Hey forgive the spelling some techniques I know some I don't know the names of so basically some will have English names some will have Japanese names and some attacks will just have effects listed…sorry to all the fans but its just too troublesome to look up all that stuff…rather look at the clouds.



Naruto, thoughts

Everything else


Naruto snickered to himself as he reached for the forbidden scroll, he had no idea it would be this easy, he failed to realize that no other genin could have pulled this off as he had far more stealth than was average. After all running and hiding from villagers who want to kill you will do that, then running and hiding from shinobi and kunoichi(sp?) who want to catch you for some prank will also increase your natural stealth and speed. It also helped to have a traitorous chunin place several genjutsu on the guards. He was about to grab the scroll when the door began to open behind him, he naturally panicked he grabbed the scroll and bolted for the window. He didn't have to worry about the Hokage sexy no jutsu had taken care of him. He leapt out the window and was on his way.

Naruto sat down the forbidden scroll in his lap, he smiled as he let it unroll the whole way down, he failed to notice the glass vial that rolled out of the bottom of the scroll and ended up at the base of a nearby tree. He quickly mastered Kage bushin no jutsu, he jumped when someone yelled at him


"ha-ha Iruka-sensei I guess I found you"

"Yeah…wait what the hell I found you idiot" Naruto kept smiling

"Oh I guess you did, anyway I guess I can be a genin now huh?". Iruka frowned, something wasn't right here,

"What are you talking about Naruto?"

"Mizuki-sensei told me if I got the forbidden scroll and learned one technique I would be able to become a genin".

Iruka's eyes widened, he barely sensed something, he dived forward tackling Naruto to the ground as an over sized shuriken slashed through the space he had just occupied. "Ah Iruka why did you save the demon brat huh? Oh well I'll just kill you both and take the scroll"

"What you're the traitor why did you bring Naruto into this?"

"Felt like it" Mizuki grinned as he produced yet another over large shuriken and threw it at Naruto.

Naruto kept his eyes open, 'it won't end like this it can't end like this I'm gonna be Hokage' he cried out in defiance as the weapon approached, suddenly something blurred in front of his vision, he heard a grunt and a warm sticky substance splattered onto his forehead and left cheek. He looked up and was utterly shocked to see, Iruka's smiling face looking down at him.

"Run Naruto, run now please" he whispered. Naruto shook his head, as he stood and quickly moved around Iruka, noticing the shuriken in his father figure's back. He growled and looked at Mizuki

"You hurt Iruka-sensei again and I'll kill you" the traitor just laughed, Naruto yelled a battle cry and he charged, as he neared Mizuki just backhanded him hard. He slammed back first into a tree, he dropped to the ground and thought he heard glass break; he ignored it as he suddenly remembered the technique he had learned. He made a single seal and gathered his chakra, both Mizuki and Iruka looked in his direction as he called out a technique, Iruka looked on with awe, Mizuki would have shit himself but he was too scared even for that. Lets just say the results where unpleasant.

Iruka smiled, he called Naruto over to him "okay close your eyes" he chuckled at Naruto's shocked expression to realize that the forehead protector he was now wearing was Iruka's, Iruka laughed out loud as Naruto tackled him in a hug. The kid was really something; neither noticed the last tendrils of a black substance that was absorbed into some exposed skin on his back.

Naruto stumbled into his apartment, he must have been more tired than he thought, after talking with the Hokage going over everything, his excitement at becoming a genin had made him forget hearing glass break in the forest. He groaned as his stomach rolled over, only then did he realized how much he was sweating, he began to strip preparing for bed. He was down to his boxers when he cried out in pain, and fell to the floor, curling up, shivering sweating profusely. Soon unconsciousness claimed him.

Naruto's mindscape, with a little something extra added.

Naruto woke up surrounded by water, he looked around it appeared he was in a sewer he looked around as one thought ran through his mind "what the hell". He suddenly registered that he could hear faint voices that sounded like they where arguing, he followed the voices until he came across a steel door, the voices where louder but still muffled. He slowly opened the door, silently sending up a prayer of thanks to whoever watches over midgets everywhere that the door didn't make a sound as it opened, he could suddenly hear the voices they where shouting.

"I'LL TELL YOU ONE MORE TIME YOU SLIMY FUCKER, THIS IS MY VESSEL GET THE HELL OUT" yelled out the first voice, it was deep booming and intimidating. The second voice sounded almost like two different people where speaking in unison, it had a deep growling quality but also had a human voice that was pitched slightly higher than normal, the overall effect was of something menacing and dangerous, something that lurks in the shadows. "ITS NOT MY FAULT YOUR IN HERE, AND IF I LEAVE NOW I'M DEAD SO GO FUCK YOURSELF FUR BALL, LOOK AT IT THIS WAY NOW HE'S EVEN BETTER". The booming voice retorted "I DON'T CARE GET THE HELL…oh shit he's here". Naruto grinned slightly, the argument had been way over his head, and the language had been appalling to his young mind, he only used hell, damm and crap, but it seems they sounded embarrassed at being caught in the act.

