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Chapter One.

Izzy Mason.

Edward walked down yet another isle in the small video store, a new addition to the small Alaskan town he was currently living in. The middle-aged women behind the counter, who took herself to be named Hilda, stared lustfully at Edward and her thoughts were none too pleasant. Her bright orange lipstick, that was caked over her wrinkled lips, had cracked when she attempted to give what she hoped was a sultry smile.

High hopes to her.

Edward was content and happy that he was the only one in the store, besides the annoyingly creepy Hilda lady behind the counter. Of course no one else would be out; there was at least a foot of snow outside. It was a small town and none of the other citizens would have had a car to endure the snow, except of course the Cullen family. That was pretty much the only reason he went out today, so he could get out of the house for once and embark the nit-picking of his family.

He casually walked to the horror section, which much to his demise was right next to the check-out counter. He kept careful to avoid all possible eye-contact with Hilda. He found Dracula 3000 which was at Emmett's request. He then walked to the cheesy-romance section for absolutely no particular reason. It actually amused him how Hollywood's screenwriters could put all the fluff and corny lines into a script and actually have people act it out.

He walked to the middle of the short isle and found nothing in the new-release section. There really wasn't much to choose from. Sure, they had tons of movies but all of them were lower-rated and didn't have any good reviews etched on the covers. He took that as a not-so-good sign. Even he, who had absolutely nothing to do with the wildlife of Hollywood, knew that.

He walked to the end of the new release section, then, saw an entire shelf full of one movie. That movie was called The prince and the pauper. He supposed it was one of Hollywood's better flicks, but that was not the reason he picked it up.

It was the girl on the front; actually goddess would be a better word to put it in. Her face was heart-shaped, her lips rose-red and perfectly plump, silky mahogany hair and even more perfect eyes: warm, welcoming, dark and navy blue.

She reminded him of someone, that someone was the only reason his body was still setting foot on this earth he lives in. That someone was the reason he is invariably depressed and constantly in his room.

Bella Swan.

He left her for her own sake at a chance at having humanity; it was nothing but out of sheer love.

It had only been 6 years, 5 months, and 25 days since that day. 6 years, 5 months and 25 days since he had left Forks, in hope of Bella finding her path onto a normal human life. He forbade anything that would link Bella to his family. He knew he was no good for her, and never would be. They were complete opposites, one a monster and one an angel. She was of course, the latter. He had always lusted after her blood, and yet he loved her beyond anyone's belief.

He was put in pure torture when he told the biggest lie known to earth, that he didn't want her nor loved her. He left part of himself there, in Forks with Bella, he swore to himself never to retrieve his missing part. As long as he was in misery, Bella was happy and living the life she was set to have. He always wondered if she had started a family yet, as of now she would probably be in college. Which one, he did not know. He was very close to sending a 'scholarship' from a nice private college where she could get a good education and get whichever job she wanted. Which actually would have been paid by a certain Cullen family.

But he thought better of it. She would definitely suspect it of him, she was smarter then that.

He quickly took the movie to his chest, along with Emmett's movie. He held out The Prince and the Pauper He looked at the cast of the main characters on the front of the case, Izzy Mason and Jackie Young. Mason, that was part of his surname and Izzy could have been a nickname for Isabella… Well enough. He thought to himself. His dead organs were tight inside his chest as he looked at the Bella look alike. He knew it couldn't have been Bella, the girl on front looked way too young for a 24 year old woman. She looked more like 17 or 18.

How he knew this, well thank his vampire vision.

There was another person next to the Bella look alike, he had shaggy blonde hair and electric blue eyes. He was really good looking, and that was coming from a 109 year old guy who has pretty much seen the good, bad and ugly of humans. But that Izzy girl easily out justified his good looks. Izzy was beyond good looking, she looked classy, bright and gorgeous.

It was everything any guy could ever even hope to dream for, and she looked a little too much like Bella for his taste. He took a better look at the cover and let it relinquish him. Izzy had a ratty pale pink dress, much like that one that Cinderella had before the Fairy-godmother granted her a new one. Anyways, the Jackie man had a fancy looking well-tailored suit on that looked like an 18th century old English one. They were dancing in a background that had the left side a dirty old kitchen with rags and dirty pans scatter across the counters, on the right was an elegant ballroom, each were blended down the middle.

How feeble, Edward thought. As of now Hilda's thoughts were well pushed away from his own, so he didn't have to deal with them. He flipped it over and read the back.

An intriguing and fascinating fantasy that will attract young and old viewers. Hailey Whitlock (Izzy Mason) has a horrible life as a pauper for a gulled and choleric dress-shop owner Mischa (Rita Colts) who makes life absolutely agonizing for alluring and appealing Hailey. Then one day all single women are to be met at the Yetis Ball held for Prince Hanling (Jackie Young) and when the worst seems to seal itself together by the probing of an afflicting Kindle (Donna Taylor) who teams with Mischa to take revenge on Hailey. They both want Prince Hanling all to themselves. Will one pauper win it all over or will evil take its toll?

