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The Child Within

Chapter 1: The Tide

It was an oddly breezy summer morning; the birds chirped, the waves crashed, the shops opened, and everyone on the beach had the times of their lives. The sun was beating down on the world as two kids ran around playing with each other.

Kagome Higurashi was a charming little girl. She had short raven hair, honey brown eyes, rosy cheeks, and a smile that sent awes through everyone's hearts. She was a very intelligent young girl. She was only in kindergarten but was able to do math at the grade level of a third grader. She was absolutely unique in every way possible.

Inuyasha Taiyokai on the other hand was a very mischievous lad. He had short silver hair, amber eyes, and a bite me look on all the time. He was always causing trouble everywhere he went only because he loved the reaction from people; but mostly from Kagome.

The two were connected in pre-school and became best friends instantly. The children would tease the two and call them boyfriends and girlfriends but Inuyasha would teach them a lesson with his little tricks that he had up his sleeve. The two were an adorable pair.

"Inu! Looky over here!" Kagome cried out at the top of her lungs across the bay to her best friend.

She wore a short white dress that fluttered in the breeze, white flip flops, a white ribbon in her hair, and a necklace with a pink orb. She was standing awkwardly next to a pool on some rocks jumping up and down from one foot to the other. Her small finger pointed into the pool at something as Inuyasha came running over. His short silver hair danced as he made his way over in his blue shorts, a red t-shirt, and a toy sword that hung at his waist.

"What is it? You look like you're going to hurl!" He yelled as he ran over and jumped next to her, looked into the pool, and smiled. "Woah! Look at that sucker!" He exclaimed while bending over to pick up a sea star.

"Ew, ew, ew ,ew ,ew! Don't touch it! It might have cooties or rabies or something!" Kagome wailed while jumping off the rocks and running away from Inuyasha as he began swinging it around and chasing after her. "Inu stop it!" She screamed and picked up a sea shell quickly, turned around, and threw it at him then running off again.

"Hey! That's cheating! I'm not even throwing anything… Yet!" Inuyasha yelled at her and at the end of his statement, he threw the creature at Kagome as it landed on her head.

"Kyahhh!" Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs as she fell to her knees. "Oh, my, gosh! Inu! Get it off me! It's eating my brains! Kyahhh!" Kagome continued to scream as she poked at the sea star on her head.

Inuyasha fell over on the sand laughing so hard his stomach began to hurt, "Oh Kagome. It's eating the smart math out of you!" He yelled and sat up as he noticed Kagome had stopped moving so much. "Kagome?"

Kagome was looking down at something in front of her. "Shh, don't move." Kagome whispered.

"What?" Inuyasha said as he crawled over towards her and saw a crab in front of her. "Ohhhh." Inuyasha smiled as he made an attempt to pick it up.

"Don't touch it!" Kagome suddenly screamed as she pushed Inuyasha back, got up, and began running. "Mommy! It's eating my brains! Get if off, get it off!"

Inuyasha had followed Kagome from behind laughing still as his best friend was acting like some kind of zombie was eating her head off. "Kagome, come here, I'll take if off." Inuyasha said as he began to run after Kagome again.

Kagome stopped in her tracks and sat down on the sand as Inuyasha came up from behind her and pulled the suckling creature off her head slowly. "Ew." Inuyasha whispered.

"What? Did it eat my hair?" Kagome cried as she touched her head, only to feel a slippery sensation. "I'm telling my mommy on you!" Kagome cried as she got up and began running.

"Aw, don't do that! She'll tell my mom!" Inuyasha yelled as he chased after Kagome who was running towards the ocean in hopes to clean off her hair. "I'll help you clean it!" He whined in attempt to save himself.

"Maybe." Kagome pouted as she took off her ribbon and threw it at Inuyasha and dunk her head into the water.

Inuyasha pushed her head into the water deeper as she tried her best to get free from his grip and she stood back up rubbing her eyes, "You jerk!" She cried as she pushed him, causing him to fall over laughing.

Kagome had her eyes tightly shut from the salty water that brushed against her eyes. She hadn't realized the tide was slowly pulling her out into the sea as she began to feel the water rise from her ankles to her knees and then to her waist. She opened her eyes trying to see as she began to scream.

Inuyasha was busy dusting himself off and hadn't realized what had happened as he got up quickly and yelled after her, "Kagome! What are you doing! Get back in!" He yelled frantically. He didn't know how to swim and sure as hell knew Kagome didn't know how to either.

Kagome flapped her arms around and tried to move towards the bay again only to be sucked further out. "Inu! Help me!" She cried and began to panic while feeling her feet loose contact with the sand underneath her.

Inuyasha noticed her slowly sinking as he screamed for help and raced into the water after her, "Kagome!" He cried as he tried to run in the water. He pulled his sword from his waist and extended it towards Kagome, even though it was no where near reaching her. "Kagome, try to swim back!" He yelled while in the back he could hear people screaming to help them. "Kagome! Please try!"

Kagome was busy trying to keep herself from sinking into the water as she kicked her legs and waved her arms to move back towards him, her attempt moved her slowly up and towards him.

"There you go!" Inuyasha yelled as he began to feel his feet lose contact with the sand and he backed up. "Almost Kagome!"

Her hands were inches from the sword as a huge wave came and engulfed the two of them, spitting Inuyasha back onto the surface, and Kagome no where to be found.

Inuyasha coughed and spat out all the salty water and shook his head as he felt his world spin around him. "K-Kagome?" he whispered as his view slowly came back into focus. He noticed speedboats quickly going towards where Kagome was last seen. "Where's Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled and got up quickly as everyone kept him from going back into the water.

