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Chapter Four.

The New House. [what a creative title, I know! lols

The trees whizzing by the car on the freeway gave Alice an entirely new sense of excitement. The trees weren't any ordinary no-names, they were palm trees. They were a mental symbol of something she couldn't have seen in Alaska or any of her past homes. She of course saw them on the internet when she was researching the area, but the pictures were nothing compared to the actual tree. She never could have imagined the engaging scent that came off of them; it was like fruity oil. To any other normal nose it would have smelled like an ordinary tree, but to Alice it was like an entirely new sensation. They captivated her attention and put her head into a muddle of emotions.

The palm trees were not the only things that caught her attention, sights and sounds clouded her normal peace of mind. Even though it didn't take much to capture her attention, this place called Orange County certainly did, almost like none before. She gazed longingly at the malls and shopping strips she passed, but she forged in her mind that she had a mission: make it to her new home in Hollywood. But she definitely needed to remember these places for further notice.

The Cullen family watched the Academy Awards and found how glamorous Bella actually was, they were extremely proud that she won her Best Actress award. Edward was actually the most proud that Bella stopped Jackie before he kissed her. Really proud. They even sat through her other three movies and twenty episodes. Edward was even to the point of buying every single tabloid magazine that had Bella's picture in it. Watching and reading those things made them realize how much of a developed character Bella made out of herself, all for her career.

She was the only passenger in her small, yet fast and study, vintage Mustang. It was a classical cherry red convertible. Rosalie had, of course, upgraded the engine, tires and many other parts of the car so it could go to a vampire's desirable speed. She turned off the freeway and onto Canyon Drive, so now she was on her way into downtown, which was where their new house was located. Esme went down to California two weeks before they moved so she could buy a house and renovate it to their vampire liking. She had only gone searching two of the fourteen days she was there, due to the almost never-ending sunny weather. Esme had supposedly found 'the one' and told the Cullen family to come down as soon as possible to start their forage for Bella.

Alice knew Rosalie was probably the first one down there, since she was the one with the fastest car. Alice was the last one since she wanted to actually enjoy the new scenery. The last time they were ever in California was when they were driving down to Phoenix, protecting Bella from the kookoo-bananas vampire James.

But he was dead now and she had no need to worry over the past. She was absolutely ecstatic that she was going to be able to see her friend again, it seemed like ages since the last time she saw her. Alice was crestfallen that she didn't get a chance to say one last goodbye to her friend. She honestly had a great plan going on in her head so she could have a proper goodbye with Bella, but Edward found out and foiled it.

Stupid, mind-reading vampire.

Jasper had really improved on his control, along with the rest of the family. They were able to prove to themselves that they were legit enough to live in such populated areas. But, the only problem was that they had no clue on how or where they would hunt without accidentally attacking some innocent vampire. They knew that once they found Bella, which couldn't be long, that they would use her method of hunting. Knowing Bella, it would have been something completely far-fetched yet completely sane. Alice thought about it, and realized that was probably the best definition of Bella: absurd, yet very sane.

Alice wasn't entirely sure that Bella was living in the actual district of Hollywood, but she was sure she was living in Los Angeles, at least according to her visions and research. She pulled her car onto Fairfax Street, after an unusually long red light, and gritted her teeth in frustration to the barely moving traffic. The pollution was so great, that if she could have any sort of sickly reaction to it she would be having an asthma attack. Or, at least she thought she would.

She started getting really bored and flipped on the radio and turned the dial until it hit something recognizable. It was 111.2 Yesterdays Hits, as of now 'Hey There Delilah' was playing. Alice remembered the song so well; it had been played for over two years before not being played so regularly. She remembered every word of the sweet lyrics and pitch to the song.

Hey there Delilah what's like in New York City…? Edward had even made a piano version of it for Alice; it was the only thing she could play on the piano. The Plain White Tee's had broken up a few years after that CD, much to Alice's dismay. The simple tune kept her occupied enough not to go bonkers from the congested traffic and make it to the stone gate leading to her new neighborhood. She turned sharply; making skid marks on the street, and earned herself a few honks and unmentioned names were yelled at her. She shook it off and drove up to the gate.

The young man at the gate literally drooled as soon as he saw Alice Cullen's inhuman beauty. He immediately gave her the buzzer so she could open the gate whenever, not even paying attention to whether or not she was actually a resident of the top-notch neighborhood. She noticed how he made the neighborhood sound like some country-club and the button she held in her hand was like some VIP thing.

Alice once again shook it off and slammed on the gas. Finally a street that was not so busy. Now she realized why he made it sound like a club, there was a golf-course, Botchi course, a large reception area, indoor heated pool, and a spa! It made her feel like she was in some retirement center, not a celebrity-clad neighborhood. The houses had its each unique style, but they were either red brick or brown brick and an occasional white. The houses were about half an acre apart, and almost no trees, and if there was one it was sculpted into some animal.

Alice came across a large gap form one house to the next, about four acres long. The house that was at the end of the gap though, was probably the most magnificent and elegant of them all. She took a wild guess at it being the Cullen Estate, because well there was a golden 'C' on the mailbox. She pulled into it, the house was a lot farther back then she speculated. It looked like it was at least four acres away from each surrounding house, which she took as a good thing. A very good thing.

