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Genres: Action/Adventure/Romance/Friendship

Summary: She had lost everything. Her home, her husband... and now her child.

Pairings: A/A

xxx...Run Away, Run Away...xxx

A young woman was running. Running from what? From the government. She held her baby closer to her chest, never wanting to give him away. She kept running, looking back every now and then. She didn't want the government to find them, for she had just heard about their new law. But why would they make such a terrifying, murderous law? She did not know, nor did she want to find out.

She had nowhere to go, nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep, nowhere to live. The police had burned their house, looking for her baby. They wanted to kill him, she did not let them. She ran out of the house before it burned to ashes on the ground.

She heard the sirens of the police's car throughout the forest, and she heard dogs barking and she could see flashlight's shining. They would stop at nothing to take hold of her precious child. She kept running but stopped for brief moments for a rest, drinking from the last of her water bottle and feeding some to her baby.

She saw a flashlight burn her way and she quickly turned behind a wide tree, so the police could not see them. She heard the dogs' barking getting louder so she quickly hid in the large hole at the bottom of the tree, crouching as tight and low as she could so the dog's nose could not reach her.

Her heart beat rapidly as she saw the dog's face getting closer to her. She held her precious even closer to her. If they wanted her baby, they'd have to go through her. The town's police had captured everyone else's baby boys, but she wouldn't let them take her's. Her heart beat to it's normal pace as she saw a small mouse run out of the tree's hole and the dog running after it. She was surprised the dog didn't see her bright blonde hair.

She slowly moved her head out of the tree and looking in all directions. The police was in front of her but their flashlights weren't shining towards them. She smiled greatfully and slowly crawled out of the tree and slowly turning to the other side. Her eyes shot wide open and she felt and heard her heart beat as she stepped on a thin twig, making it snap.

The police men shot their heads up, as they heard the snap echo throughout the forest. The dogs started to growl and they ran towards whatever made that sound. The police men followed, waving their flashlights everywhere and yelling.

The mother paniced and started to run faster than she had ever run before. She didn't even know she could run this fast. But she didn't care, she just kept running. She wanted to get away from the men who wanted to take her child. She wouldn't let them. She ran as fast as she ever could, never ever wanting to let go of her precious.

"Hey! Stop!!" She heard a police man say as she heard the dog's bark louder behind her. They were right on her tail, but she wouldn't give up she suddenly caught a burst of speed and speded across the forest floor, just before the dog could grab her ankle.

She smiled greatfully, but quickly turned into a frown as she let out a shriek as she tripped over a root sticking out in the ground. She turned so her back was facing the ground before she could hit it, so her baby would not get hurt. She squirmed and tried to wiggle free. But it was no use. The root, just kind of wrapped around her ankle and it pinned her there.

She held her child even closer than ever as she saw the dogs circle her, but thankfully, the men told their dogs not to attack. But she heard her heart beat as she saw the police men getting closer and closer.

"Don't panic ma'am. We do not want to hurt you, we just need your child." A police man assured her.

"No! You want my baby! You want to abuse him by making him work in prison and make them slaves to you! Like you did to every other woman's children!!" She yelled.

The baby hiccuped and started crying. He didn't know where he was, he didn't know what was going on. He was scared, he just woke up. He was scared of the tall police men and the fierce dogs around them. He started wailing as he felt two large hands grab his body and two soft hands grab his other side.

"NO! Don't! Please! He's all I have left!" His mother yelled.

The police man showed no mercy and ripped the child away from his mother's arms and heard her cries of plead and mercy.

"Let's go men, our work here is finally done." The police man said, holding her baby like she would hold him.

But the baby started screaming. When the police man held him, he felt like he was rolling into hell, but when his mother held him, he felt safe and felt like he was rising into heaven.

"Quiet child! You'll perk the dogs up." The police man holding him said.

"PLEASE!! I beg of you!! Give my baby back!" His mother yelled, trying to free herself from the wrapped vine. He started to scream even louder as he heard his mother's cries and screams getting softer and softer.

The baby's tears started to soak the blanket he was wrapped in. He wanted his mother, he wanted to feel safe. But he knew it couldn't happen anymore. He was being taken away from his mother, taken away from the one person who could make him feel better, taken away from his home. He stopped crying as one of the other police man did something to his neck, but he didn't know what he did. He just saw everything fade to black, he wasn't dead but he was just unconsciouss. His mother would never do such a thing.

The mother finally broke the vine that held her back, but when she saw the police men who took her baby, she saw that they were too far ahead of her for her to catch up and save him.

She slowly sat down and pulled her knees up to her chest, crying her eyes out. She squeezed her legs with her nails so tight, they thought they would actually bleed. She started crying in her thighs, never wanting to stop until she got her child back.

She had just lost everything. Her home, her husband... and now her child.

She took in one large gasp and cried with all her voice into the night, "ARCHIE!!!"

xxx...Run Away If You Want To Survive...xxx

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