Billy's Tutor

Chapter 1: Lower Grades Than Usual

As Billy sat in Principal Goodvibe's office, he knew he was in trouble, but not so much like this before. He had never gotten anything lower than a "D" or an "F", but from the looks of it, it seems he could have sunk lower than an "F". After he waited, Principal Goodvibes came into the room with Billy's parents. His mother didn't seem to have a happy face, and had the same look when it was the first time she met Grim.

"Calm down dear, otherwise you'll have one of your episodes again and this time I'll have to be sending you to the Center of the Earth to spend time with Aunt Sis" said Harold.

"I can't believe Billy got an F minus, I don't think it was ever possible?!" cried Gladys.

"I'm afraid it is" replied Principal Goodvibes who sat down on his chair and showed Billy's parents two chairs they could sit down, "Billy's test scores are some of the lowest in not just the city, the state or the country, but for the entire world. Even someone who is mentally disabled could score better than Billy."

"It's true Harold!" cried Gladys as she weep over Harold's shoulders, "Even a mentally ill individual could do better than our son!"

"But there is still hope for your son" added Principal Goodvibes as he signaled in Grim and Mandy to come in, "I believe Grim has someone in mind to tutor the likes of your son."

"You mean Mandy is going to be my tutor?" asked Billy.

"No, I'm not" replied Mandy, "I have often dealt with your moronic behavior for quite enough."

"Yea, we all have been quite tired in dealing whatever stupid thing you do around these parts" said Grim.

"But who's going to be Billy's tutor?" asked Harold, "I mean, I sure am not going to pay for a so-called expert to teach my son."

"Don't worry Harold" said Grim, "I have already arranged everything for you, and also for the likes of Principal Goodvibes so that he won't have to no longer waste the school's money on Billy, I have hired a genius who meddled with the fabric of life itself, and I also sued him in underworld court. As part of the plea bargain, he is to do whatever I order him, sort of like what happen what Billy and Mandy did to me, except I'm the one who's wearing the other shoe."

"So when is this genius going to come and teach my son already?" asked Harold.

"He's running a bit late" replied Grim as he looked at his watch, "but I'm sure he'll show up sooner or later."

Before they knew it, Principal Goodvibes heard a strange rocket noise coming out from the window.

"Just what the heck is that sound?" asked Principal Goodvibes as he went to the window and opened it, "I don't remember the military or NASA scheduling some sort of launch here in Endsville."

Before Principal Goobvibes knew, he swore he saw a boy with a strange hair-do and a robotic dog on a rocket heading straight toward his office. Goodvibes ran for cover as the boy with the strange hair-do and the robotic dog crashed right into his office.

"There' something you don't see everyday, a boy with some sort of weird hair-do and a robotic dog," said Mandy.

"What's the meaning of this?!" cried Principal Goodvibes who dusted himself off from all the rubble that use to be part of his office.

"This is the genius I was talking to you about, the one who had some sort of an invention that made mummies in Egypt came to life" replied Grim.

"Oh, Billy's tutor" said Principal Goodvibes, "welcome to Endsville. What's your name btw?"

"Jimmy Neutron" replied the boy, "and this is my robotic dog-Goddard."

"Well, I'm pretty sure between the damages you cause and the sort of grades Billy gets the school deals with, fixing what you destroyed should be the least of our worries" said Principal Goodvibes.

"Don't be so sure about it Goodvibes, Billy may have the brains that even a mentally challenged person could beat, but I had to deal with Jimmy Neutron over here in underworld court for meddling into my affairs" said Grim.

"Why didn't you take us to underworld court when you had the chance?" asked Mandy.

"My lawyer says I became under contract, but now Jimmy over here is under mine" replied Grim as he then laughed after that.

"So this must be Billy I was told to be tutoring" said Jimmy as he turns to Billy.

"That's right" added Principal Goodvibes, "I think with all the sort of inventions you have created, you are bound to find a solution to the matter of Billy's unfortunate idiocy."

"Well, let's get cracking at it then" said Mandy as she got up from her seat along with Grim and Billy's parents.

"Yea, let's put your genius to work" added Grim to Jimmy.

As they left the principal's office, Jimmy arrived at Billy's home and notice everything was a mess, he was even disgusted with Billy's room.

"How could you stand associating with someone like this?" asked Jimmy to Grim.

"Hey, I was under their contract when those two forced me to a game of limbo and cheated by calling the sick hamster I was going to reap on me" replied Grim, "but you're under mine contract now for meddling into my affairs with your so-called science."

"Fine, I'll work with what I have" replied Jimmy as he got Goddard into Billy's room and ordered to clean it up.

"Now if I only had a robotic dog like that to do all of mine choirs Mandy has forced me to do" said Grim, "wait a second, I do since you are under mine contract."

"You can't use my dog to do your choirs!" cried Jimmy.

"Court order" replied Grim as he showed Jimmy the papers from the judge, "come on Goddard, once you finish with Billy's room, I got some stuff to clean up at Mandy's."

Goddard barked after finishing up cleaning Billy's room and left the scene with Grim, but only after Billy arrived to find how clean his room is.

"Wow, I can see myself even on the floor" said Billy with quite amazement.

"Let's just get down to business Billy" said Jimmy, "I have been ordered by the underworld courts because of my meddling into the Grim Reaper's affairs with my inventions of science to help you get from an F minus all the way up to a passing C grade at the very least. So are you going to make this easy on the both of us?"

"You're hair is shaped weird" said Billy who wasn't even listening to what Jimmy had to say.

"How does the Grim Reaper and his master Mandy have to deal with you everyday" sighed Jimmy as he shook his head.