The perfectly manicured lawn had a fluorescent-green look to it, with perfectly square bushes and topiary. She saw a clear view now of the house, it was resplendent and all the other houses were postage stamps compared to the one in front of her. It was tan brick, unlike all the other ones, with maroon shutters and a great French doorway, leading up to three separate balconies, all looming over the front porch. Maroon pillars stretched all the way to the balconies, some connecting with the tall tower on the far right side, which also had its own balcony. Alice felt the sensation of falling in love all over again. None of the other Cullen homes have been quiet so grand.

She saved herself a gasp and sped faster then she had the entire time she was in Orange County down to the house. She turned her car around the square driveway to the garage, causing a loud screech. There was already three moving vans in the driveway, with Emmett, Carlisle and Esme all unloading their things. She wondered where Jasper and Rosalie were.

Alice parked and ran out. She briefly said, "Hey, great pick!" to Esme then ran to the garage.

A very blonde mechanic was working under a very silver worn-out Volvo inside the ten car garage. She walked right up to Rosalie. "Isn't this house charming?"

"Mhmm." Rosalie popped her head out from under the Volvo, which was making popping noises. "You should take a look inside; I got here an hour or two before you so I already looked around. Edward burst his oil pressure while going to fast for too long; I honestly don't know how much longer this poor thing can make it if he doesn't get a new car soon." She narrowed her eyes, "did you bust anything in your car?"

"No!" snapped Alice. Everything, according to Rosalie, was either cars, Emmett or her appearance. Never something like how great a house looked; it sort of agitated her at Rosalie's unenthusiastic reply. She was about to go inside when she noticed a vibrant green garden maze on the far right of the house, she took note to check that out later with Jasper. Another semi-truck parked in the driveway. "What's that truck –"

Rosalie rolled her eyes then said, "Esme had some shopping to do, which consisted of enough things that she couldn't fit it into her car. She wanted to renovate the house to our liking." Alice felt proud of Esme for a second.

"Oh," and with that Alice Cullen stepped into the house. She was marveled by the relaxed environment of the house, decorated in warm earthy colors. It even had an earthy smell, not like the dirt way but in the pine-needle fresh way. Kind of like Pinesol.

Esme had only insisted that they bring their favorite clothes and important trinkets. For instance, Edward's dear old piano. Emmett was coming from what she guessed the living room was, since he had a bunch of plastic and empty boxes in his hands. "Want to help start unloading?"

She nodded her head vigorously and started following Emmett back outside before asking, "Where's Jasper?" She hadn't seen her husband in the past 6 hours and she really wanted to see him.

"Claiming his – err, your room. I think you'll be able to tell, because once you get near it you feel a strong twinge of anger." He had a playful look in his eyes that told Alice he had already tried to go near Jasper's claimed room.

"And Eddie?"

This time Emmett rolled his eyes very girlishly for a man his size. Alice let a small giggle out. "He's in his room, says the suns to bright for his sensitive skin."

Now Alice burst out laughing then said, "Likely, I offered him some of my exfoliating Lilly pad scrub, and an offer for a spa treatment but he suddenly reminded me that vampires can't get skin problems."

Carlisle and Esme were deep in the depths of the moving van when they got outside. He was effortlessly picking up his treasured office desk that has been in each of his former studies. It was a feat no ordinary man could do alone, he would have had to have at least five other people with him to pick up the ample desk. Carlisle smiled, "How was your trip Alice?"

"Marvelous!" she said, imitating a perfect Marilyn Monroe voice. Then she changed to her perky voice, "living here is going to be loads of fun!"

Alice heaved four boxes full of her favorite unused clothes and hopped out of the van. She went upstairs, since that was where Emmett said her reserved room was. She went down the long hallway, filled with expensive and famous paintings and vases full of fresh flowers.

She passed a home theatre, a room devoted to video games and devices, and a beautiful Skylight room, which was all glass and from the back wall you could see Hollywood Hills. When she passed that room, she noticed they were set on a hill, not one quiet as large as the Hollywood sign, but enough so they were far enough from the busy bustle of the streets. It completely appeased her.

She felt a jerk of sadness coming from one of the rooms, she wondered if it was Jasper, so she was lifting her hand to knock but a familiar voice said, "Wrong room, love."

She turned and walked to the room Jasper's voice was coming from; she felt an oddly soothing anger that could only be coming from her Jasper. She put one of her perky grins on and entered the room. She wondered where the sadness was coming from the other room, if it wasn't Jasper. Edward she decided.

She entered the baby-blue and apricot colored room, her exact requests to Esme. She found Jasper in the closet, arranging his clothes so they took up the smallest space possible. She smiled even wider at how much he cared. "You know, wallowing in self-sorrow is Edward's thing."

He gave her a confused look, but then they heard, "Hey!" from across the hall. Yup, that room was definitely Edward's. She left out a tinkling laugh and set down her boxes. She hugged Jasper with all the emotion she felt on her trip down here, and boy it sure was a lot. It looked like his eyes were going to bulge out of his sockets of she didn't loosen her grip. "I missed that laugh," he mumbled in her hair.