He entered the room and gasped, no one was there, there where a massive set of bars set into a wall like a cage, and here and there in the corners and across the bars of the cage where large black wires, Naruto shook his head and dismissed the thought they looked like massive spider webs. He cried out and fell on his butt right into a puddle as a massive pair of glowing red eyes appeared behind the bars, slowly a form came into being of a massive red fox with rabbit ears and nine swishing tails. "K-k-k-Kyuubi your dead"

"no kit I'm surprised one of those bastard villagers didn't tell you, the 4tth sealed me inside of you he couldn't kill me no mere human can". Kyuubi waited for his containers outburst what happened next surprised him greatly "oh well that explains a lot, I'm not letting you out".

Kyuubi's jaw hit the floor, he hadn't been expecting that, as he recovered Naruto asked another question "who's was the other voice?". Kyuubi flinched and began to mutter to himself, Naruto's head whipped round as he saw movement out of the corner of his eye, he gasped as the cobwebs on the wall gathered together and a man stepped out. He was tall, he had blonde hair and had stubble on his cheeks and jaw, he smiled at Naruto, he was wearing a simple white t-shirt, scuffed jeans and black sneakers. He began to speak "hello Naruto, you've met Kyuubi or fur ball" Naruto snickered at this while said fur ball growled, "this form you see here is merely a remnant of my last human host, a man named Eddie Brock he managed to get me back from a man named Mac Gragan who had for a time been my host, Eddie died of extreme old age due to the fact he bonded with me completely. He lived for almost five hundred years, we did much good in the world fighting evil where we found it protecting the innocent". Naruto nodded and smiled at the man, he didn't entirely get what he had said but he was obviously a hero of some sort. "Naruto do you understand that this form I'm speaking to you in isn't what I am, this is" with that he gestured to the black substance he had come from. Naruto's jaw dropped, the man continued.

"I have entered your body, I am a symbiote, do you understand this word?" Naruto shook his head in a definite no, the man sighed "I am a being that can no survive by itself I can only survive in either a chosen host, you or a specially made container which you broke leading me to enter you"

Kyuubi added his two cents "filthy parasite"

"I AM NOT A PARASITE…ahem…anyway a parasite lives in and feeds of the host eventually destroying or harming it, this is what my race used to do until they where destroyed by…Uhh…a really evil guy" (for those of you who don't know Venom actually killed every single symbiote on the symbiote planet) "I am a symbiote what a symbiote does is uses it host to survive but also makes the host far stronger than the average of its kind, you scratch my back I scratch yours kinda thing, anyway if you accept me we can merge the entire merging process will take two years but the immediate benefits are well worth the wait".

Naruto stood for a few minutes absorbing all this information, which was a lot and slightly difficult to understand, "uhh okay what do I get out of this?", the man went into a classic thinking pose "hmm superhuman strength, durability, speed, reflexes, flexibility and agility, ability to crawl on walls and ceilings like a spider, make webs like a spider as weapons, shields etcetera, ability to shape shift into other beings for a time, a suit made of my substance which increases all those abilities again, accelerated healing factor, also a slight amount of precognition, which is a split second warning of danger. The durability will allow you to withstand normal blades, thought special ones that have advanced properties can still hurt and kill us. We are also affected by sound and fire, both are dangerous to us but only in the full form".

Naruto's expression changed from confused to ecstatic, to worried to even more joyful than Maito Gai doing one of his speeches while taking ecstasy and on an acid trip, then back to a worried expression "I get fire but sound?" "yeah but don't worry only really high pitched sounds or incredibly loud sounds like your standing next to a ringing church bell" "What's a church?" "uhh a temple bell" "Oh okay".

During all this the Kyuubi was silent, he already knew what a symbiote can do, after all you learn quite a few things when you're a ten thousand year old demon. He was curious about something though "Hey slime ball, I could call you insulting but highly truthful names for all eternity but what's your name?"

"Oh its Venom if you must know, oh that reminds me, Naruto when you use the suit you will be in control at all times. Originally when the host put on the whole face thing, this" he demonstrated by covering himself in the suit and becoming the classic Venom "You would merge with me for that time, and we would talk in the 2nd person, instead of 'I will kill you' it would be 'we will kill you'. However Eddie overcame that problem, now it will only happen if your feeling a strong emotion, say if your a little ticked off or annoyed nothing will happen you will be you, but if you say go postal or blow a gasket we merge got me so far?" Naruto nodded and asked his final question "why was I so jittery and sick before?" "Oh well you see, I kinda went ahead and began the merger already" Kyuubi growled "IDIOT HE'S MY HOST YOU DIDN'T ASK EITHER OF US" "yeah Venom you could have asked first" "Sorry fellas". Naruto sighed, it had been a long night and he could feel consciousness calling, "bye guys I guess I'll chat with you later so I can learn how to use this stuff", both nodded an affirmative as he faded from sight. "He's smarter than I thought" both said in unison the got into an argument about who actually said it.

