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Chapter1 First Looks

Remus sat listening to the conversations around him not really paying attention as Tonks once again tried to enlist him into a conversation, about some kind of band, with Bill. He sighed mentally as he wished Bill would have gone for Tonks instead of Fleur. Tonks seemed sweet, but she just didn't fit right with him, somewhere deep inside him that part didn't care for Tonks at all. That's when his heard the door open with his superhuman hearing he sniffed to check who it was The Burrow was more private then Hogwarts yes but not nearly as save. He smelt what he was sure was Minerva but there was something else, it was like apples and cherry blossoms its was wild but sweet, intrigued he went to see who the owner of the scent belonged too. The inner werewolf howled as he closed in on the front room.

It's a female!

He peered into the room to see a small cloaked figure hood over her face she was heading towards stairs.

"Excuse me but wh..."


He sighed as he heard the stern voice of Minerva behind him. He watched as the hood girl slipped silently upstairs never even glancing back. So he turned to face his ex professor.

"Minerva." he said in greeting bowing his head slightly.

She smiled faintly at his politeness but then began.

"Remus what can I do for you"

"Well who was that?"

"A member of the Order why?"

"I thought I had meet all the members I didn't know her sent."

"Ah, well, yes, she's new." Minerva quipped quite poorly, but before he had a chance to go on she added with desperation in her voice.

"Please Remus keep this meeting and her secret, please it's life and death...Yes Albus knows" she added as she saw the look on his face.

"Of course if its life and death goodnight Minerva."

"Good night" She quickly followed the girl up the stairs.

Remus turned to reenter the kitchen until he heard Tonks asking his whereabouts. So he too went up the stairs to go to his room.

As Remus reached the second landing he heard the foot steps of whom he assumed was Minerva and decided to duck into the nearest room. It was only when he was fully in the room with the door closed he smelt the wild mixture of scents. He turned and saw the outline of a woman sitting with the window opened one leg hanging out the other up to her chest her arms hugging it even closer to he chest gazing at the stars. He stared and realized she hadn't noticed him, yet. He was about to sneak back out until he heard her voice trickle into his ears. She was singing. The song's lyrics didn't reach him as clear as her emotion behind each word, and he knew the feeling behind the tone, she was lonely. He decided to leave before she or Minerva found him, so just as quietly as he came he left.

That night as he lay trying to sleep he couldn't take his mind off the mystery women he had only just seen. Finally after what felt like hours he went to sleep.

Chapter 2 A Long Day and Lemon Drops

The birds where chirping sweetly by the window in the early mourning sun. Sleepily reaching over to his wand Remus cast a silence spell on the windows, stuffed his wand under his pillow, rolled over to his stomach and lowered his mind back to sleep...BANG BANG BANG!

"Wotcher Remus"

"Go... away!"

Remus heard the door open and glanced up to find Tonks standing in the door way with violet silk sleeping shorts and tank top with black lace edges.

"What are you wea..."

"Molly told me to wake you!"

"Well I don't have a mission today or any work I'm going back to sleep."

"Ahh aren't you lonely up here all by yourself? You want some company?"

Remus shuddered mentally at what she was implying and wondered why young women as pretty as Tonks were so forward? His mother had taught him to be a gentleman, that a man should only court and not be courted. Most women he had dated had found his gentlemen ways appealing at least until they found out he was a werewolf. After having women scream and jump as far away as possible twice Remus decided that it would be a Bachelors life for him. But yet again here was Tonks trying some new way to flirt or entice him. It wouldn't have worked even if he had liked her. Realizing by her smile that he had been absently staring at her he decided to send her away before she got any other ideas.

"Thank you Tonks but im just fine alone, see you later though."

Looking rather dejected Tonks turned on her heel and marched down the stairs. Remus stared at the door willing it with his mind to close when that didn't work he pulled himself out of the bed and went to the door. With his superb hearing he could hear the chick prattle of Molly and Tonks in the lower kitchen.

"Molly it didn't work! He sent me down here!"