"It was only six hours!" she smiled against his strong, able chest. At least he felt the same way about traveling separately. She felt the sudden rush of soothing calmness take over her formerly tense body.

"You need to unpack all those clothes you are never going to where." He reluctantly let her go.

She moaned and said, "I'll where them as soon as I get some shoes and purses and layer some things before I wear them." He rolled his eyes then left the closet.

Alice sighed and stalked over to her boxes; she took everything out and put it on the hangers, color-coordinated of course. Jasper was already downstairs and helping unpack everyone else's things. Alice decided it was time to finally give herself a tour. Everything she knew was already spectacular; she just wanted to look at it personally.

The entranceway had marble floors leading to the double staircase and the downstairs study. She went to the workout room, which looked large enough to fit an indoor pool. Maybe she could talk Carlisle and Esme into it. Her mind went blank, preparing itself for a vision…

…yup! There was definitely enough room for a pool. There were two unneeded kitchens that were fit for Rachael Ray. Two highly equipped studies, the one downstairs and one upstairs that had a connected library, which was the tower she saw. There was a ballroom that was more like a dance club. There was an indoor basketball and tennis court, outdoor Olympic-size pool, a Jacuzzi, a stable, a guesthouse, and a humongous gazebo that was out towards the back of the estate. This house had even better stuff then the custom-built one in Alaska.

Alice was satisfied with the house, so her walk was bouncy and dancy. Now she wanted to find Edward. So she went to his room and walked in openly, because if she knocked he would not have answered. His room was decorated in blues and a yellow color, like honey or butterscotch. An odd match, Alice thought but whatever made Edward happy. He was lying on his Egyptian-cotton bedspread on his cherry-wood bed. His head was on a pillow, and was staring at the ceiling. He didn't even acknowledge her gracing him with her presence.

"Your presence should not be graced, Alice."

Gr, stupid mind-reading vampire. Edward had a scowl on his face. Soft Debussy music was playing in well-hidden speakers. The music has a relaxing yet forlorn for some reason, Alice had never really paid attention to the music always playing in his room.

He had a pained look in his eyes when he whispered, "How are we going to find her? This place is huge, and sunny! It is probably impossible –"

"We'll find her Edward; I promise I will not cease looking for her unless elemental matters won't let me. Then and only then will we stop, which we probably won't. It won't be hard to find her, I mean you have a psychic sitting in front of you and she's a freaking celebrity, she won't be hard to miss with the wards of people surrounding her." Said and exasperated Alice.

But what if she doesn't want me anymore? And that's only the top of my worries, and that's another problem, with so many people around her how can we spot her?"

"Firstly, you are the one who told her you didn't love her. She still loves you, I mean seriously she nearly expects you to come around her neck and tell what the person beside you is thinking, but gets disappointed when your not there. And secondly, it's called vampire senses smart one." It was true about Bella still loving him Alice was having small, unclear visions of that particular thing once in a while. Actually ever since that decisive movie, Alice was having quant visions of those types of things, Bella wandering aimlessly about Edward.

Edward's eyes had lit up as soon she Alice said Bella still cared for him. "Are you being sincere Alice?"

"Seriously, Eddie, I am being one-oh-oh percent sincere. Why would I lie about something as deliberate as that? I'm not as cruel as you think." He slightly growled at his new nickname.

"Don't you dare ever call me that again."

"Or what?"

His lower lip trembled as he thought of something canny to say, but nothing came out. One point for Alice, zilch for Eddie. Alice's mind went blank as it prepared for yet another vision. Alice blocked her mind from Edward.

A brisk-looking man in a crisp suit had an assured look on his face as he stood at the end of a long business-table with a thick stack of papers in his hands. Other men closely resembling his attire and cool-look were sitting around the table. The man at the end rubbed his smooth clean-shaven face and fixed his vibrant green eyes on the men. He shook some of his ink-black hair out of his face and said, "Well, I'm thinking tha' we may hahve a great movie on our 'ands. What D' you think men?"

Yes's were circulated around the table and a small smiled twitched upon the British mans' handsome face. He then passed out the thick stack of papers to each of the men. "This is the cast-list, I 'ope you will find it 'onerable, If not… I pity you.

"As you may know, Izzy Mason 'as concluded her part as Juliet, the rest may not be as recognizable to you, since they ahre frohm thah open auditions." Most of the men clapped after that. He rang a little bell beside him and a skinny blonde woman came in.

"Lucy, I want you to call these people and tell thehm they gawt the part. We'll have their scripts printed on Monday, ahnd the set ready in two weeks, then start blocking and rehearsing."

The vision ended and Edward had a tight frown on his face, a guessing look flitting across his dark yellow eyes. "Why did you block me?"

"You need to hunt, your eyes are getting dark and it's not safe to be a bit hungry around these areas."

"Don't change the subject Alice, now please answer my question."

She smirked and got off the bed, heading towards the door. "That's for me to know and for you to find out."

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