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Healthy Addiction

Kenshin always woke up ahead of everyone. He spent his every morning of solitude meditating and doing a short quick exercise of his sword style. After doing his daily ritual, he would cook breakfast for the three of them but he'd always have an extra in case Sanosuke decided to eat his breakfast at the dojo.

This was his morning routine, something that he had been doing since he decided to live at the dojo. He was not complaining; he loved what he was doing because it was just one of the ways he could repay the goodness of the woman who welcomed and loved him unconditionally.

But everything changed that day at the riverbank; it was the day when he finally decided to tell her of what he truly felt for her. It was not an extravagant event; there were no fireworks, no ring and no special gifts just a field of flowers, a calm river, a beautiful weather and an old vagabond that aided him on his confession.

Since that day, his mornings had changed. Kaoru would wake up a few minutes earlier than Yahiko. She'd go to the kitchen to spend sometime with him before the whole household became busy with its daily activities.

Every morning, the two of them would share a warm tight hug. They would whisper I love you with each other and give a kiss deep with love and passion.

"I will certainly be addicted to our mornings Kaoru," Kenshin softly whispered to her ear as he kept her in his arms for a few more minutes before starting their day.

"I will gladly share my every morning here in your arms Kenshin," Kaoru replied as she hugged him tightly.

"I can hear Yahiko going to the kitchen." He heard Kaoru sighed as "their" morning was about to end.

"C'mon let's serve breakfast." He squeezed her to compensate for the loss, promising another time alone together with each other within the day and for more days to come.

However, their daily morning routine was something Kenshin couldn't and wouldn't leave without.

This is his daily dose of love to get him started in the morning.