Naruto woke up groggily, he smiled slightly remembering the previous conversation, he swung his legs out over the edge of the bed and stood up, correction tried to stand up…THUD… he landed back on the bed "what the hell". He firmly planted his feet on the floor and stood, he looked around and noticed something was off 'hey everything seems farther away but I can see it so clearly what's going on' "Uhh hello is this thing on…oh hey Naruto your probably wondering about the changes, first off you're a good 15cms taller so that's why you fell over, second every single one of your sense's have improved drastically. Honestly they have advanced farther than I could take them, seems my symbiosis is carrying over some of the foxes traits into you, kinda handy I guess. All other changes just look in a mirror." Naruto followed orders and walked into his bathroom, his jaw dropped at what he saw, part of the reason he wears that massive jumpsuit is to stand out, also it's the only thing konoha shops will sell the 'demon brat' also its to hide how thin, scrawny and slightly malnourished he is. He stared at his reflection (AN forgive this I'm not gay, doesn't mean gay people aren't bad but the few times I fucked up and read a yaoi fic before I figured it out made me feel really ill so forgive this part) he was in a word buff, he wasn't massively muscled but he had a six pack, and well defined muscles, he looked good. He then decided to test his other senses he looked out the window and concentrated, he could see a fly buzzing around a drunks head, he came back to his normal vision and gasped when he realized said drunk was almost three hundred feet away. He listened and could hear all the people talking at once, after the first few painful moments he got his hearing under control, he then tried his sense of smell and realized it was massive he could smell the Ramen stand from his apartment. "Oh my what an interesting development" "What what's wrong Venom?" "I don't really know how to say it" "What am I gonna die or something tell me now!" "Well Uhh this isn't really a problem for you, but for others mainly women" "Huh?" "Foxes particularly kitsune's are known to be quite attractive to the opposite sex when in a human form because they release pheromones, now said pheromones are released all the time and make you attractive to all women but if you concentrated you could make any woman no matter how shy and innocent turn into a freak and jump you right then and there apparently" "uhh that's crap I think, its Kyuubi laughing" "yeah something about fangirls"….silence…silence continues…crickets chirping… "NOOOOOOOOOO".

Sarutobi's head shot up from his paperwork "nah Ibiki isn't working on anyone today and Anko's on a mission" he said with a dismissive wave, getting back to his dreaded paperwork…yes the scream was filled with that much fear and future terror and pain.

"Whats wrong with him?" "uhh you don't want to know Venom trust me" "Okay"

While this conversation was going off inside his mind Naruto was currently curled up in a corner in the fetal position shaking like someone had tied him to a chair, taped his eyes open and give Gai and Lee a list of reasons that 'Youthfulness' is a good thing. Naruto finally quiet whimpering, he stood up and was about to get dressed when a two synchronized "HELL NO"svoiced in his head 'what?' "Watch".

Naruto gasped as he watched the same black substance that the symbiote was made out of extend out of his navel and cover him all over except his face. It began to form into clothes, he ended up with a white long sleeved shirt, black slightly baggy pants, he had black combat boots and a long ankle length black trench coat, he somehow knew of a white leaf symbol between his shoulders on the back. He also had black gloves with a white leaf symbol on the back, he barely noticed due to its weightlessness that he was wearing a wide hat 'what is this thing' he thought fingering the brim "Oh I saw this uniform once in a manga, the hat is called a fedora also the color scheme is different" Naruto nodded, it was also black (For those of you who know this is Alucards clothes from Hellsing the manga, look it up for reference). His blonde hair was straighter still spiky at the front but had somehow tamed itself as it went back and had grown to his shoulders. Naruto smiled wide, he loved it, it was cool yet practical and since it was made of the symbiote he was stronger while wearing it.

"You know what I'm gonna drop my mask from now on I'm gonna be the real me" "Good idea" said his tenants at the same time "Oh kit don't forget the transfer thing, Venom makes you stronger but also adds the natural strength I would give you on top of his additions, so your stronger than any host of Venom before you, also about the pheromone thing do yourself a favor and indulge your more perverted side and flirt with girls" Naruto listened to Kyuubi's advice and nodded he liked all of it.

"Oh Naruto before I forget" added in Venom "my next host will have all the abilities that you have as well as mine"


"Because its part of my survival mechanism I cant help it, I copy your natural abilities so I wont be copying Jutsu's but I will copy the advantages the fox gives you, into myself and apply them to my next host, its why you can crawl on walls my first host could do that naturally" replied the symbiote.

"Oh okay"

"Hey Kit, Venom I have a question?" Kyuubi joined into the conversation

"What is it fuzz ball?"

"Grrr could you leave Naruto or have part of yourself leave and copy abilities from some other person" growled out the demon fox.

"Yes that would be simple, a piece of me could enter them for a few minutes and then come back and about an hour afterwards you'd get the abilities" replied Venom.

"Kyuubi are you talking about copying bloodlines?"

"Yep and I could speed up the process"


"you could say copy the Uchiha's bloodline even though he hasn't activated it yet and I could use my chakra to advance it to its ultimate level"

"WHOA COOL how many could I get?" Yelled out Naruto momentarily forgetting to speak in his mind "All of them kit" "Wow" whispered out Naruto in an awed voice.

He ate a quick meal of instant ramen and headed out the door tying his forehead protector on as a belt. He ignored the glares as per usual but he took great pleasure in the looks of shock that greeted him as he made his way to the academy, he smirked as he glanced at his watch then he gasped…you guessed it he was late.