"Now now, just tell me what the matter is with Remus now."

'How does she know that Tonks problem was with me?' Remus thought to himself.

"Remember last night after I told you he up and walked away from me in the middle of a question I was asking him?"


'She was asking me something?'

"Well you told me to step up my game show him I'm interested!"

'Yeah got that note Tonks, thanks' Remus couldn't help but chuckle.

"Well I wore this to wake him, he said he was just going to go back to sleep, then I asked him if he was lonely, he stared at me and I was so sure he was going to invite me in, but then he turned me away!"

"Oh but dear, he did stare didn't he? His probably kicking himself right now. I know I've seen him look at you often. He isn't dating anyone else. All his time is with the Order and you're the only one close to his age of course it wont be long before he caves in. Poor dear is probably going nuts fighting himself over you right now."

'AHHHH YOU WANT A FIGHT MOLLY I'LL GIVE YOU A FIGHT! DON'T FILL THAT CRAZY WITCHES HEAD WITH ANYMORE IDEAS!" Remus mind was almost on fire, for months on end Tonks had been one foot step behind him driving him nuts with her constant need to gossip, flirt, and nag. This was definitely it, he was going to have to ask Dumbledore for relocation come the next full moon or he may just find his first werewolf victim in one Nympyhdora Tonks.

With these thoughts Remus packed what little stuff he had brought to the Burrow, dressed, and headed to the kitchen to inform Molly of his leaving for a meeting with Dumbledore. As he reached the kitchen he was fully aware of the still gossiping Tonks and Molly, and coughed to draw attentions his way.

"Ah Remus good mourning would you like me to leave you two alone?" Molly raised a brow in an almost Snapeish fashion while asking her question. Remus raised both of his as Tonks stood and took a step closer. But he quickly said.

"No! I mean no thank you Molly I've come to inform you of my departure." Remus motioned to his bags as if to solidify his leaving.

"What! Why!?"

"Well the full moon is almost here and I need a more private location to... change."

A long argument later and almost lunch Remus was finally outside the Headmasters office. He was warn from all the dunderheaded attempts Molly and Tonks gave him to try to get him to stay in a warded room. By the end of the "discussion" Tonks had tears in her eyes and Remus had the worst head ache he had in years. His head ache only grew when he realized he hadn't the password.

"Lemon Drops? Pumpkin Patsies? Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans? Caldron Cakes? Broom sickles? Ice Mice? Blood Pops? Sugar Quills? Honeydukes Chocolate? Honeydukes Chocolate Spiders? Chocolate Frogs? LEMON DROPS!?"

"You know writing ahead and making a meeting would be easier, and you already said Lemon Drops." Remus turned to find the dryly amused face of Snape.

"Help me, please. I'm having a heck of a bad day and its not even lun... the Headmaster's at lunch isn't he?"

"Very good my werewolf friend we are learning aren't we? Next we can work on the fleas. Yes he is and the "guard" wont move unless the Headmaster is in now-a-days. Just incase you were wondering the password is indeed Lemon Drops." Snape's low chuckle bounced off the empty walls.

After the death of Sirius, Snape had finally began to warm up to Remus. Remus figured it was pure pity and an understanding of being alone. After spending more and more time together Severus had finally decided to relax enough to chuckle which he only truly did around Dumbledore.

"Well, something must truly be funny if Severus has decided to grace us with his laugh."

Both young men turn to find Albus Dumbledore standing before them, eyes twinkling and a slight smile almost hidden beneath his beard. Their reactions to the man where quiet opposite with Remus face turned into a smile and neck and shoulders loosened, Severus schooled his chuckle and placed his emotionless mask back to his pale face.

"Remus what may I do for you?" Albus turned to the gargoyle "Lemon Drops"

"I need to discuss the full moon in your office if that's alright?"

"It is, Severus will you be joining us?" He turned while asking his question."

"No sir, but Remus if you wouldn't mind stopping by my office afterwards I have a few questions about a certain fan of "Twisted Sisters" with that Severus lowered his head in regards before turning and stalking away robes billowing behind him.

