Author's notes:

Hello Ladies and possibly Gents! This is your beloved BlackSakura and I'm here to deliver to you the news that I've decided to make some changes in my story. I hope that you won't take that news as a negative because the plot and characters will still remain the same as before. What I did was just I just edit and tweaked on the chapters to make it better than before! So without further interruptions this is the new and improve chapter 1 of my precious story, "Whatever it takes" Review and make me proud!

Summary: (AU story)

She's an undercover photographer who'll do just about anything to take pictures of the world's most sought out celebrities.

He's the most sought out male celebrity on the planet who's just about had it with photographers and media.

Find out what happens when he becomes her assignment.

Chapter I: Goddess of the Camera, Hyuuga Hinata

The constant ringing of her telephone accompanied by the ear splitting noise of early morning New York City rush hour was all it took to wake a very hung over Hyuuga Hinata. Tired and sore from last night's festivities the dark haired beauty dressed in a black tank top with matching shorts of the same color lazily got up from her queen sized canopy bed. With her eyes still shut, she blindly walked across her New York apartment and into her kitchen, to pick up the phone that never ceased to ring.

Clumsily she reached for her cordless phone and placed it over her ear. "H-hello?" Hinata greeted with a yawn as she checked her watch and groaned. It was 7:45 in the morning and as far as she was concerned no normal person with a job would waste his or her time making phone calls at such a time.

"Time to wake up and greet the day sleeping beauty, you wouldn't want to give your boss an excuse to fire you."

It was true that normal people with jobs to get to wouldn't waste their time making phone calls; Hyuuga Hanabi however, was a different story. Hinata instantly groaned as she recognized the ever cheery voice.

"Oh goodness me, I recognize that groggy tone anywhere." Hanabi stated with an overly dramatic tone, "Please tell me you're not drunk and have a man in there with you."

It was no lie that Hyuuga Hanabi did have a wild imagination. Hinata sighed once more as she rubbed the last ounce of sleep from her beautiful lavender colored eyes. "I'm not drunk, I may have drunk too much last night but today I'm just feeling the side effects of a dreadful hang over."

Hanabi giggled at her sister's words, "My, my, my I never knew that my innocent big sister was an alcoholic, I swear those people you work with are bad influences."

"My, my, my I never knew my little sister would be so judgmental." Hinata retorted, mocking her little sister's "know-it-all" tone.

"Your words hurt me deep big sister." Hanabi giggled once more before returning to her serious tone, "But seriously now, you still haven't answered my second question yet."

"Well I apologize for hurting you then, and answering your second question, no I don't have a man in here with me."

Hanabi let out the breath she was holding, "Oh thank god, for a moment there I thought you did have a man with you."

Hinata tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear as she began walking back and forth her stylish pad, "Do you actually think that I'd sell out cheap and degrade myself?"

"Relax sis, I'm just being concerned and it just so happens that I know you're the type of girl who doesn't sell out cheap."

Hinata yawned once more, "Its early in the morning little sis, is there any particular reason, aside from asking whether I have a man with me, as to why you're calling at such ungodly hours?"

Hinata could hear her sister sigh on the other end of the line and she even swore she could see her pout with distaste, "Its just like you to kill the mood, you should be happy that I even bother to check on you."

"Need I remind you why I moved to an apartment of my own?" Hinata smirked as she opened her fridge and began rummaging for something to eat.

I moved out to gain independence, but it seems as if I'm still back at home especially when Hanabi calls at such ungodly hours.

Despite having their share of petty arguments, Hinata and Hanabi were very close. To Hanabi, Hinata was the ideal older sister she admired and respected. To Hinata, Hanabi was the loud little sister that got under her skin way too many times but she loved nevertheless.

"Ouch, I'm hurt by your cruel words big sis." Hanabi said feigning hurt, "And here I thought you loved me dearly."

Hinata giggled as she took out a porcelain cup from her cupboard, "Well as the saying goes, the truth does hurt little sis."

Hanabi grinned, "Hm, and sometimes one should just keep her mouth shut to avoid hurting another person's feelings."

From the other line Hanabi could hear her sister's activities and instantly an idea hit her like a brick, "If you're making coffee I suggest you don't, I'm off from school today so let's go out and have some coffee."

Hinata thought about the idea but decided against it, "Now why in the world would I spend five dollars for a cup of Starbucks coffee when I clearly have perfectly good Colombian coffee to brew at home."

A small smile graced the dark haired beauty's lips as she pictured her little sister's disappointed reaction from the other line. "Oh god, sometimes I just can't understand you."

Hinata smiled, "You think so? Well I for one think I'm pretty understandable."

"Sis you perfectly know what I'm talking about!" Hanabi demanded loudly.

Hinata turning on her coffee maker pursed her lips together and said, "Is this a trick question?" She knew what Hanabi was talking about, but since her younger sister did wake her up at a time where she could have spent sleeping she decided to have some fun toying with her sister's patience.

Hanabi as her name suggested was a firecracker ready to explode and explode she did, "Oh my god, I'm talking about the fact that you are Hyuuga Hinata, famed goddess of the camera who'll stop at nothing just to take pictures of celebrities. Does that ring a bell?"

Hinata let out a hearty laugh, "What's so funny?" Hanabi demanded angrily.

"This is the reason why I love you so, you're always easy to annoy." Hinata answered between laughs.

Hanabi scoffed, "Hey, isn't it the little sister's job to annoy the big sister?"

"Indeed it is, but no one ever made up a rule that the big sister can't have her share of fun."

Hanabi rolled her eyes, "Alright, alright, now that you've had your fun can we please go out and get some coffee?"

"Must we really?" Hinata asked.

