A collection of mini-short stories about my new favorite couple, Auriga Sinistra and Severus Snape.

Let me know if you like them...

'I said good night!'

He should have expected the door to slam in his face but for some reason, possibly the recent revelation that Auriga Sinistra was a far more complicated woman than he gave her credit for, he was off his game ever so slightly. Instead of stepping back in anticipation, he stepped forward to say something and was smacked in the forehead by a very hard, very unforgiving, chamber door.

'Ow!' he shouted, unbearably close to stamping a foot in the empty hallway.

The door opened very slightly and Auriga's face appeared in the crack. 'Did I just…'

'Hit me in the face with the door?' She nodded. 'Yes.'

She considered him for a moment and he took a step closer in anticipation of an apology and an open door.

He really should have paid more attention to the lecture on women his father had given him when he'd hit puberty.

'Good,' she said and slammed the door again.

This time, his nose took the brunt of the impact and he could have sworn he heard her laughing.