"How does he do that? Charm them?"

Albus chuckled at the commit and waved a hand to usher Remus forward onto the moving stair case and into his office.When Dumbledore was seated and Remus also seated in front of the desk the jolly Headmaster picked up a small dish and offered. "Lemon Drop?"

Chapter 3 A Safe Place for the Full Moon

After Relaying the fact that Tonks wouldn't make it to her next birthday if he had to stay within 50 miles of The Burrow Albus finally agreed to ward off a section of the surrounding forest for Remus to transform. It wasn't the Forbidden Forest for the centaur were already at odds with Dumbledore and wouldn't take to kindly on having a werewolf released onto their land. Instead it was the forest across the lake. The forest was much less dark but just as magical almost fairytale but no one was allowed within the boundaries of it. Rumors of the lands being everything from death eater strong hold to burial grounds of ancient vengeful wizards had over run the school. But there were no other chooses for Remus the school governors would never allow Albus to host Remus in the Shrieking Shack, the Burrow was what he was running from, and the Forbidden forest was out of the question, With a low sigh Dumbledore finally made the decision. Remus puzzled at the reluctant pause in his voice as he made his way to the dungeons.

Remus was almost shocked when he found that he was already at the doors to Severus's office he didn't even remember passing the entrance hall. He knocked three times and waited for permission for the "Bat of the Dungeons".

"Enter." Severus glanced up to see Remus opening the door and shifting in. "Ah Remus, please come sit." he said as he moved from the desk and waved his hand to over a seat to Remus.

"Would you have something to drink?" With three smooth strides he was across the room standing over a small antique bar, grasping two brandy glasses and looking expectantly at Remus for and answer.

"Just a simple Butter Beer if you please, nothing too hard around the full moon."

Being a werewolf Remus couldn't handle alcohol as well as others plus its taste to him was almost sickening, truth be told he enjoyed sweeter wines ;feminine taste. And he would die before allowing Severus to hold it over his head the rest of his life.

"Ah of course you enjoy the sweeter things in life don't you?"

'Darn him reading my mind!"

"So what did you have to meet with the headmaster for?"

"I need a private location for the next full moon, I cant stay at the Burrow anymore."

"Why not?"

"You know very well why not! Just this morning she came to wake me in a... a... almost underwear."

"And did it work?"

"Severus you know bloody well it didn't work, not now not ever."

"You should just give in"

"You sound like Molly, speaking of which Molly has been feeding Tonk's mind that I'm taken with her and giving her new ways to "hint" at it."

"So were are you going to be spending your three day vacation?"

"Hmph. Dumbledore said he would have to ward off a part of the woods."

"The governors don't want a werewolf in the Shrieking Shack?" seeing Remus shack his head he continued. "The centaurs will not be too happy about this." "No they wouldn't that is why he is allowing me to go to the Forrest across the lake."

"WHAT" Severus all but bellowed as he stood abruptly from his chair knocking it over. "You can't be serious, truly you don't mean the haunted woods?"

"Yes and I don't think he would allow me if I wasn't safe over there."

"Of course you would be safe you're a grown man, excuse me please I need to floo the headmaster."

Remus watched as Severus rose from his sit and throw the greenish powder into the fire placing himself in the green flames and calling.

"Headmasters Office."

Remus sat and wondered what had gotten into Severus he hadn't seen him loose his temper like this since Sybil had tried convincing him that her tea leafs had shown her they were to have a future together. After fifteen minutes the flames turned green and a very disgruntled looking Snape walked back into his office.

"Remus forgive me but I'm not feeling well and also have your potion to brew, I will meet you at the entrance hall in a couple hours. Good day."

Remus stood and walked through the door which Severus had opened with a swish of his wand. He turned to say his farewell only to have the door closed in his face, and heard the wards click in place. He stood there for a few minute staring at the door confused until he heard Severus curse and throw hexes around the office. He then decided it was time to go. He turned and made his way through the halls stopping to chat with the ghost or the paintings once in awhile.