Chapter one

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Jessica's Point of View

I was walking through the shelves of Barnes and Noble, trying to pick out a book for the plane ride to my grandmother's house. My grandmother lives in England, which means a very long, boring flight for me! It was Christmas break for Forks high school and I would be spending all two weeks of it in England! I was so excited! I glanced at my watch—

I had a half an hour before I had to leave for the airport. I scanned the shelves looking for anything interesting….reading isn't exactly my thing, so I had no idea what I was looking for. I made my way over to the 'New Release/Best Seller' section and picked up the first one that caught my eye. It had a black cover with two pale hands holding a red apple. I flipped it over to read the back. The words that popped out at me were:

'Edward' that clicked in my brain! How funny! Edward went to my school! And even though he is with Bella I still had a HUGE crush on him! AND 'In love with him' Perfect! I was in love with an Edward! This was totally the book for me! It was called Twilight.

I grabbed it, and carried it to the counter. A young girl, about my age stood there. I handed her the book. She never took her eyes off of me. Finally I got a little annoyed and asked her what she was staring at.

"Oh! Um… sorry, it's just…you remind me of someone." She said timidly.

"Who?" I asked her, curious. I probably reminded her of Kelly Clarkson! I think I look a little like Kelly Clarkson….

"Um…actually, a character in this book." She said, holding up Twilight. "There is this girl named Jessica in it, and you remind me of her."

"Wait hold on!" I said holding a finger up at her. 'Did you say the girl's name is Jessica?"

"Yeah." She nodded.

"My name is Jessica!" I told her. How weird! There was an Edward and a Jessica in this book?

"Really?" the girl asked me. "How funny!" she shoved my receipt in my green bag and handed to me. "Have good day. I know you'll really like that book you picked out." She said with a smile.

"Thanks." I said grabbing my bag and heading toward the exit. Hm. I was actually interested in reading this book now…

An hour and a half later

I took my seat by the window and pulled out my book, eager to start reading it. Wait! I'm eager to read a book?! Wow. That's never happened before.

When I had finished reading the first chapter, I pulled out my cell phone as quickly as I could. We still had seven minutes before take off. I had to be quick. I hit 4 and my cell and pressed the green talk button. It dialed Lauren's number. I waited. One ring….

Two rings…

Three r— An Answer!!!

"Hello?" Laurens bored voice asked.

"Lauren!" I said quickly.

"Jess? Hi! I thought you would be on your plane by now."

"I am! I don't have long! Listen! I know this sound weird but you have to read this book called Twilight! It's by—" I glanced at the cover, "Stephanie Meyer!"

"What? Hold on! Why do I have to read this?" she asked, she sounded a little annoyed. She didn't like being assigned reading over Christmas break.

"Lauren! It's about us! Well, Bella, Edward, Mike, Mrs. Cope! Every one! I don't know how this Stephanie Meyer knows us all, but she wrote a book in Bella's point of view! You have to read it! Call every one we know and tell them to read it too!"

"What?! What is it about?!" Lauren asked, now curious.

"Well, so far it's about Bella's first couple days here in Forks. Lauren, this is so weird! Everything that happens in this book as actually happened! I think these are Bella' actual thoughts! I have no idea how the author got this stuff, but I think it's all Bella's thoughts! Do you think Bella knows her? Whatever! I have to go now, but please read this book! Call everyone we know and tell them to read it! When Bella and Edward get back, I'm going to have so much to say to them!"

"Whoa—okay Jess, I will! I can't believe you're serious! Don't worry, by the time school starts up half the school will have it read!"

"Thank! See ya!" I ended the call and turned my phone off. Then, I quickly grabbed Twilight and began chapter two. This was SO weird!

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