Mimi's POV

"What?" I gasped.

"I still love you. And I couldn't live with myself knowing I was the one who ended your life."

"But you said—"

"Forget what I said! I was a coward, and I know that's no excuse for what I did to you. But I think you should know that I didn't send that order to murder your father. My father did without my knowing."

I stepped away from his grasps and looked down, tears still streaming down my face.

"Mimi." he mumbled.

I looked up at him unsure of what to say.

"I understand if you don't love me anymore. But I just want you to understand that I am sorry for everything I put you through, but I did not give the order to kill your father. And I never stopped loving you. I just want you to know that."

I looked away once more. 'What do I say to that? Do I forgive him? Do I put aside all the hurt he's put me through?'

"I… I don't know what to say." I whispered.

"It's alright. I didn't expect you to jump into my arms with pure happiness. It's—"

"I love you still too."

He looked at me surprised. I smiled a bit when I saw him smile. He started walking towards me but I put my hand up in a stopping motion.

"But I don't trust you."

"I'm sorry…" he said.

"Sorry won't fix that."

"I know but I don't know what else to say."

"I trusted you with my heart and you crushed it. I don't know if I could deal with that heart ach again, especially when I needed you the most, like yesterday,"


"— So what do we do now?"

"I know that if we both come out a live my father will stop at nothing to kill you himself." he said tentatively.

"What are you implying?" I asked coldly.

"I'm saying that you will never be at peace till one of us is gone. So maybe you should just end it here."

"You're asking me to kill you!" I exclaimed.

"Well I don't see any other choice."

"There's always a choice!" I said walking up to him. "I may not trust you, but I do love you, and it hurts me for you to ask me to kill you. I know it will take time but I know I can learn to trust you again. I mean I love you." I said, my eyes getting all teary again.

The next thing I knew I saw a flash of light and it felt like my heart was flying along with my stomach. Yamato had kissed me. It was like magic. I know it wasn't our first kiss together but this one… it held so much passion and desire, but it was gentle and sweet at same time. This man is amazing.

By the time it ended I was flushed and my cheeks were pink from slight embarrassment.

"That was… unexpected." I whispered with a small laugh.

"Do you mean amazing." he smiled giving me a peck to my lips. He kept giving me sweet butterfly kisses all over my face tickling me.

I laughed hugged him tightly to me.

"I'm sorry." He whispered.

"I know." I whispered back. "What are we going to do now?"

"I need to tell my father about us." he said hugging me tighter.

I nodded my head. "We should probably go stop the war now." I say guilt starting to creep out of my pores. We could have stopped this whole thing, but now it was a little late now.

Yamato nodded in agreement and let go. We walked over the hills back to the ongoing war. We were only about fifty yards away I guessed.

I saw someone out of the corner of my eye dart behind us. Matt must have noticed to because I heard him cry out my name in alarm. He jumped in front of me for some reason I didn't know why, until it was too late.

"Matt? Matt!" I screamed in horror when I realized he was slowly sinking to his knees, four thick arrows sticking out of his front.

That's when I realized that man had been aiming for me, I mean my god! Four arrows shot at once! He really wanted to kill me! But now Matt's the one who laid there dying- on my own behalf.

I quickly dropped to my knees when I saw him falling backwards; I caught him in my lap. He used my lap as a pillow while I had my arm draped around his chest.

My anger flared at the archer. I looked towards him, he looked shocked and frightened that he had missed his target and hit his supposedly prince.

"What did you do?!" I screamed at him.

The archer looked at me for a split second then ran off.

I looked back at Matt who arched his back from pain. He whimpered in pain and took deep breaths that I only assumed wasn't actually helping but only making it worse.

I looked down at his body, at the arrows that stuck out from him. I winced at the sight. Blood was beginning to seep through his clothes and pool under him.

"Yamato you fool. What did you do?" I asked him silently.

"I couldn't let him get you."

"But now look what happened! Now you're probably going to… " I couldn't finish my sentence, it hurt too much too much to even mention I was going to lose someone else dear to me.

"Mimi. It's alright. I—" he stopped midsentence and coughed, his hands digging into the grass.

"Shhh, don't speak. Save your strength." I soothed, I gently brushed some of his bangs from his forehead.

"I think—I think… I feel cold." he said trying to hold back the racking cough. In doing so blood trickled out of his mouth, but I didn't care.

"I need to take the arrows out." I said; a tear escaped my eye.

"NO!" he said loudly.


"I said no. It's too late for me now… looks like only one of us did come out alive after all."

"Matt don't speak like that," I said sternly. I blinked more tears coming down. I could barley talk myself, "I'm going to save you." I said in a quite whisper.

"Mimi, there's nothing left to save." he said gripping at the grass, he screwed his eyes shut digging his heels into the ground trying to find someway to ease the pain.

"Matt, I can't lose you either. I won't watch someone else I love die!"

"Mimi. Please don't let me leave this world with regret."

"But I love you so much." I urged.

"And I you." He said breathlessly.

Moments passed of silence between us. It was too hard on both of us to speak. I stared at him absently brushing his damp bangs from his eyes.

I closed my eyes every time I heard a pained cough or felt him fidget, more tears falling in doing so. I looked at his face as he looked at me. "I'm sorry." he whispered.

"No. No. Don't be sorry."

"But I am," he said. "And to think I'm going to die as a sissy. Look at me, crying? It's not like me." he managed to say with a smile.

I smiled back and gently brushed his fallen tears away, caressing his face.

I slowly lowered my face to his and gave him a short sweet but chaste kiss, savoring the bittersweet moment. Pulling back I felt his hand on my head and pull me back down intensifying the kiss, but he stopped it before I could even respond. I smiled at him and grabbed his hand giving in it a tight squeeze.

More moments passed of aching silence. I soothingly ran my fingers through is blond hair. I looked down seeing that his eyes were half closed. I could tell he was fighting to stay away.


He looked up at me and opened his mouth to answer but all that came out was a pained breath.

He forced himself to speak, drawing in his last breath. "Mimi"

I looked at his face, his eyes staring up at me that used to look bright and happy, now looked dull and lifeless. I let out a choking sob and lowered my head into the crook of his shoulder and neck and cried.

Who knows how long I stayed in that position, I cried and cried until I had no more tears to cry, I then reduced to whimpering. If I thought I felt empty with out my parents I don't know what I feel anymore. I have failed. I have failed my mother, father and now Yamato the one person I fell in love with. When I go back, others will see this as a victory, a time to rejoice, when all I feel like is dying. But I won't. I'll live because that's what my parents would want, that's what Matt would have wanted, and I'll live up to that. I'll go on in life feeling lost and hallow, living behind of mirror of lies and false hopes.

Our destinies were created from the beginning of our births. When seventeen, the war deciding the fates of the Kingdoms Altearia and Hadior will be made when only one of the heirs returns alive. Until that day, there shall be no contact between both kingdoms' heirs. Any disruptions shall be punished. Anything and everything between Altearia and Hadior is strictly forbidden.

I recited that law in my mind while I still hugged Matt. I guess it was true. And our punishment happened to be Matt's death. I guess it just wasn't meant to be, fate saw it that Matt and I were not meant for each other.

A forbidden love- that's the worst kind…

A/N: Sorry if you didn't like the ending, but hey, I thought it was fitting, and the whole point here is that you can't change fate, and one of their fates wasn't going to end so great. Well I don't know. I did have an intention of writing an alternate happy ending where "True love conqures all" but then I decided against it. I think I'll just leave it the way it is?