Once upon a time, Mario was walking in Mushroom Kingdom when he saw

Luigi and

Peach standing with another person that he did not know. He had never


this weird guy ever.

Mario walked straight up to Peach, and asked, "Who is this?" Peach

turned to

him, frowned, and replied.

"Oh, it's you. This is Neo, he's so awesome. I think I want to go out


him!" She exclaimed. Mario and Luigi looked down in shame. They were


because they weren't as cool as this stranger, Neo. And he was the new


and Peach wanted him, and they wanted Peach.

Neo had blonde hair that was short, right above his ear. He had blue


that made him stunning, and his face structure was loved by all.

Everyone in

the Kingdom wanted to look like him, because well, everyone wanted to

go out

with Peach! He was wearing a dark blue sweater that was similar to


outfit, and no hat. He certainly did look cool!

Luigi and Mario looked at Peach skeptically. "What does he do that

makes him

so cool, Peach?" They said at the same time. They looked at each other,

wondering why they were thinking the same thoughts and were about to


because they both liked Peach, when she interrupted.

"He just is! Anyways, we need to kill our Goombas!" She said.

"Why?" Asked Luigi confused.

Peach sighed. Mario spoke up for her, thinking she will love him if she


"You are an idiot, Luigi. The Goombas are always evil, and always


trouble, so we need to kill them now! We don't want any bad things to


He said.

"That won't be necessary, I already killed the new Goombas!" Everybody


to the source of the noise and saw Neo. Mario and Luigi sneered at him,

glaring with hatred. Of course he did it, why didn't they know that!

"Oh, you are so cool, Neo, how are you able to think ahead like that?"


Peach, her heart beating by looking at him, her eyes full of love.

"I'm just cool like that Peach.." He said, not paying much attention


sneaking glances at her

She took a deep breath, and screamed, "AWESOME!"

Suddenly, Toad came into the picture, running right to Neo, and threw a

hamburger at Neo for no apparent reason, and said, "Eat it you fat,


person!" He ran away right after, laughing. (A/N: I am just that

retarded to

add that in--Noober)

Then Bowser came and started trying to attack Mario but Neo jumped up

at him

and punched him in the face. Bowser fell down with the impact and died.

Mario stared at Neo, and sighed. "Wow, Neo, you really are so cool...I

wish I

had thought about punching him.. You're smart." Neo smiled at him, and



"I know..."

And they laughed.

In the end, Peach went out with Neo, and Mario became the ruler of the

Mushroom Kingdom. And everyone lived happily ever after, excluding

Luigi who

sadly died. His head had exploded when...well, you don't want to know


But no one really cared except for Toad who keeps crying to this day.

The end...

""You see this is written much better... retard. No one cares if

you're 9,

you shouldn't even be on here, it's for 13 years and up.""-