Iruka sighed, Naruto was late again suddenly the door smashed open Iruka tiredly said "Your late Naruto" only then he noticed the shocked expressions on the students faces, he turned to the door and barely suppressed a gasp, Naruto was not repeat not wearing that orange jumpsuit that screamed 'I'm over here kill me' he was dressed all in black, with areas of white that strangely contrasted what the rest but also worked well together. Iruka looked over what he was wearing, it looked good, yet it looked intimidating and could if stealth training was applied hide the wearer in several environments as long as the wearer was smart, it was then he noticed that Naruto was a good deal taller. Iruka turned back to the class and felt sudden sympathy for Naruto several girls in the class except for Sasuke Uchiha's die hard fans had almost hungry looks in their eyes.

Iruka shuddered when he thought of the chaos that would be wrought if this change had come earlier in the year, his head snapped up as a loud thud came from the last row of the class, it seemed Hinata had fainted, Iruka chuckled he wondered if Naruto would pick up on her crush…ever.

Naruto snickered quietly to himself at the shocked expressions of the class "Hey Naruto how did you pass?" asked Shikamaru from the back of the class "Naruto took a last minute improvised extra credit test that he passed" stated Iruka saving his students hide or so he thought, Kiba's voice rang throughout the class "Hey what's with the new look loser you trying to look cool huh? And how the hell did you get taller" this statement was punctuated by barks from Akamaru and two simultaneous shouts of "No ones cooler than my Sasuke-kun.

"I thought since I was actually a ninja now I could drop the dickhead act, unlike you Kiba because you aren't acting, so I got some new clothes which are practical and look good, I also activated my bloodline, I didn't know I had one and I don't know if it started with me I plan to look it up later to see if I have a clan or something". Kiba's and the rest of the classes jaws dropped, they'd never heard Naruto speak so calmly and composed, several of the boys and girls snickered or giggled at the fact Kiba hadn't picked up his insult. Only Hinata hadn't been surprised, she was exstatic she had known for years that Naruto had been wearing a mask to hide his intelligence and pain, she smiled to herself behind her hand as a thought occurred to her 'maybe Naruto-kun will notice me know'.

Naruto soon found a seat, Sakura and Ino had been fighting each other for a seat after shouting in unison, Naruto to their ire took the seat they where fighting for. "NARUTO MOVE I WANT TO SIT NEXT TO SASUKE" "NO WAY FORHEAD GIRL I'M SITTING NEXT TO SASUKE" Naruto sighed as Iruka yelled out for them to be quiet, Sakura won the seat next to Naruto while Ino was stuck a row behind. "Naruto move I want to sit there" "No" those who heard where stunned all knew of the loudmouths crush on the pink haired student except a singular girl who thought 'yes I'm on my way to Naruto', none where more stunned than Sakura. No one noticed that the cause of this argument was looking at the loudmouth warily with heavily hidden hope that someone would save him from his fangirls. "Wha-wha-WHAT? MOVE IT NARUTO" "no and shut up I'm trying to sleep" Sakura stared open mouthed doing a remarkable impression of a goldfish, she was about to speak again when something flashed in the air and her head rocketed backwards taking her off her chair. The class froze, some wondering what had happened, some thinking that Naruto had hit her, they where stunned when she got up and tried to pull a white web like substance of her face which was conveniently covering her mouth. Iruka stared open mouthed, Naruto had definitely caused it but it was so fast that no one could prove it.

Naruto smirked as Sakura gave up trying to pull of the webbing and sat down glaring at him while breathing through her nose, he leaned over towards Sasuke and whispered "You owe me one" Sasuke gave a barely perceivable nod, facing front a very light smirk/smile on his face. Naruto zoned out while the teams where being called out, his attention came back when his name was called. "Team 7 Naruto Uzamaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno" there was a heavily muffled squeal at this then everyone was surprised when a loud pissed of voice said "FUCK" then a loud thud and a breaking sound was heard. The class soon saw with awe mixed with horror that Naruto had slammed his head into his table breaking it in half. What the hell was his head made of, their attention was called forward again when the rest of the teams where called out, no one failed to notice that the front of his hat disappeared before he hit the table.

The jounins came and gathered their teams till all that where left was team 7 and Iruka. Soon Iruka left asking Naruto to meet him later for ramen. Sakura made her move as soon as their sensei left, she first noticed that the stuff covering her mouth had started to peel, she ripped it off her mouth wincing at the painful sensation. She then moved menacingly towards Naruto who was still effectively walling off the grateful Sasuke. She screamed and raised her fist, she swung and met nothing but air, she stared Naruto had just disappeared she looked at Sasuke beginning to go into fan girl mode when she noticed he was staring up, she looked up and gasped he was on the roof on all fours sticking on somehow. Sasuke noticed something was wrong but he couldn't place what so he dismissed hit, he didn't notice that the trench coat wasn't being affected by gravity it was attached to Naruto's legs.

He raised his hands or lowered them depending on your perspective, and something shot out of the top of his wrists wrapping around Sakura, she was hauled to the roof before she had time to scream. Sasuke suppressed a laugh as Sakura his most rabid fan girl was pinned to the roof with some sort of strong sticky rope. The rope conveniently covered her mouth and muffled her screams, Sasuke smirked as he approached Naruto who had just crawled down the wall and landed softly on the floor. "How do you have this ability?"

