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Jimmy didn't mean to stare, it just happened. Damn that Chazz and his damn tattoos. Jimmy just was not used to seeing pictures on people's skin, as he was a very sheltered person for the bulk of his life. The thought and story behind each one completely fascinated Jimmy, although he didn't want to admit to that realization. He just wished Chazz would wear a shirt more often so he wouldn't have to see them. Too bad that wasn't often.

"Admiring my ink again, MacElroy?" Chazz asked from the bathroom while brushing his hair.

"What? No…" Jimmy blushed and drew his knees up to his chin while sitting on his bottom bunk.

"Hey, its alright if you can't help but stare. The body of the Chazz is a sextactular thing to look at." He raised his eyebrows and made a semi-seductive pose. Jimmy rolled his eyes.

"Shut up, fat ass." Jimmy snapped back and got up to leave the room.

"Shut up, fat ass." Chazz mimicked in a high pitch voice. Jimmy sighed loudly in frustration as he strode out the hallway. "Oh, but you know you love it!" Chazz called.

Jimmy was gone for the rest of the afternoon, leaving Chazz in confusion as to the sudden disappearance. Then again, most things confused Chazz. A while later in the evening, Jimmy decided to show up at the cabin. He crept through the door, trying not to get Chazz's attention. He snuck past Chazz's 'supposedly' sleeping form only to be caught in his failed attempt.

"I know you're back there, princess. So not smooth, I can hear you breathing so loud."

"Am not! And I so am smooth." He crossed his arms and scowled.

"Ye-ah…smooth like crunchy peanut butter. Sit down here, I want the dirt." Chazz motioned to the cushion next to his spot on the couch. Jimmy obediently sat down, as he always did.

"So, where were ya at for that extended daytime? Who was she?" He suggested and winked. Jimmy smiled slightly.

"It was nothing like that. I just…wanted to get out for a few hours is all."

"You're a terrible liar."

"No! Defiantly am not…"

"MacElroy…you are hiding something and Chazz can't stand not knowing stuff."

"Fine…you can't laugh. Or say anything." Jimmy begged and gave a desperate face.

"Fine, but what the hell is it already?"

"See…I was jealous. That's why I was always staring at you." Chazz raised an eyebrow. Jimmy sighed and lifted his shirt slightly, to show a bit of skin on his hip. Chazz smirked when he saw the black snowflake tattoo with a curly 'J' in the middle.

"Me likey." Chazz whispered. Jimmy blushed and quickly pulled his shirt back down. "Now tell me, is it real?"

"Are you kidding me? Of course its real..."

Chazz sat there, deep in thought apparently. Not really, but, you know.

"That tattoo is, I'll admit, damn hot and all...but you know what would be even better on you?" Jimmy was almost afraid to ask.


"A bellybutton ring. Man, those are great. You should so get one..."

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