Hanabi groaned once more as she realized that it would take a miracle to convince her sister into going, "I see no point as to why not. Come on sis, you reside in a New York City apartment, majority of the clothes on your back are designer labels, you sleep on Egyptian cotton sheets and you eat off plates considered to be works of art."

Hinata nodded at her sister's every word, "Ah, yet you forgot to mention that I use Calvin Klein's Obsession perfume as mouthwash and that I use Hermes scarves as tissue paper." Hinata added just to spite her little sister.

Hanabi pretended to ignore her sister's comments as she continued on her ranting, "Anyways, my point is that if you have money to burn for such a lavish lifestyle then you certainly have some money to burn for a cup of coffee with your favorite sister."

"You do know that you're my only sister right?" Hinata replied, stressing on the word only.

"Which is exactly the point as to why we have to spend as much time together as possible, I mean who knows what will happen to us in the future."

"I thought your trademark saying was, Screw the future and live now?" Hinata said with a wide grin.

Hanabi resisted the urge to tell off her sister, instead she calmly replied, "Which is exactly my reason as to why we're having coffee…we're living now!"

Hinata realized that her refusal would just turn out futile so with a heavy sigh she finally agreed to her sister's request, "Coffee with my favorite little sis sounds nice."

Hinata cringed, placing the cordless phone away from her ear as she received an ear splitting chorus of "Thank You" and "You're the best" from her little sister. "I knew you loved me too much to say no." Hanabi said excitedly.

"Actually I figured I had no choice anyways." Hinata sighed as she walked towards her living room and turned on her flat screen TV to the weather channel.

"As I always say, Hanabi gets what she wants." The younger Hyuuga replied.

Hinata giggled softly, "You're way too spoiled for your own good."

"Ah, consider them as being the perks of being the youngest." Hanabi replied proudly. "So are you dressed yet?" She asked, finally changing the subject of their conversation.

"With you on the phone, I doubt I can do anything on time." Hinata teased.

"Well I'm driving over your pad right now so you better hurry up."

"Oh god, Hanabi are you driving and using your cell phone again?" Hinata asked with a worried tone, "You could get fined for that or maybe even worse…" Her voice trailed off as she didn't want to continue.

"Relax sis, its time to welcome the 21st century, I'll have you know that I'm using my hands free headset. Like hell I'd pay a hundred bucks for a damn ticket." Hanabi stated as she adjusted her rear view mirror and winked at herself.

"True, true, yet you would spend a lot of money for a pair of shoes." Hinata replied, referring to her sister's obsession with shopping and spending.

Hanabi sighed as she steered her car into her sister's apartment complex and parked at the parking lot reserved exclusively for its tenants. "Oh shut up, you know what I say…"

Hinata sighed as she cut off her sister, "As a matter of fact I think you have way too many sayings."

"Oh shut up, well I've just parked and I'm already here. Dare I ask whether you're ready or not?"

Hinata walked inside her bathroom and checked her reflection, her hair was disheveled and her eyes a tad bit red from the over excessive drinking she did the night before. "Hanabi, I'm going out for coffee, do I need a ball gown for that?" Hinata asked sarcastically as she exited the bathroom and went in her bedroom.

Hanabi chuckled as she walked through the lobby, gave a salute to the guards who by now were familiar with her and into the elevator she went, "When you're with me might as well wear one, Hinata I'm a fashion student and if I'm seen with someone dressed hideously tacky it reflects on me. I'm in the elevator so I better hang up now."

Hinata nodded, "See you in a bit" she said before pressing the end call button of her phone. She then made her way to her bathroom to take a quick shower.

A few minutes later Hanabi, using the spare key Hinata had given her for emergency purposes entered through the doors. By that time Hinata had already finished her quick shower and was donning on a pair of blue jeans, her stiletto pumps and a vintage shirt.

"And here she is the one and the only, the sexier Hyuuga!" Hanabi announced as she dramatically sat herself in one of Hinata's leather couches. "I'm ready for my close-up"

Hinata laughed as she grabbed her light jacket and purse, "The sexier Hyuuga eh? Since when did Neji lose his title? He's not going to be very happy about this."

Hanabi rolled her eyes, "Oh honey, he's lost his title a long time ago." She replied jokingly.

Hinata giggled lightly, "My, my, my, he's going to throw a fit when he finds out." She added, playing along with her sister.

Hanabi smirked as she got up from her seat and hugged her sister tightly; Hinata patted her sister on the back. After their brief sisterly love moment, Hanabi immediately linked her arms with her sister's.

"Let's go before the cafes get too crowded, the last thing I need is to get into another heated bitch fight" Hanabi said as she tucked in a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

Hinata nodded, she recalled greatly the last time Hanabi was angered at a café. Had she not stopped her sister the café would have gone up in flames and the woman that had cut her in line would have gone up in flames as well.

"Now you know why they came up with the saying patience is a virtue." Hinata said with a small smile.

Hanabi scoffed, "Tell that to that ugly hag with the knock off Prada bag that tried to cut me off."

Hinata turned to her little sister with a wide smile, "I hate to say it little sis but you might be in need of some anger management classes."

Hanabi smirked mischievously, "Anger management, shrinks, pills…nothing can ever tame me."

Hinata laughed lightly, "A boyfriend perhaps can do the work."

Hanabi laughed along, "Let's see him try."

The two began making their way towards Hinata's front door when suddenly she stopped and unlaced her arm from her sister's hold. "Let me get my camera first" Hinata stated as she rushed towards her bedroom and quickly emerged with her most prized possession, her soul, her life, her beloved camera.

"Oh god, you just can't part with that thing can't you?" Hanabi asked with a raised brow.

Hinata cleaned the lenses of her camera, "They don't call me Hyuuga Hinata, goddess of the camera for nothing" she stated with a wink.