Edward then looked at the reviews, since he wasn't too impressed with the awful summary put together.

A well put together masterpiece that will be loved and treasured for years to come.

-Jonas Reviews

Harry Tones sure knows how to make the best movie of the decades to come, hats off to the director.

-Kirkus Reviews

Newly discovered actress Izzy Mason does an outstanding job in this film. She and the director have brought this movie to the top for all to enjoy and be entertained with

-New York Times

Edward didn't bother reading the rest of the reviews; he knew they would be great. The movie had after all gotten all four stars in supposedly every magazine, and is being nominated for the best movie of the year at the Academy Awards. Edward thought for a moment then realized that they would be in a week. He took note to watch them and see if this movie would come out to be anything.

He slid the movies under his arm and walked a little over human-pace to the counter where Hilda was reading what looked to be Seventeen magazine. He mentally gagged then tossed the movies to her so she could check them out. He threw a few 20 dollar bills then sped out of the store. He ran to his Volvo then went well over the considered speed limit for snow that the vehicle manufacturers had.

Yea, he still had his Volvo. It was one of the few things that reminded him of her. Bella Swan, that is. He knew he would never give it away no matter how outdated it ever got. The rest of his family had already gotten new cars, and they always offered to get him one.

He skidded into the long driveway of the Cullen Mansion, which was just as beautiful as their Forks one except this one was made out of stone and wood. He parked the car just before he turned it off, and he knew he would get a lecture from Rosalie but he honestly did not care at the moment. He ran up the porch steps to the living room.

Everyone was already there, obviously waiting for him to return from the video store. He looked at all their faces which were glued to the television. Alice had a tiny, sly smile on her face but he paid no attention to that. Their thoughts were none too interesting either. Emmett looked up and said, "Did you get my movie?" and mentally added, 'Dracula 3000'?

He nodded and threw it to him. Edward got out the other DVD which was still tucked safely under his arm. They started laughing; even Esmè and Carlisle had chuckles escaping their lips. Confusion and hurt crossed his face as he tried to figure out what they were laughing at. He looked down at his clothes to make sure there was nothing embarrassing on them, there wasn't. "What?" He questioned, quiet fiercely.

Now they looked like they were going to explode.

"Edward, since when do you watch princess chick-flicks?" Rosalie forced between laughs. Edward knew that id he could have blushed, he would have.

Ouch, that was a hard blow on his ego. Then, Alice was the one who stopped giggling. She looked at the cover, closed her eyes and then seemed to be deep in thought, but not the kind of thing that happened when she had her visions. She opened her eyes and had the same sly grin plastered on her face, but now it was clearly noticeable. She took one glance at the case then gazed around at everyone, then stopped at Edward. She looked back at the case and said, "Guys look who's on the cover!"

She grabbed the case out of his shaking hands, which by reading her thoughts his mind went blank and his body numb. She had no look of surprise on her features, just delirium and cheerfulness. She muttered something incoherent and too quiet for even a vampire to hear. Edward got a few words about someone looking beautiful. Well of course he knew the girl on the cover was beautiful. He then searched her thoughts, 'Bella, of all people, who knew you could pull off something like this?'

Edward had sat down while everyone was laughing, but now he was standing up again and softly took the DVD from Alice's hand. He shook the mind-boggling feeling out from his head brought his thoughts together. He looked at the case with a whole different feeling now, now he knew why he had a tugging sensation in his chest. It was for her, for Bella. But he couldn't give in that easily. Anyways, she didn't look that much like Bella.

"Alice, what are you thinking about? Bella is secure and safe in Forks! A-and, why would she look so altered and not as irresolute as a 24 year old should be?" Edward asked. Alice rolled her topaz eyes and looked at her fingernails.

"Edward," She whispered, "I had a vision about this. I had… visions of Bella becoming a…," she paused and looked in his eyes, "vampire."

Edward's whole body tensed at that one word, and how that one word was connected to Bella. All those years and misery put to waste, the time he could have been spending with Bella, or at least protecting her from whatever bit her. It was all useless, just one big mistake that he had let upon themselves. He had never before in his immortal life come close to crying, and now he was as sure as ever he was about to.

"I never would have fathomed she would become an actress, I mean look at her! She's beautiful, even by our standards…" Alice said, and then started rambling about how she became famous and a vampire. Edward only half-listened. He was captivated by the women who had captured his heart, not too long ago.

Jasper came over and looked at the case. He let out a low whistle and said, "Wow…" Alice gave him a dirty look and the awe was replaced with panic. Alice smiled and gave Jasper a pat on the part of his back of which she could reach.

Emmett and Rosalie were soon surrounding the case; Emmett raised his eyebrows and felt proud of his was-to-be sister but gave no other assertion at the fear of what Rosalie would do to him. Edward could still hear his thoughts, and they were something like, 'I wonder how strong she is…'

Rosalie was full of envious thoughts, but charmed at the same time. 'I wonder if she likes getting prettied up now' Edward smiled at her non-abusive thoughts for once.

