back and arms bare. The dress ended just above her ankle, but the side-slit was long, going up and stopping at her mid-thigh. Mikan rolled her eyes, just what to expect from a perverted boyfriend.

After they both finished dressing, Natsume escorted her down and into an awaiting midnight-blue Ferrari.

"You do know that Angel-nee is going to skin you alive if you scratch her car, let alone crash it, don't you?" Mikan dryly commented as Natsume entered the driver's side.

"I already know that," Natsume glared at her. "You don't need to remind me," he muttered. He was nervous enough about tonight. He doesn't need the added pressure about his driving.

They arrived in Central Town without the Angel's car suffering a scratch. "I have to say, you're getting better at driving," Mikan grinned as Natsume offered a hand to help her out of the car. "Hn" was all Natsume's reply to her as he walked her to the classy restaurant.

The exclusive restaurant was all it was cut out to be. To one side were a quartet and a vacant area where the customers can dance. The quartet was playing some soothing classical music, providing a relaxing ambiance for the customers' pleasure.

Natsume led her to a table especially reserved for them. Once they've finished their supper, Natsume stood up from his seat and asked her to dance without any prompting from her. Mikan gladly accepted but a pang of suspicion had entered her thoughts with it. Her dear, perverted boyfriend's planning something tonight. She could always spoil the surprise by sneaking a peek into his mind, but decided not to. After all, she was enjoying the evening so far.

They danced slowly and sweetly in each other's arms until the night deepened and they had to go back to their dorm. Natsume led the way upstairs into their room. When they got there, he guided her to the bathroom, saying that she should take a relaxing bath. Mikan's eyes widened as she took in the bathroom's transformation. Rose petals were scattered on the bathroom floor, leading the way to the tub. The Jacuzzi was already filled with scented water and surrounded by a multitude of aromatic candles.

"Shall I help you undress?" Natsume whispered in a low voice from behind her. Mikan mutely nodded, unable to speak at that moment. Natsume gently took the cocktail dress off her, and lifted her in his arm before depositing her into the water. As she settled into the tub, she waited for Natsume to join her in the water, thinking he would. But to her surprise, Natsume just folded back the sleeves of his shirt, and offered to scrub her back. Mikan leaned forward compliantly. She was stunned that her perverted boyfriend wasn't taking advantage of her unclothed state.

Mikan was still pondering what was going on when Natsume stop scrubbing her back. She felt her body pulled back to the edge of the tub, as Natsume embraced her from behind. Her mind was still processing what's going on when Natsume held up the diamond solitaire engagement ring in front of her eyes. "You're marrying me," Natsume murmured the arrogant, you-can't-say-no declaration against her ear.

The words snapped Mikan to attention. She stared wide-eyed at the ring, then turned her head to Natsume, then turned back to the ring again, then back to Natsume. Just as her boyfriend was getting annoyed of her reaction, "Yes!" she screamed and flung herself onto him, forgetting that she's wet and naked. She's going to chastise him later on for ordering her around, but right now she's so elated.

Natsume grinned, not minding that his expensive clothes were getting wet. He grabbed her hand and slipped the ring on her finger. It was a perfect fit, just as he made sure it was. He knew he was going to catch hell later on for the way he proposed, but he didn't mind. She said "yes" to him, didn't she?

The ring sparkled elegantly on her finger as Mikan studied it with a tender smile. Then, twining her arms on Natsume's shoulder, she melded their lips together. Natsume earnestly returned the deep, lingering kiss.

Even to this time, they both still aren't too keen to saying "I love you". The phrase "actions speak louder than words" seems applicable to both of them. They'd rather express their love for each other through their deeds. Lingering kisses, silent touches, mute glances, wordless smirks, and heated arguments – those are the preferred ways they show their feelings through.

Mikan produced a surprised squeak when Natsume suddenly lifted her up in his arms and strode into their bedroom. That's when she remembered that she didn't have anything on. She dared a glance at Natsume's face when he set her down on the bed. Her throat suddenly dried up when she saw the hungry glint in his eyes as he stared down at her. They both know that the night was going to be a long one for them.

-End of Flashback-

"Hey," Natsume nudged her with the shoulder she was leaning on. "What are you thinking?"

"Nothing much," Mikan smiled cheerfully up at him.

Natsume looked at her incredulously. "You're staring at that ring. Don't tell me you're changing your mind?" he said jokingly, but his eyes told her he was worried.

"Of course not, quit thinking of stupid things," she glared at him coldly.

Natsume smirked at the transformation his girlfriend just underwent. Kana comes out every time Mikan's seriously annoyed with him. And if he prods her some more, it'll be Devil who'll seek retribution.

"I'm just making sure," he said before he lifted her onto his lap, one of his hands sneakily clasping her bare thigh as settled her more comfortably.

"Pervert," Mikan growled at him. "Get you hand out from under my skirt. We're in public, damn it."

"My hand isn't under your skirt, Idiot," he told her stoically. "You skirt's too short."

Mikan grumbled unintelligibly and let his transgression pass. The day was too beautiful to be ruined by an argument. "So, what do you think of Hikari?" she asked, fiddling with the tie on Natsume's uniform.

"She's alright, I guess," he replied vaguely. "Why? Do you suddenly want a baby already?" he raised a skeptical brow at her.

"No, of course not," she griped. "We're only nineteen. We both know that the two of us are still a bit immature to have a baby. I thought both of us agreed to wait until we reach our mid-twenties before we try to for one?" She wrapped her arms on his waist and laid her head on the crook of his neck. "She's a perfect combination of Hotaru and Ruka. I was just wondering what our children would look like," she murmured.

"A blend of both of us hopefully," Natsume mumbled casually as he leaned back against the tree. But his crimson eyes had taken on a tender glow. "Maybe black hair and hazel eyes, or gold-brown hair and crimson eyes. I don't particularly care." He closed his eyes and hugged Mikan tighter against him. "They'll be ours. That's all that matters."

Mikan closed her eyes then smiled. "Yeah, that's all the matters."

With the afternoon wind blowing softly, the couple fell asleep in each other's arms, beneath their special sakura tree. Not trace of worries in their mind for the future. As long as they're together, everything will work out just fine. After all, their story continues on.


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