"Huh? Oh the webs that are holding pinky to the roof are part of my bloodline so is the whole wall crawling thing, but from what I understand you could learn to walk on walls and roofs using chakra…no idea how but I've heard you can do it, oh and its why I'm taller" Sasuke nodded and sat back down, quietly seething that he had such a seeming useful bloodline and that he had activated it "Don't fret dude" he looked up at Naruto " I managed to activate my bloodline while fighting a thief its how I passed, frankly the council probably passed me cause they want to add another bloodline to Konoha" Sasuke nodded knowing full well the prestige that went with a bloodline clan, he smiled the dead last was now a noble dead last, still not on par with the Uchiha clan but still better than the others.

Sasuke was however slightly disappointed, the powers where unique and useful if it had other abilities it was surely powerful and only clans as ancient and noble as the Uchiha deserved such power, only he deserved such power so he could kill his brother. (AN we all know his sob story so I aint going into it) He would get the Sharingan he would beat Naruto to prove his clans power, he couldn't care less if Naruto beat others into the dirt but he would no surpass the last Uchiha it was impossible. Sasuke scratched at an itch on his ankle never noticeing the slight smile on Naruto's face not the small hole in his pant leg. A few minutes later he scratched again, and yet again failed to notice what was really going on, or that Naruto's smile widened into a full blown grin.

Naruto woke up from his daze as he sensed someone approaching, he muttered "he's here" to himself earning a confused then shocked look from Sasuke as their new sensei opened the door and entered. "Hello…uhh weren't there supposed to be three of you" Naruto simply pointed up, Kakashi looked up and was taken aback as he saw a girl apparently tied to the roof somehow. "Uhh can you bring her down?" "I could but I'm not going to" "Uhh why not?" "I put her up their two hours ago, I can make the webbing last for only a couple of hours though that's improving she should be down in a few seconds. Suddenly there was a snapping sound and a muffled scream, a mass of pink and white fell from the ceiling…THUD…Sakura managed to untangle herself from the webs and sent a death glare at Naruto who merely chuckled. "Uhh okay meet me on the roof" with that he exploded in a cloud of smoke and disappeared, Sasuke and Sakura headed for the door. Sasuke paused when he noticed Naruto wasn't with them, he looked over his shoulder and suppressed a jealous growl as Naruto opened a window and crawled out and up the wall.

Kakashi was about to begin his personal preparation for talking to the genins what he'd tell them and what he wouldn't, when he heard a rustle to his left and was surprised to see, Naruto crawling up the wall, the position he was in with his toes and fingertips being the only things touching the wall looked impossible but he did it easily. He flipped over the railing landing lightly and sat himself down in front of the jounin, he was smiling "who did you learn the chakra climbing exercise from?" "No one that was natural as part of my bloodline, I don't know how to use chakra to climb" Kakashi was shocked, he'd never heard of a bloodline that did that but he was curious "What else does it do?" "Well it makes me like a spider, I can produce webbing, crawl on walls, heal fast. I however need to increase my strength flexibility and speed as they are integral to the taijitsu style that goes with it." Kakashi nodded his head, secretly happy that he only had to teach him exercises to increase him physically he didn't seem interested in learning Jutsu's from him. He smiled under his mask 'great less work for me hehe more time for my porn'. His dreams where shattered "I also like learning new jutsu", Kakashi hung his head in an instant depression.

Soon the other two arrived shooting glares at Naruto who simply waved at them with a cocky grin, "Okay introduce yourselves" where the first words that their new sensei spoke, "uhh sensei why don't you go first so we know what to do" "Okay my name is Kakashi Hatake I have dislikes and likes, I have many hobbies and I have a dream" the students all had the same thought 'we only learned his name' "Okay I'm done you go pinky" Sakura was irritated at the nickname her introduction was punctuated with many giggles and glances at Sasuke and a very loud "I HATE NARUTO" which earned a chuckle from said blonde. Sasuke introduced himself in his usual I'm a gay emo avenger style, next was Naruto. "My name is Naruto Uzamaki, I like my friends and ramen, I hate fangirls emo's and avengers, my hobbies are learning Jutsu's training, my dreams are to master my bloodline and become Hokage".

The ones listening to this where shocked for two different reasons…firstly it was delivered in a calm precise voice not jumping up and down yelling secondly because of his ambition was rather far fetched. "Uhh good now I want you to meet me at 7am tomorrow morning at training ground seven to pass the real genin test" "REAL GENIN TEST…we already are genin" yelled Sakura, "No that test just cut out the wannabes, this test is the real one out of all who passed only nine get to be genin, the rest go back to the academy, okay see you then oh and don't eat breakfast you'll just throw up" he poofed away leaving three stunned genin hopefuls, Naruto was the first to recover he stood to leave but was confronted by Sakura.

"I got some questions, what the hell did you tie me to the roof with, why did you do it and why are you trying to dress cool, are you trying to look better than Sasuke because no one can do that"…."Uhh the stuff I tied you to the roof with is webbing like spider webs and its part of my bloodline, why I tied you to the roof, I felt like it, I was defending myself as well as Sasuke's virginity" this last comment earned a blush and giggle from Sakura and a horrified look from said pretty boy. "And I'm dressed like this for two reasons, one I look good in it, two I figured I'd get rid of the jumpsuit and dress like an actual ninja" with that he walked away, using the door this time leaving a pair of stunned teammates. Sakura came out of her trance to ask Sasuke out on a date but he was already gone.

