Background: All the titans go to the beach on a very hot summer day to relax

Note: I do not own Teen Titans

What a Feeling

All the Titans were at the beach. Starfire and Robin were splashing in the water, while Cyborg was hitting the snack bar….hard. Raven was lying on her back next to Beastboy, who was in the same position. Raven was trying not to look at Beastboy. She had been having a funny feeling in her stomach for the past few months, which she recently identified as love. "I can't tell him," Raven thought to herself, "Definitely not. He would think I'm creepier than I already am."

On the flip side for Beastboy, he was going through the same ordeal. He was so taken with Raven that every time she was near him, his heart would beat so hard he thought it pop right out of his chest. Unlike Raven, Beastboy was trying to figure out the best way to tell her of his feelings.

"Raven?" Beastboy asked.

"Hmmm…" She replied unmoving.

"I….I think we should get something to eat." Beastboy smacked himself internally at his lack of courage to say something so easy.

Raven felt like she was going to explode with anxiety. Beastboy started to rise, "Beastboy, wait!"

Beastboy turned toward her, "Yeah?"

"Um…. I…uh..Ireallylikeyoulikeasmorethanafriend. Agggg!" Raven spilled out. She closed her eyes to block the rejection, she thought, was coming.

"Raven." Beastboy spoke softly.

Raven made no move to respond.

"Raven? Rae, please open your eyes." He said gently.

Raven slowly opened her eyes.

"Yeah?" She asked tentatively.

"I feel the same way."

"You do?"

Beastboy nodded, "I've just been to chicken to tell that I like you as more than a friend."

Beastboy transformed into a chicken and then back into his human form, which made Raven laugh.

"Oh thank goodness. I was so scared you say no and…."

She was silenced by Beastboy's lips on hers. The shock knocked her onto her back with him on top of her. Raven looked up at Beastboy and started giggling, making Beastboy grin at her and she knew everything was going to be okay.