"There is nothing on!" Chazz yelled in frustration from the couch. He slammed the remote down on the end table. "The cable reception up here is shit."

He pushed his pile of Slim Jim wrappers and pizza boxes off the end of the couch as he stretched his legs over the open spot, just as Jimmy decided to sit down. He screamed at the sudden contact with his ankle.

"Watch where you're sitting, MacElroy!"

"Why don't you watch where you're putting your fat, hairy legs!" Jimmy snapped back. "The doctor said to be careful with your ankle."

"Yeah, whatever. And I'm not fat, I'm just extremely muscular."

"Sure." He rolled his eyes "Just shut your face and how about cleaning up this mess? Coach will be home soon and he'll kill us both when he sees this."

"Can't you clean it up?" Chazz whined in the whineiest voice ever in the history of mankind. "I wouldn't want to hurt my ankle, doctors orders, you know…"

Chazz gave the puppy dog look. Classic. Jimmy gave in and gathered all the trash up from the floor. But not without being very visibly loud and complaining about it.

"I'm bored," Chazz groaned a few minutes later, feeling the need to again inform the world. Jimmy barely looked up from his artistic deed of drawing little cats and smiley faces on Chazz's cast. "Hey, gimme some of your sharpies."

"Yeah right."

"Come on, let me draw on you, I'm so damn bored!"

"Absolutely not!"

"Please. Please. Come one. Please." This kept up for a solid two minutes until Jimmy snapped and chucked the markers at his head. Then he screamed into the pillow.

"Ha. Score one for the Chazz-man."

He grabbed Jimmy's arm and pushed the sleeve up. He drew all over his arm in big black sharpie. A badly drawn cow, some skulls, handcuffs, stuff like that. Jimmy winced as he observed his once flawless skin become so marked up.

"Let me draw you a tattoo," Chazz said.

"Isn't that like what you're doing now?" Jimmy replied.

"Dude, you don't know the first thing about tattoos. This is way different. Now turn around."

He spun Jimmy around and lifted his shirt over his head, but not all the way off, leaving for a comical sight to any outsider. He uncapped the marker and took his time making the writing as neat as possible.

"What's taking you so long? This is weird," Jimmy complained.

"Almost done, gotta get it right." He soon finished, put the cap back on, and yanked the shirt back over Jimmy's fluffy blonde head. He triumphantly shouted, "Finished, boom!" and flipped his hair with that confident smile.

"What'd you draw?"

"Not telling." Chazz mumbled and then pretended to fall asleep. Jimmy shook Chazz's shoulders but he wouldn't open his eyes. Jimmy huffed and Chazz smirked once he was out of the room.

Jimmy ran to the bathroom and quickly checked the mirror to see whatever it was that Chazz had drawn on his shoulder. He shook his head and smiled when he saw the perfectly written curly letters stating:

'Chazz ♥'s Jimmy'

Score two for the Chazz-man…


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