As far back as I can remember I've been one of a crowd

The Alphabet According to Ron Weasley

By Incitatus

A/N In an effort to overcome writers block I set myself a challenge.

Write a fic 26 lines long each containing 26 words and each beginning with a new letter of the alphabet running either A-Z or Z-A. [should turn out to be 676 words long. This is of course the first time I've used excel to write prose;)]

To be a first person narrative in character and with a discernible plot ie not simply a stream of conciousness rambling. Words such as Zebra and Xylophone should not appear without good reason.

If I'm feeling particularly sadistic later I will throw this challenge to the HP forum.


As far back as I can remember I've been one of a crowd. I suppose with seven of us that is inevitable. But sometimes I wonder …

Bill is the oldest, working for Gringotts in Egypt. A curse breaker! How cool is that? Mum would never let me get away with long hair.

Charlie is next. He's off somewhere exotic chasing Dragons; Romania I think! He played seeker on the Gryffindor team. They said he could have turned professional.

Dad is proud of Percy who followed him into the Ministry. Perfect Prefect Percy, head boy. I bet he'll be Minister for Magic before he's thirty!

Ever so strange really, the way we're all in Gryffindor; Mum and Dad were too. I am proud of that; it must be a family thing.

Fred and George of course. They drive Mum up the wall, she pretends that their antics bother her but really she is proud of their success.

Ginny is younger than me, that makes her special and she's the only girl. That makes her different from the rest of us. Same hair though"

How am I supposed to compete with all that? I'm just Ron with a stupid owl and no special talent for anything except choosing rotten pets.

I do have some good friends. Harry of course and Hermione. Neville, Seamus and Dean too, the other boys in our dorm. And Crookshanks I suppose.

Just don't tell Hermione I said that! Hagrid reckons it's part Kneazle, I reckon it's part tiger. Still she can't be all bad. She exposed Scabbers!

Knowing what I know now I can't believe he got away with it, shifting the blame onto Sirius Black. Poor Harry, finally found his Godfather then …

Looking back over the last four years frightens me sometimes. We've come so close to danger and somehow we've always got away. I can't help wonder…

Maybe I'm going mad! What if next time we don't get away? What if You Know Who does get Harry? He's more than just a friend.

Not a nice thought … life without Harry, or Hermione or even Hogwarts. I overheard Dad and Percy talking not long after the end of last term …

Once all the hubbub over Cedric died down. The Ministry just wanted to sweep it under the carpet. Dumbledore won't let them, Harry told me that.

Percy is pompously taking the Ministry line; even the whole Crouch thing didn't make him see sense. No! The Ministry of Magic can do no wrong!

Quite astonishing really how he thinks that! None of us do. We all agree with Professor Dumbledore. I just hope they listen to him.

Rumours keep flying around. I scour the Daily Prophet for them and listen to Dad and Percy. Harry must be so worried It's all about him.

Still, I know he's okay; he sent me an owl. I wonder what it's like … not living with the Muggles but being alone. I'm never alone.

The Burrow is always crowded and noisy. That's something that slimy git Malfoy likes reminding me of. I'm not taking anymore of his rubbish next year!

Ugly spoilt little sod! Anyway, if that's what being an only child does to you I'm glad I've got Bill, Charlie, Percy, George, Fred and Ginny.

Very soon we'll be back on the train and back at school; two weeks to go now. Back to lessons; OWL's this year. I'm dreading them!

Wonder who'll be teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts this year? I get the feeling we're going to need it, what with You Know Who back.

Xenophobia is what Hermione called his dislike of Muggles. Treating people as inferior just because you mistrust their differences. It's wrong; Wizard, Muggle we're all human.

Yoiks! I'd better get back to my essay! History of Magic, 'Albertus Magnus to Zoroaster. Setting the precedent for living amongst Muggles: Discuss' What a bore!

Zoroaster was a magician and prophet … I wonder if he had my doubts? Maybe that's why he chose to live with Muggles. Maybe we all should!


A/N I'd be most interested to know what you think, I can't decide whether or not I like it:)