Naruto soon found a secluded training area; he'd ignored the signs saying restricted area 44. He jumped over the ten foot fence clearing it by about forty feet, as he landed on the otherside his clothes appeared to melt back onto his body, the fedora's rim melted covering his face. The melted mess solidified into a skin tight uniform which showed his muscles but also had long wire like protrusions that covered him at random areas, his chest and back showed the same design a demonic looking white spider, contrasting against the black. The material on his head formed into a terrifying visage, a black mask with large pure white slanted eyes, combined with a massive mouth filled with large pointed teeth and a long slimy tongue made it something the toughest opponent would find intimidating.

He shot out his webs swinging away up into the trees, he shot around just playing and getting used to the feeling of this new way of transportation. He soon stopped and landed in a clearing, he then noticed his 'spider sense' had activated as he could sense all the life around him dangerous or otherwise. He 'willed' the face mask away and sighed at it left his face, there was really no difference he could breath and see just like normal with it on but the breeze on his face was a little refreshing as he could feel it but not its effects when the mask was up. He walked over to the stream running through the clearing and stared into it, "hey Kyuubi is the Sharingan on yet?" "Yep just add chakra to your eyes". Naruto followed instructions and added chakra to his eyes, he gasped when his normal bright blue eyes turned into a blood red color with three comma marks surrounding the pupil, "whoa cool you said it was going to be at maximum is this it?" "No say the words Mangekyo Sharingan and concentrate some more" Naruto did so and gasped again when the comma marks blended together and formed a web like pattern in his eye. He deactivated it and smiled, at first he thought about lording it over everyone and copying all the Jutsu's he could. He then thought it over, stealing someone's hard work would be wrong it just wouldn't be right, he wasn't going to be greedy he would use it against enemies sparingly and to help him learn Jutsu's he was being taught easily. He smiled to himself, he had no doubt that was the only real way to learn, he also had no doubt that Sasuke would not follow this path he would steal all he could to gain more power. He activated it again and called up his battle mask, he smiled to himself when he noticed the only tell tale sign was a slight reddish tinge to the large white eyes.

He deactivated it and swung back up into the trees, he was heading home. He landed lightly on the otherside of the fence, he had deactivated his Venom form as he called it before he reached the edge, he was back in his trench coat and fedora. He landed in a crouch, stood up dusted himself off and walked away from the forest. He failed to notice without the even more enhanced senses that a certain dark haired white/lavender eyed genin had seen him come out, but using her Byakugan she had been able to see his battle form just before he had changed out of it.

Hinata had no idea what to do, she had followed Naruto to this training area but hadn't seen him go into the forest, she had almost screamed when she saw that thing coming out of the forest but it had transformed into Naruto. Hinata had to find out what it had done to Naruto, she couldn't let anything happen to him. She leapt out of her hiding spot and followed the creature that looked like Naruto.

Naruto sighed as he entered his home, for a few seconds he thought someone had been following him, but the presence had disappeared and he'd dismissed it. He entered his house and made to throw of his clothes but they simply melted back into his body, he walked over to his dresser and pulled out some pajamas, he got the pants on when there was a knock on the door. He opened the door and was blasted back as he was hit several times on his arms and legs. He slammed into the opposite wall and landed in a heap, he looked up and gasped Hinata had attacked him and boy did she look pissed. "What the hell was that for?" he yelled out as Hinata advanced on him in an unfamiliar battle stance. "What are you and what did you do with Naruto-kun?".

"What are you talking about?"

"I saw you in the forest, your some kind of monster you turned into Naruto-kun, what did you do with him" her voice rising and becoming more menacing, she was also letting out a large amount of killing intent.

"Hinata I am Naruto, that was me please let me explain?" he was actually frightened Hinata was always timid and shy and kinda weird this aggressive Hinata was scary but some part of him enjoyed it.

"Humph okay talk fast or I'll seal more of your chakra points" she ordered raising her fists again.

"Okay okay, that thing you saw was me its something I can do, I have another creature inside me which can take on certain appearances, the one you saw is its 'natural' or 'battle' body, it makes me stronger and faster" he explained hastily. Hinata looked at him warily, "Come on Hinata its me how can I prove it to you?"

"What did you do to Iruka-sensei that knocked him out for a few seconds when you where supposed to do a Henge" she asked still staring at him. He chuckled "That's easy I used my sexy no jutsu which turns me into a naked woman and works against perverts, shame it worked against Iruka-sensei I thought he was different". Hinata giggled, the gasped this was Naruto. Her next action at first scared Naruto as she suddenly moved forward, but made him blush when he suddenly realized she was hugging him and he didn't have a shirt. He was broken out of his worries as Hinata's arms wrapped around his shoulders and she buried her face in his chest. He felt her shaking and realized she was crying quietly, he wanted to hug her but couldn't his arms weren't working, suddenly the symbiote material covered his arms then receded and he could move them again.

