Title: Alphabet Stories: Firefly

Rating: T for some sexual humor and strong language.

Summary: Flashes of life on Serenity. Taking place before and after movie. One for each letter of the alphabet. Pairings: Mal/Inara, Zoe/Wash, Simon/Kaylee, River/Jayne and some non-pairing random ones!

A/N: Basically the idea of this is for each letter of the alphabet a small Firefly/Serenity drabble. I made Alphabet soup for the kids I was babysitting, and I started making up stories for each letter, and they made me keep doing it. That led to this.

A is for Addicted



It was the smell of her hair. The way she started out on her side of the bed, and ended up on top of him the second she fell asleep. How she twisted her ring and smiled when no one was looking, and the way her playful slaps stung. How she'd act tough, but the second the others had walked away, she let him hold her tight.

It was something he needed at the beginning and end of each day. He didn't know what to do with himself when it wasn't there.

Sometimes he imagines himself in one of those meetings that they run on every outer-rim planet, for all those things you just can't seem to give up.

"My name is Wash, and I am addicted to my wife…"

Not that he ever wanted to give her up.

This is a rewrite of a sort- basically I just replaced the original story (A is for Always) with this one. Theoretically, I intend to post it (and any others that I replace along the way) at the very end, if I ever get to Z. I may forget. Or never get to z.