Author's Note: Due to the new time restriction on how long documents can remain on the site, I have decided to start this fic now. However, Imperial remains my priority. I have three more chapters pretty much ready to load, but after that, don't expect any regularity.

This fic is based on a Bones episode, where Brennan is stalked by a escaped psychokiller whom she helped put in jail. It's darker than any of my other stories; whereas most of my other ratings were precautionary, this one is completely serious, and may even go up, depending on how vivid and detailed I feel I need to be. So you have been warned.

Oh, and for anyone who's interested, the title suggests that my villain is even more evil than Vader, who personifies Darkness.

Hope you enjoy the story!

Disclaimer: I do not own the TV show Bones, nor do I own anything that has to do with Star Wars.

Darker Than Darkness

"For I have sworn thee fair, and thought thee bright, who art black as hell, and dark as night." --William Shakespeare

Chapter One: Escape

He grinned madly as he ran away from the fearsome walls of the prison fortress. He knew that the alarms were probably already sounding, but he didn't care. He was free, in the fresh air and open fields of whichever planet this was. He didn't need to know what planet this was. He just needed to get away from here.

There must be a spaceport nearby. Although prisoners were delivered using a landing pad in the prison building itself, and there were no towns close by that were big enough to have a place he could hire a ship from, he wasn't worried. Looking back, he could see the stormtroopers pouring from the prison gates, looking for him.

His smile grew. They would never find him. Their bright white armour shone even in the darkest night. He could easily track their movements and evade their grasp before they even knew he was there.

He turned his gaze ahead again. He could see lights on the horizon. It looked like a fair-size city. It would be a good spot to look for transportation. He began to traipse in the direction of the shimmering horizon.

He knew that the stormtroopers would call in reinforcements once they realized they were too incompetent to find him themselves, but that would take awhile. He would be lost in the galaxy by then. Not even Darth Vader would be able to find him.

The realization that he would never have to set foot in that prison again filled him with joy. He never fit in there. The stormtroopers were exceptionally rough when they handled him, to his way of thinking. The Rebels turned up their noses at him, gave him disgusted looks when he passed by. He was no better than they were, in there. It was not for them to judge him. It was not for anyone to judge him.

The murderers and the traitors and the petty criminals didn't really mind him, but they all refused to share a cell with him. Afraid he'd do to them what he did to land himself in prison in the first place, probably. He smirked at that. They weren't his type.

The murderers may talk to him, but they were brainless, unfit company for a man of his intelligence. Now that he was back in the world, he could make friends with whom he chose, could relax among people worthy of him. He would have a good life.

He wondered where he would go, once he had a ship. He had been on Alderaan when he had been arrested, but he had since heard that Alderaan had been blown up. It had been the talk of the prison for nearly a month. Good riddance, in his opinion; Bail Organa did nothing to protect his people. He still remembered clearly the Viceroy's stony face when he had been dragged off to an Imperial vessel for trial and transport to the prison.

If Bail Organa hadn't already been dead, his first order of business would have been to go back and kill the Viceroy. Force-damned hypocrite; everybody knew he hated the Empire, but he had actually looked relieved when they took him away.

Oh, how he hated Bail Organa!

He wondered what had happened to Organa's little daughter. He remembered her, too. All big brown eyes and long brown hair, she was; a dainty child. Likely a child no longer. She had been eight when he had been arrested, clinging to her father fearfully, with his arm around her as he tried to hide her from his view. He remembered thinking that if she grew up to be as pretty as she was at eight, she would make a fine woman. Fit for a man like him.

He would have to look up little Princess Organa. He would find out where she was, and he would go visit her, see if his imagination was right.

The hours passed as he dreamed of the little princess, of what he would say to her, what he would do to her. If she had any smarts at all she would know better than to turn her back on him, as her daddy had.

The town was close now; so close he could see the speeders flying around as the citizens enjoyed the nightlife. He grinned. It was perfect.

He slunk around the lower part of the city, peeking into taverns and bars, looking for someone who could sell him a ship. Finally, after hours of looking, he had one, bought from a junkie who needed money for deathsticks. It was stolen, most likely, according to the very few credits he paid for it, but that was okay. He only had a few credits anyway, stuff he'd found lost on the streets, and a bit on the credit chips he had been smart enough to filch from the belts of the troopers. He would never let it be said he was a stupid man. He had planned his escape from prison – from this entire planet – very carefully.

He would not be caught again. He would never allow himself to be sent back to jail.

He was just taking off when the probable owner of his ship showed up with a trio of troopers. He grinned. They shot at him, but he was already too far away for their pitiful weapons to do him any harm.

As soon as he was out of atmosphere, he jumped to hyperspace.

At last, away, away! He leaned back in his pilot's chair. He had set a course for the Outer Rim, where the Empire would be hard pressed to even glimpse him. The Empire wasn't as strong in the Outer Rim as it was in the Core. He would be safe there.

He would head for Socorro, he decided. He had never been there before, so he would see if it was a good spot to stay. If not, he would keep looking. The Empire would never find him.

He laughed. Never, ever, ever.