Mimi Tachikawa stared up at her father with big puppy dog eyes; curiosity and uncertainty written on her face. She tapped her chin and went into her thinking pose. After coming up with an assumption she climbed on her father's lap and frowned at him.

"But daddy… I don't want to kill anybody." She said in her childish voice.

"No one wishes for these things but that's simply the way things are. They are our enemy, and you must never trust the enemy." He said gently.

"But we can change the way things are… and what's a… en-em-y?"

"An enemy is someone you must never trust. If you cross paths with them they will surely kill you with no hesitation."

Mimi looked at him with frightened eyes, and hugged his arm tightly. That was a very frightening thought.

"Well enough of this. When you're older you will be queen then you shall fully understand all of this. For now run along and play outside with Sora. Brooke will assist you."

The nine year old Mimi beamed brightly, jumped off of her daddy's lap and ran out the room to find Sora and Brooke waiting by the door for her.

"Father… Do you really wish me to kill another human?" question Yamato Ishida unsurely.

"Son, one day you will be king and as king you must protect your people. And the only way to do that is to kill off the enemy. Until you do so you will never be safe."

"But death is the only option?" Yamato said still unsure.

"Yes Matt. That's just the way things are."

"But maybe I could change the way things are."

"You will understand someday when you are older. For now go outside with Jennie. She will walk you out in the gardens with your friend Taichi." said Matt's Father.

Ten year old Matt did as he was told and ran out the room to be greeted by Taichi is best friend and Jennie the nanny.

Eight Years Later

In the kingdom of Altearia Mimi now seventeen, stood out in the training field with Vince her training partner. As they were both sparring with their swords Vince come from all different angles, while Mimi blocked all of his attempts with ease.

"Well done Mimi. You have become a fine warrior indeed." Vince said as he pulled back his sword.

"Well I've had an excellent teacher." She smiled.

Not only did Mimi become a fine warrior, she matured in to a fine beautiful woman. She had soft chestnut brown hair, at shoulders length; soft creamy skin, tall, thin, but strong form. She was very skilled with a sword and arrows. Has a one of a kind personality. Smart, kindhearted, strong, fierce but gentle at the same time. Any man would be lucky to have her as their wife. For one, they'd become king.

"Mimi! Mimi!" called her best friend Sora. When finally reaching her clearly out of breath she curtsied to her.

Sora Takenouchi is a pretty red head, with a big heart. She has a caring personality always looking out for everyone's safety.

"Sora what did I tell you about curtsies? There is no need for you to courtesy to me, we are friends. But anyway is something the matter?"

"Right of course. It's just that your father wishes to speak with you. He says it's urgent."

Sighing "Vince, finish this lesson another time?" asked Mimi.

"Yes of course Lady Mimi." He said as he bowed slightly.

"Vince. You too with the bowing. No need." Smiled Mimi warmly as she walked away back to the castle followed by Sora.

"Of course Lady Mimi." said Vince.

After reaching her fathers chambers she quietly knocked on the door. Receiving a "come in."

"Wait here for me Sora." Mimi said as she walked in and closed the door.

"You wished to speak with me Father." she said quietly

"Yes I did. As we all know that one day this day would come, when we would all have to go to war with Hadior. For a chance of peace; and as my only heir it is mandatory that you lead the soldiers to battle. Your main focus is to kill the prince. I believe his name is Yamato. Kill him and you gain power, just like I taught you. "

Mimi nodded numbly. All her life she was raised to hate and despise the kingdom Hadior. And she truly did. After hearing all the terrible stories of what they did to her people… or more like what they did to her mother. Her mother was murdered by a Hadior spy in their gardens when Mimi was only five years old. That was something she could never forgive. Now that she was leading the war she could finally get her revenge.

In Hadior; Yamato who was now eighteen years of age, sat in the war room discussing arrangements for the upcoming battle.

"Matt my son, as the prince of Hadior you will be leading out our army to battle." said his father.

"Yes of course." Matt replied.

"Well. While you are in battle you must focus only on killing one person. And that is the only heir to the king." His father said dryly. "If you kill him, Altearia will falter, and then you shall have full control. The prince is your primary concern."

Matt just nodded his head, and brushed his golden bangs from his eyes. Yamato had grown in to a strong handsome young man. Hair like the sun, fierce eyes like the bluest ocean; tall muscular form, most skilled fighter in the kingdom. Sort of a rebel, and determined. Sometimes to rough and hardheaded. But all around a good man indeed.

"Get your men ready for battle son. We go to war in ten days."

The next morning Mimi woke early from her sleep. The sun was just rising. Getting out of bed she put on her silky petal pink robe over her matching night gown and walked out the castle and into the gardens. She gracefully walked over to the little pond that had pink water lilies floating on top. She sat herself down on the ledge and touched one of the lilies petals.

Frowning at the thought of going to war. The word ''war'' just sent chills down her spine. She was scared she wouldn't deny that. 'There must be something I can do to stop is before the war starts. But what? She thought sadly. 'I can change this, I know I can…'

Looking down at her reflection in the water she then saw a manly figure appear in the water standing behind her. Her eyes widened but before she could scream the man put his hand to her mouth, threw her over his shoulder, and roughly placed her on the horse. Her kidnapper then jumped on behind her and rode off with Mimi yelling at the top of her lungs for anyone to help her.