Hinata was still crying quietly into Naruto's chest not realizing he didn't have a shirt, she gasped when she felt his arms go around her and hold her gently but firmly "Hinata why are you crying?" she could hear as well as feel his voice rumble through his chest "I-I thought you had been hurt Naruto-kun" "Oh that's nice, it feels good to know you care" his arms tightened around her and Hinata blushed at his words, her blush soon covered her entire body as she realized how close they where. "But more importantly why do you care?" he lifted Hinata of his chest so he could look into her eyes, they both missed each others closeness and warmth. "We-well umm i-i-its be-be-because I- um kinda li-li-li" she stopped blushing furiously as she couldn't finish her sentence. Naruto frowned as he tried to decipher what she had been trying to say, suddenly it all clicked the fainting and nervousness only happened around him. "Hinata do you like me?" her head snapped up looking him right in the eyes, she looked both terrified and hopeful, she nodded very slowly.

Hinata wanted to run, Naruto knew her secret she wanted to just about die when henext spoke "So you're the one who's always following me, I always thought it was ninja's the old man sent to watch out for me?" Hinata hung her head in shame as she nodded again. She gasped when she felt his hand on her chin lifting her head up "You know its cute when you blush" Hinata went a shade of red Naruto had never seen before, she then looked at him and realized she was straddling a shirtless Naruto who had been hugging her for atleast ten minutes. She stared at his muscular chest, without meaning to a hand traced random patterns across his skin making him shiver, she froze when she realized what she had been doing, her nose started to bleed as many thoughts started to run through her head, it became to much. She fainted, she would have fainted again had she seen that she fell against Naruto her head in the crook of his neck her lips pressing against his skin.

Naruto at first chuckled when she had stared at his chest, and shivered with a pleasurable feeling when she started to run her fingers along his chest, he smiled knowingly when her nose started to bleed, knowing what it meant 'perverted thoughts' he had gasped when she fainted and fallen against him. Her lips made his skin feel like it was on fire, her breath made it rise in goose bumps. He was about to lift her of himself when his arms fell limp against his sides. "Hey what the hell?" "Enjoy it while it lasts kit" "hey what's the big idea…hey…HEY ANSWER ME DAMM FOX". He realized they weren't answering him, he knew he was stuck until his chakra points opened by themselves again in a few hours. "Ahh what the hell I'll sleep" he said aloud to no one as Hinata was unconscious, he soon drifted off as he was comfortable against the wall with the soft but warm Hinata against him, he was also comfortably warm thanks to her.

Hinata woke up slowly, not wanting to leave the comfortable warmth of her bed, she had been having a nice dream where she had slept on top of Naruto. Her wits flooded back to her as she realized her pillow was a lot harder and warm than it should be and was also moving. She sat up and saw where she was, she fainted.

Naruto woke up slowly, the lack of warmth rousing him from his sleep, he slowly woke and rubbed his eyes, then it hit him, his arms worked again. He sat up and then noticed Hinata sprawled on the floor, she must have woken up seen the position and fainted again he realized. He grabbed her shoulders kneeling down next to her and shook her shoulders. Hinata's eyes snapped open and she sat up quickly, her surroundings came into focus. She was incredibly close to a pare of deep blue eyes that looked quite shocked, her lips also felt warm. She almost fainted again when she realized her lips where locked with Naruto's, what kept her from fainting was the fact that he didn't pull away and his lips moved against hers. 'Na-Naruto-kun is ki-kissing me' her eyes closed slowly as their lips began to move, Naruto hugged her to his body as they kissed, he wanted to deepen the kiss but refrained. He almost gasped in surprise when her lips parted and her tongue touched his lips, he opened his lips and her tongue tentatively began to explore his mouth, running along his teeth and exploring his mouth. Hinata's tongue poked his own as it still hadn't moved, he moved his tongue against hers pushing against it, their tongues began to battle Naruto eventually won as it was his turn to explore her mouth.

Hinata shivered in pleasure as Naruto's tongue explored her mouth, she sighed as they parted for air. Naruto chuckled as Hinata suddenly looked alarmed "I-it wasn't a dr-dream?" he shook his head in a no, and Hinata looked read to pass out "Hinata don't faint" he said clearly and loudly breaking through the haze. "Hinata could you keep the whole creature inside of me a secret" "of-of course Na-Naruto-kun". Hinata was a little worried at his sudden change of expression, it went from a sly look to a concerned look. "Hinata its almost four I think you should go home" Hinata gasped her father would be mad at her but she didn't really care she'd kissed Naruto. "Hinata could you do me another favor but it would probably be considered betraying your clan if you do this" "Wa-What is it Naruto-kun?", Naruto grimaced, earlier he had no problem doing this to Sasuke but he was an asshole Hinata was someone he cared about some he'd just rather passionately kissed. "My symbiote can copy bloodlines, could I umm maybe copy yours." Hinata frowned, it would be betraying her clan but her father had disowned her in all but name what should she care. "Do it" her voice as firm and commanding as it had been when she attacked Naruto thinking he was some sort of monster. Naruto smiled, he grabbed her arm gently and rolled up her sleeve, he touched her skin with the index finger of his right hand, the tip became shrouded in a black substance that spread onto Hinata's skin vanished into her. Hinata gasped it had left slight itchy feeling on her skin, she resisted the urge to gasp "This will take a few minutes" Hinata nodded and sat back perfectly willing to wait "Naruto-kun how do you know you can copy bloodlines?" "Well my umm symbiote told me and I kinda did it already" she looked at him questioningly her confidence greatly boosted by one kiss with Naruto allowing her to act like a normal person. Naruto sighed and closed his eyes, when he opened them Hinata gasped he had the Sharingan which was fully matured. Hinata had been required to learn all about the different clans and clan bloodlines that konoha had in the past and currently possessed, so she knew what a fully matured Sharingan looked like, she had also seen a drawing of its ultimate level the Mangekyo Sharingan. "Do you have its ultimate level?" she gasped again when he smiled and the Sharingan shifted into a spider web pattern.

