Chapter 1:
Shadows at Malfoy Manor

A hooded figure walked the streets. A black cloak blew around the person's knees as they desperately tried to battle the storm. Rain blasted into their face and thunder roared over their head. The figure avoided streetlights and stuck to the shadows. It walked quickly and quietly, its feet, strangely, making no noise.

The rain and wind changed direction and blasted the figure from the side, nearly tipping it over. It kept walking, its feet walked into puddle after puddle but it took no notice. Anyone watching would have wondered what sort of person would be out on a night like this. This person was looking for something.

Shortly after they found it. The figure had arrived a great, black iron gate. The gate had only a simple lock but the figure knew there were different sort of locks keeping unwanted people out, or keeping them in.

Not knowing how to get in the figure looked for an opening. There was none. Not wanting to touch the gate, the figure pulled out something from its cloak. To what may have been a stick to most people was actually a wand.

The figure aimed the wand at the gates and muttered a simple word. Even someone standing right next to the figure would have been unable to hear the word, because the wind took her words away.

From the wand erupted a small red jet of light that hit one of the bars of the gate. It seemed to be absorbed by the gate then seconds later the jet discharged from the gate and was aimed back at the figure. Acting quickly the figure stepped aside and watched as the jet passed it and hit a bush across the road. The bush caught alight quickly, in a brilliant purple flame. With a wave of the figure's wand the flame went out and the bush returned to normal.

After trying several times and getting the same response the figure gave up and tried looking for a new way. There was no way the figure could get through without having to touch the black iron.

Sighing, the figure knew it had to resort to its last option. Looking around quickly and making sure no one was in view the figure stepped into a large shadow, caused by an over hanging oak tree. Minutes later another figure appeared, except this figure wasn't human. A beautiful brown eagle stepped out of the shadows. Spreading its wings it flew calmly over the gate and landed lightly on the ground.

Transforming back into the hooded figure it started walking up the long concrete driveway. All the figure left behind as evidence of this transformation was a single brown feather.

Every tree the figure pasted seemed to glare disapprovingly. Every time the wind blew and caused a tree's branches to shiver the figure would look up in alarm, as if expecting something.

Nothing happened.

Every step the figure took seemed to take an eternity and the driveway seemed to go on forever. Until a shape above the trees, was seen did the figure know it was making progress.

As the figure came around the corner it spotted the house it had been looking for.

Thunder rolled overhead and a fork of lighting flashed behind the house, causing the figure to step back and the house to be eliminated. For a spilt second the figure caught sight of windows, covered by black curtains, black walls running with water, and the endless height and enormity of the house.

The house its self was imposing, but the figure was scared of what was on the other side of the double doors instead what it saw now.

Taking in a big breath the figure started to walk up the stone steps. By the time the cover of the roof had protected the figure from the rain, it was creating its own puddle, as water dripped of its clothes and cloak.

Shaking from the cold wind and the dampness of its clothes the figure stepped in front of the double doors and raised a small white hand to knock. Its knuckles had barely knocked three times before the door was opened.

The bright light of the house cast a warm glow outside onto the steps and a small house elf stood in the door. The male house elf had the usual point ears and big eyes. But this elf was wearing a simple outfit of: black pin-stripped pants and a white, button-up top. The figure was slightly amazed that the house elf was dressed so finely. He looked the figure up and down before raising its noise in the air and disappearing with a small pop.

The figure waited outside, not wanting to step inside the house without permission, considering it was dripping wet.

The wind increased and the rain beat down harder, before the house elf finally returned. This time it brought a "friend". Walking up behind the house elf was the figure of Draco Malfoy. White, blonde hair gleaming in the light, it looked like he had grown over the time period the figure had seen him last. One thing hadn't changed though, the figure thought.

Draco Malfoy was now looking the figure up and down with the same usual smirk.

"Who are you, what do you want and how the bloody hell did you get past the gate? Malfoy said rudely. The figure smiled at the use of words, glad that the hood was up and that he couldn't see its smile.

Biting its tongue so it wouldn't answer, it pretended not to hear Malfoy's words and instead looked down at its feet.

Getting impatient Malfoy started tapping his foot. When he didn't receive an answer he cocked his head slightly to the left. A wind came from somewhere in the house and hit the figure full in the face, causing the hood to fly down and rest on the figure's back. The figured looked up and stared the young Malfoy right in the eye.

The usual cool face of Draco Malfoy changed from a smirk to a one of shock as he viewed the person in front of him. Shocked, though, was replaced very quickly with one of superiority and scorn.

"Granger" he sneered.