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Dirty Little Secret

Grand Ball: Wedding and Reception



"you could at least try and pretend to be having fun, you know"

Anna gave an annoyed sigh as her emerald orbs reached towards one of her closets friends from birth. She suppressed another irritated sigh when she saw her cousin frown all the way down to her chin and nostrils grow as big as a bull as they literally emitted steam from it.


"still not talking huh, Mikan?"

Yup, once again, the Imai Inc., princess is once again correct on her assumptions. Heck, Hotaru didn't even bother to look up from the new research development she's working on to give a mere glance towards her long-time-but-I'll-admit-it-over-my-dead-body best friend, Sakura Corps., heiress, Mikan Sakura.

"aw, c'mon Mikan cheer up! It is your dad's wedding" Anna said, trying to coax her cousin.

"easy for you to say"

"oh come, he isn't that bad!" everyone's gaze turned to Sumire, who was currently love struck and had hearts on her eyes at her gaze fell towards Natsume, who was currently pouring himself some punch.

"oh shut up Sumire" a new voice erupted as they turned their attention towards Nonoko "you just like him coz he's hot"

"HA! So you admit it too!"

"HMPH! I did a research too you know" her gaze avoiding everyone else's "it's said that the Hyuuga family are one of the hottest ones… together with the Uchihas but you get my point. I mean, just look at Natusme-kun's cousin, Neji. Isn't he just dreamy??"


"uh… well… anyone??"

"well, let's just get back to business" said Hotaru, finally looking up from her precious research "at least try and pretend to agree on the engagement… I mean, don't such a selfish bitch and think of your dad for once."

"ne, ne, Hotaru, you're really mean"

"it's just the truth"

"but still-"

At this, our pretty brown haired Mikan finally decided to speak up, "Hotaru's right… I mean, if he's happy… then, I should be too… I mean, mom doesn't have any problem with it right?" fourteen year old sighed as she remembered the conversation her mother had about accepting Natsume and his mother into the family the night before.

"good" Hotaru's dark orbs now floated back towards her laptop as she reached towards her plate of oreo cheesecake. "nice to know, that there's finally some sense going into your mind"

"hey, this is kinda weird…" Anna began "I mean, natsume's exactly like Sasuke-niisan right? And you're exactly like Sakura-neechan and those two reacted and acted the same darn way you did when we found out that dad was marrying Mikoto-san right…?"

At this, Mikan looked as though she was about to puke "you're not suggesting about me falling hard for that bastard right?"

Looking around her, she saw her friends shrug and heard Hotaru say "who knows…"

Everyone in her gang of friends were there. Hotaru, here with her older brother representing Imai corps., Anna, of course, being her cousin. Nonoko, being one of the heiress of her family's company. The party was also going on full speed.

The bride and groom where nowhere to be found, mostly because they left for an early flight to their honeymoon. It was already late at night and only the teens were left together with some other people who were (thank god) young (being the heir or heiress). Most company owners just send there sons/daughters as a representative of the company they owned to some less formal occasions such as weddings, birthdays and the like.

When the last of the strict adults left, one her cousins friends, Naruto, heir to Uzumaki Telecommunications, rang through the stage and announced that the real party just began. From then on out, the night, turning from a very livid and strict ball turned into one rough and wild teen party for everyone.

"well whatever, I'm gonna get some drinks"

She passed through the stacks of chairs and tables and went to the drinking ares, near the stage where Naruto and his band were planning on performing, she really didn't pay any attention to them she was, god! She's effin thirsty and really needed something decent to drink.

Passing through them, Mikan couldn't help but hear Naruto's shout of : "anyone seen Sasuke-teme?!" and she really could've sworn she heard someone reply "probably in a shady place making out with Sakura"

The sudden thought of her cousin making out with her step cousin made her twitch a bit. Remembering what Anna said earlier, an image of her and Natsume making out ran in her mind and shuddered at the thought. Ugh, her and him? Ewww…. Never!!!!!

Well back to the agenda, she went right in the punch bowl and was about to scoop a ladel of punch for herself when an arm shot to stop her. Irritably, she faced the arm's owner and scowled when she saw the handsome aristocratic face of THE Hyuuga Neji.

"what do you want NOW?"

"you better not drink those" he said emotionlessly "they're spiked with alchohol"

"the hell? How'd you know that?"

The only answer she got was when he jabbed his thumb on a nearby person who looked very very drunk and out of it. She also noticed the cup the person was holing was filled with the same liquid Mikan was planning to consume for herself.

Slowly putting her cup down, she smiled at her supposedly savior sheeply "well thanks… I guess"

"hn" was the only answer she got as she watched his retreating back away from her.

'….Hmm… Natsume Hyuuga… you're not too bad after all….' She said with a small smile present in her pale face.









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