"Naruto that is amazing" he smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head, she felt the itchy feeling again as the black substance reappeared on her skin, Naruto reached out and it was reabsorbed into him "How long till you get it?" "Bout an hour, I'll show you tomorrow after the test I gotta take with my team". Hinata nodded, she felt like groaning when Naruto stood and held out his hand helping her up. "Naruto how did you really pass the genin exam?" Naruto smiled sheepishly, "well Mizuki tricked me into stealing the forbidden scroll, I learned a technique of it before Iruka-sensei arrived, I told him what Mizuki told me and then Mizuki turned up attacked us and I defeated him with the technique I learned" Hinata smiled that was exactly Naruto's style to brag about what he would do not what he had done. "What technique was it Naruto-kun?" "Kage Bushin no Jutsu" Hinata gasped, she had heard of that technique "Naruto that's a jounin level technique my father mentioned how useful it is but how difficult it is to use, you have to have a massive amount of chakra to make it practical most people could make 2 or 3 how many did you make?" "About 200" Hinata gasped "Naruto do you know why it is so useful?" "Yeah overwhelm the enemy with numbers" Hinata giggled and blushed as she was making fun of Naruto "Naruto Kage bushins can learn things and then pass on that knowledge to you when you cancel them".

Hinata giggled again at Naruto's blank expression, then blushed at the wide genuine beaming smile he directed at her. He pulled her into a hug and kissed her cheek, "Thank you Hinata-chan that is so cool, I got to go to the library" "But Naruto-Kun the library is closed now" "Even better" he replied with a foxy grin that made Hinata blush. "Come on I'll take you home" Hinata followed Naruto out of his apartment, when they reached the street he swept her up into a bridal carry and leapt to the nearest roof. Hinata marveled at the speed he was carrying her, she blushed when she realized he hadn't changed, when she looked at him he was back in the same clothes he had before, he saw her confused look and answered "The clothes are made of the symbiote" Hinata nodded and activated her Byakugan and looked at the clothes, she gasped Naruto paused on a rooftop "What's wrong?" "The symbiote blocks the Byakugan I can only see the chakra points on your exposed skin" Naruto smiled "That's cool means it be next to impossible to use against me right, wonder if it works against the Sharingan." Hinata didn't interrupt his musings but rather snuggled closer as he started to move again, they soon arrived at the Hyuuga compound, Naruto dropped her off, he was about to leave when she pulled him into another kiss. Naruto parted panting slightly and blushing furiously almost the same shade of Naruto, he smiled at her and leapt away in the direction of the library.

Hinata had few problems as they had landed a short distance from the gates and the guards hadn't seen her, she walked in and was confronted by her father. She simply lied to him telling him that she had been training by herself, he bought it as she looked flushed and a little tired. He did however notice that she didn't stutter as much and she wasn't hunched over like usual. He dismissed it, she may have more confidence but she was still weak.

Naruto crawled up the wall and through a small window, he contorted himself through the window his new found flexibility coming in handy. He landed inside setting of no alarms. He made a single seal and spoke a single sentence. There was suddenly four hundred Naruto's in the Library, Naruto left the library and headed home, one Naruto positioned itself outside as a scout, he would disperse himself if he saw someone coming this would tell Naruto and the others what was going on and the clones would disperse themselves. Naruto headed home, rather pleased with himself about how much he was going to learn.

Sarutobi the third Hokage watched through his crystal ball as the clones read pretty much everything in the library, Naruto had learned the benefit of Kage Bushin from Hinata but the side effects would make him regret it. Sarutobi unlike every single other person in Konoha knew about the symbiote and he knew it had found a host when the glass vial containing it had been missing from the forbidden scroll, how he knew he had been there when it arrived on this world and had been put in that large vial. Naruto had certainly adapted fast and its abilities where incredible.

Naruto felt information come to him as one clone dispersed itself signaling that the library had been read straight through. He canceled the rest and groaned, he fell onto his bead holding his head, he soon passed out from information overload.

The end

This is a Harem fic boys and girls I cant really write anything else, Hinata is in it dunno if I will add Sakura. This fic will have girls with attitude, how does Hinata have attitude you might ask you'll just have to wait, it will however have Temari, Tayuya, Anko (probably) and definitely Haku if you can give me a good reason that some other girl has attitude similar to the first three girls there then they will be added, give me good reasons for Ino I know she has attitude but I cant pin a reason. thanks