The Guide to a Cold hearted Bastard: Neji Hyuga

Chapter 23- And all things must come to an end

This has been a very wonderful experience, laughing at your misery, enjoying my fame…now I have to face the ultimate wrath of Neji. Can you believe that he found out about this!?! Now he's making me pay by making me convince Sakura to do the same thing to Sasuke to make him torture as well! This is going to be fun to do…Anyways. Good Luck at your goals. Hopeful those who wanted to be his friend managed to do that. Those trying to be a cold hearted bastard hopefully have succeed by this point…probably not, but I'll remain optimistic and I promise not to laugh at you when I meet you on the street. Remember, "Hn.." not "Hun.." very different meanings. One says that you're a poser bastard and the other just says you're plain dumb! Either one is bad, so take your pick!

Family members, remember what ol' Tennie said. Do that and you'll live for a couple more years before croaking due to the silence in those creepy halls choking you and hanging you or those endless hallways finally decide to eat you! OR those hidden dust bunnies band together to up rise against the evil Hyuga Family! And now I'll stop!

And finally, potential Girlfriends/wifes, you have the hardest amount of luck. For guess what, I heard a rumor! And it's a bad rumor for you, I heard that Neji is interested in someone, but when I ask, he wouldn't tell me…I wonder why. This calls for Sherlock Tenten. I just need to find someone to fill the position of Watson…or I'll just blackmail him again to find out. It's just easier that way. The last time I tried that Naruto ended up in the hospital…again. I had to bribe him with ramen to be my Watson, and then he ruined it by opening his big mouth, like normal.

So good luck to you all, and may you all live pain-free Neji-filled lives, or that's the goal anyways.

Saying goodbye for the last time,


--Author note---

I can't believe it's over! Well this has been fun, making fun of But for those who need their dose of Bastard loving/hating, don't despair! I have a feeling that Tenten will somehow convince Sakura to do it...I'll make sure of it. Saying goodbye one last time, NinjaPower out!