It's Just a Game

Allen smiled evilly over his cards as both Kanda and Lavi mentally slapped themselves for thinking they could win a game of Poker against Allen Walker of all people. Sure, they figured he must be cheating, the boy had taught himself quite the many tricks in his short life. He had been used by his Master many times to get money for food and other supplies.

Yes, the innocent boy that sat in from of them now was a demon when it came to Poker.

Allen placed his cards down with the rest of them, a royal flush.

"Dammit Moyashi! play a fair game for once!!"

Kanda yelled, pointing accusingly at said Bean sprout. But this did not institute the least bit of fear into Allen, seeing as Kanda had...lost quite a bit to the Silver-haired exorcist. Lavi just sat in his gloom and humiliation.

"I shoulda known after that first time I saw ya play that guy on the train that playing card games with you leads to trouble... and you always win all our stuff then give it back afterwards... what the point of placing wagers if you're gonna give it all back...?!!? oh I GET IT NOOOOW!!! this is all your way of getting your sick kicks, I knew you weren't the innocent little angel you seem to be!!!!"

Lavi was ranting now about Allen's gambling habits. Allen gave him an innocent smile that gave way to laughter, the ebil laughter of a boy gotten gambling obsessed thanks to his 'Mentor' Cross Marion. no matter what, even if there were no stakes, Allen never allowed himself to lose.

"What's going on in here guys? I hear evil laughter..."

Linali said, walking into the common room.


she said, turning around and covering her eyes. "

What are you guys doing in here!?!?!!"

she asked, completely freaked by the scene, secretly she was trying not to go fan-girl over the fact that both Kanda and Rabi were in nothing but their boxers. (yay boxers xD) those were the only thing Allen refused to make them wager.

"Put some clothes on you two!!!"

she said, face flushed, drooling slightly at the mental image, because oh what an image it was...
Yes, Allen was indeed a demon when it came to cards, but he does it for the fan-girls.