Carlisle and Esmè finally got a look at the case; Carlisle had a smug look on his face, for what reason Edward did not know. His thoughts gave no indication. Esmè looked sad at having her old taste-tester not able to taste as she used to, but the compassionate part of Esmè looked joyful at having Bella a vampire. Even though she wasn't physically with them, she was mentally. Their thoughts pretty much came out to the same things, which were pretty much 'how'.

Alice popped the DVD in its player; which was in front of the LCD television. Edward got anxious at being able to see his angel in action again. He just didn't know what he would do after he saw this movie. He was about to think about it, but Alice had pressed play and the movie was starting.

It started as Hailey, or Bella, weaving and getting yelled at. Then the entire family winced when she got 'whipped' for not sowing the dress as it did in the book. Edward couldn't believe he had ever doubted her acting abilities, she was spectacular.

Her form was unbelievably graceful, and though she had to purposefully trip a few times, it was graceful also. Any vampire or ballerina would have been put to shame if they really paid attention to her grace. She moved fluidly, like liquid going down a smooth, glass surface. The family came as close to tears as they could when Hailey's sister died and Bella actually cried, which Edward guessed were fake or special affects.

They whooped for joy when Prince Hanling chose her out of all the other bachelorette's at the ball, and he asked her to marry him.

At one point they could see her face clearly. It was literally flawless, but it didn't really look like a vampires face. Her skin was a few shades darker then when he had last seen her. He guessed she was wearing contacts, but why she did, he did not know. A vampires topaz eyes were told to be inhumanly gorgeous. It troubles him that at one point in the movie they were teal-looking, but either color they contrasted terrifically with her physique. There weren't any bruise-like shadows under her eyes, which gave more to the fact that she didn't look like a vampire.

But she was, in fact Bella Swan. Edward zoned out of the movie and wondered how Bella became a vampire, and how she was in a movie.

Edward froze and stopped breathing when Bella kissed the Prince Hanling guy. He could feel the anger and jealousy rippling like waves behind his eyes. He realized Bella was what brought the movie high-ratings and bringing it to the top of the box-office sales. She could scoff at any of the other actors or actresses in the movie. They were aught compared to her.

Of course she was a vampire, maybe, he thought, it was her gift: to be good at acting. Although, he figured, it wasn't her strongest human trait. Emmett had put in his own two-cents on scenes, making the entire household laugh, which Edward hadn't done in a long time. It was an extremely emotional movie, but it kept him engrossed. He noted her voice had a silky essence to it, also unlike a vampires'. It wasn't like Alice's tinkling or Rosalie's chiming or even his velvet. It was alluring and seemed it could drag anyone into its pith. It was like she was always singing soft, beautiful notes. Her voice was a whole symphony of words and sounds.

The movie was over, and Edward was even more depressed, but not as much as when he left Bella. Some of them shifted uncomfortably in their seats, unable to think of something to say. Which was completely useless since Edward could hear what they wanted to say, just knew they shouldn't. And he was glad they didn't too.

"I wonder why she changed her name." Jasper questioned.

"Maybe she didn't want anyone to recognize her." Answered Carlisle.

"That didn't work out, we knew it was her… but it did work for six years." Admitted Rosalie.

"Oh! Bella's a celebrity; I wonder if she has anymore movies we can watch." Attributed Esmè. She seemed a little over-excited, but not quiet as much as Alice who was practically bouncing in her seat. Edward heard all their thoughts, which were bubbling with hysteria and questions. Rosalie even had a few questions… on what Bella was wearing to premiers.

After the credits, which they had all watched, there was a preview of a sequel or something then it went black. Alice stopped bouncing enough to calm down to talk, "We're moving to Hollywood!"

"What?" asked Emmett. He seemed to be in a daze during the entire conversation of questions.

"Well just because you're being unhappy and depressed with your life doesn't mean we can't go see Bella! You're not saving her humanity anymore, I'm sure she won't be too happy to see you, but I bet she won't mind us!" Alice was about to say something else, but stopped since Edward looked like he had been kicked in the chest, hard.

"Edward I'm sorry, but I'm sure she'll warm back up to you if she's still the same old Bella we know." He nodded, but still looked ailed.

"I hope she has a well-thought plan going. She's most likely living in California, near Los Angeles, so it's going to be sunny. She doesn't seem like a normal vampire, but still one nonetheless. She can only use the botox excuse for a few twenty years, and then people will really start questioning. And when she's supposed to be dead she could still be recognized for her movies. My, my Bella what have you gotten yourself into?" Carlisle said mostly to himself, since he was asking himself questions and answering them at the same time. Everyone nodded in agreement. They were still in the living room, discussing possible scenarios.

"Well, let's start packing! We have no time to lose people, chop-chop." Said Rosalie. They were a little stunned at her sudden enthusiasm, but understood her point. She had never showed much love towards Bella, but Edward supposed that now she is possibly a vampire then Rosalie will show more interest.

He still couldn't get over the simple concept that his sweet, innocent Bella had been turned into a blood-sucking monster without him knowing the least bit.

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