Heya I'm new on Gakuen Alice, my friend Loise (loiseblues) inspired me to write a Gakuen Alice fic lol (go Loise!)

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Mikan Sakura spread herself onto her large bed as she got one of her nearby fluffy pillows and covered them on her usually bubbly, cute and happy face.

"It's just not fair" Mikan's muffled voice was heard.

" What's not fair? You yourself told us that you haven't got any problem with your dad's new girlfriend" Anna, Mikan's cousin asked as her vivid green eyes shone with curiosity.

"Yeah but if I've known he'd marry her then I would've said something different"

"you're so immature" her best friend Hotaru said boredly without taking her eyes of her laptop.

"Shut up okay? I'm in a foul mood already…" fifteen year ls, brown-haired Mikan said grouchily.


Brown-haired teen gave out a tired sigh. Hotaru could be so out of character sometimes… she gave out another tired sigh before turning her glance to her other cousin who was sitting on the other side of her bed with her step-brother.

"Tell me cous, how the hell could you and Sasuke-niisan sit there and make out while I drown here in my own sorrow?"

"Huh? What?" Haruno Sakura asked timidly as she broke away from her boyfriend-slash-stepbrother' tight grasp.

"Oh kami…" Mikan irkly said as she put the pillow away only to slap herself with her other hand.

"C'mon kid, down drown there, besides, you don't even know the perks of having a step-sibling…who knows? Your future bro might be a hottie like mine" sakura smirked as she plopped herself next to her little mourning cousin.

"Yeah, yeah, sure, sure… I've met him, and as I've concluded, he's an arrogant ass." She said sarcastically as she began playing with one of her ponytails…


"Mikan dear, I want you to meet Natsume Hyuga, he'll be like your older brother from now on…" Narumi Sakura said cheerfully as he moved out so that her daughter could see the handsome, not to mention scowling face of Natsume.

As Mikan concluded, the guy was really and I mean REALLY hhhhhhhhooooooooooootttttttttl. His jet black onyx eyes shone away from his scowling face as his jet black hair framed his face.

Seeing him, Mikan quickly felt her cheeks heat up. But then… wait… I think… I trhink I know him… i-

"Hey there… polka dot"

' oh my gawd' " What the fuck?! Dad! Don't tell me that I'm gonna be related to him!"

End of the obnoxiously crappy and uninspired flashback…

The older pink-haired girl then furrowed her eyes with confusion… "So… you're saying that you showed him your… panties?" she asked as her jade green eyes immediately filed with amusement as she laughed out the last part "Cous! That is sooo freakin embarrassing! And to think you were wearing granny panties!"

"Shut up!" Mikan cried as the fifteen-year-old girl threw her pillow at her so-called 'nee-chan' coincidentally, the raven-haired Uchiha caught it.

"Oi, let's ditch this place Naruto gave out a text that he's throwing a party for Hinata's birthday"

"Whoa I've never thought I'd see the day when Uchiha Sasuke'd finally be willing to throw one of Naruto's- mpfh" she was blocked out o the last one as her boyfriend shut her up by forcibly giving her a deep kiss.

"Whoa look at that…" Hotaru finally said as she finally looked up from her laptop-ing thing and dilating her eyes to the hot make out scene before them.

"You know, with all the stuff going on in our house, I could really quit Health Class" Anna said grimly as she cringed a bit at her older sibling and step-sibling.

"Yeah… I can see what you mean" Mikan whispered out as another thought came to her mind, "Hey how come you guys never get caught?"

"That kid is none of you're business" Sasuke smirked as he wrapped her arms around his girlfriend's waist. He then flipped his phone shut before hissing out to Sakura's ear, "my dorm?"

"I love the way you think" sakura smirked out.

"ohmigawd…" both Anna and Mikan said, while Hotaru ignored every little bit of it.

Yay! I'm done! It's officially my FIRST Gakuen Alice! Yay! You guys, I made it intercrossed with Naruto… hope that's okay with ya…

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Oh yeah and here nare a few translations that I used on the fic…

niisan older brother, or show of respect to someone older

kami god