First things first, I don't own Doctor Who. How annoying.

Also, I really don't know where this came from, cos it's a bit angsty but I'm actually on cloud nine because... I MET JOHN BARROWMAN YESTERDAY:D :D :D :D so really, I should be writing fluff and stuff that makes me happy, but I didn't... so I can't explain it much. But I do hope that you like it all the same!

(Haha, I beta'd this…I'm also very jealous of this girl because she got to meet John B, but she's still a legend :D and this poem is really good so READ IT or suffer my wrath BWAHAHAHA, Raxacoricofallapatorious xx xD)

Everything Dies

Everything dies.
The sun.
The moon.
The stars.
The sky.

But not love.
Love, lives on.
It blossoms.
It grows.
It survives.

Time ensues.
Timelines carry on.
They change.
They develop.
They go wrong.

People die.
Loved ones are lost,
Before their time.
Taken in wars,
They didn't need to fight.

And one man survives.
Just one.
Alone for eternity.
It's the curse,
Of the Timelords.

Giacomo would like his button pressed again :P