Minutes passed as the search for the young girl in white waged on. Every second droned into Inuyasha's head as he sat at the bay staring into the water as life guards made an attempt to find the girl. 'Kagome, you're alright' he reassured himself.

Moments shortly a man on one of the speedboats reached into the water and grabbed something; something seemingly lifeless and bleeding. Inuyasha's eyes grew wide as he pulled her body out, 'She's ok, she's ok.' He chanted in his head.

The man quickly sped his way back to shore screaming for an ambulance. The girl in his arms was ripped, cut, pale, and not breathing. The medics came rushing over quickly as they tried their best to get air into her tiny lungs.

"Come on honey, you can do it." The medic whispered softy as he checked her pulse, "We've got it." He whispered and they quickly got her into the nearby ambulance and sped off quickly.

Inuyasha stood in horror. He didn't get to touch her. Her lifeless pale body, her once white dress was soaked in blood, her flip flops gone, and her body torn apart like a rag doll.

"K-K-Kagome." Inuyasha whispered as his mother slowly came over and picked him up. He had gone into total shock and was dazed on the way to the hospital.

They all sat waiting in the lobby. Kagome's parents along with Inuyasha's parents. They weren't sure what happened, no one was really watching them because a second earlier Kagome was only running away from Inuyasha, and the next she was being pulled away by the tide. They all felt helpless. They couldn't ask Inuyasha because he was still sitting silently in shock. His eyes wide and his hands trembling. The doctor had checked him moments before and they said that he'd be ok after he calmed down.

A man in a blue outfit came out of Kagome's room and looked at her parents, "We have some good and bad news. Kagome is holding on; but not strong enough. We don't have the advanced equipment to keep her on for much longer. We suggest that she'd be transferred out of town as quick as possible to a private hospital." The doctor quickly explained and looked at his watch. "We're very sorry we can't be much more of a help; all we can do is transport her our there for you."

Mrs. Higurashi covered her mouth and looked at her husband and nodded, "I'm not going to loose her." She whispered softy and clung to her husband tightly. "Please save her."

The doctor nodded, "We need your signature that you gave us permission to move her out there, and if anything goes wrong on the drive there, we are not held responsible. We're doing our best to keep her alive."

Mr. Higurashi quickly signed without another though, "Are we going now?" He asked as the doctor nodded and ran into Kagome's room, yelled into the room and they quickly moved her out.

Inuyasha was listening and quickly stood up and ran towards Kagome and tried to get a glimpse of her. All he got was her cheek and the rest of her was covered up in bandages. 'Kagome.'

Kagome and her parents quickly disappeared into the ambulance as it sped off down the street.

"Inu darling, everything will be fine." Mrs. Taiyokai reassured as she brushed his shoulder lightly. Next to his mother was his older brother looking at him sadly. He walked over and hugged Inuyasha lightly, released him and went back to his mother's side.

Days went by as Inuyasha would run over to Kagome's house in hopes to see Mr. or Mrs. Higurashi arriving home. Finally after the long days and hours of waiting, they arrived home appearing depressed.

Mrs. Higurashi spotted Inuyasha at their doorsteps as she walked over to him and hugged him lightly. "I'm sorry dear. This must be hard on you." She whispered as she looked at him and noticed he still had the dazed look in his eyes.

"Is she ok?" Was all he asked.

"She's doing… ok." Mrs. Higurashi uttered out and hugged Inuyasha tightly. "I'm glad you're ok." She whispered. She had seen him trying to help Kagome and she would've been even more devastated to know that someone else got hurt. "Kagome hasn't woken up yet, but I'm sure she'd want you to have this." She said as she pulled out the necklace Kagome was wearing at the beach and placed it around Inuyasha's neck. "We're moving close to the hospital so we can be close to Kagome. Take care alright dear?"

Inuyasha looked at the necklace that was around his neck and he grasped it tightly in his small palm. "Will you come back?"

"Maybe. When Kagome is better."

Inuyasha nodded as he sat back down on the steps as Mr. and Mrs. Higurashi slowly entered their home to begin packing, occasionally glancing out at Inuyasha who seemed to slowly be taking it all in.

'Kagome, it's my entire fault.' Inuyasha thought to himself as he suddenly burst out crying and ran home. Mr. and Mrs. Higurashi looked out the window as he ran back home, their chests ached as they sighed and quickly packed up.

"Darling, she'll make it thought." Mr. Higurashi reassured his wife. "She's getting the best treatment possible." he reassured her.

Mrs. Higurashi nodded and hugged her husband tightly. "She'll wake up soon." She whispered.

Kagome laid in the hospital bed, tubes connected to her and the whole room was completely sanitized. She looked so fragile laying there. Silently in her deep sleep. Her wounds were so bad that one of her limbs almost fell off. They speculated that she got pulled out far enough for something to attack her, but they couldn't tell what it was.

Inuyasha sat in his bedroom and stood up quickly to look out the window as Kagome's parents were loading things into the car. He ran out quickly and towards them tears in his eyes. He didn't know what to do, what to say. He wanted to tell them what happened, but he was afraid they'd hate him. He reached them as Kagome's mother knelt down and brushed his cheek.

"What's the matter?" She asked him softly.

"C-Can I h-have K-K-Kagome's f-fox." He stuttered while he tried to hold back his tears.

Mrs. Higurashi nodded as she fumbled around in the car until she found it and handed it to Inuyasha. "Take good care of it ok? One day we'll come back and Kagome might want her favorite animal back." She teased as he nodded.

"I promise!" Inuyasha exclaimed as he hugged her tightly and ran back home into his bedroom and stared at the stuffed animal in his hand. Kagome had named it Shippo a while back and it was given to her by her grandmother.

He vowed that he'd meet her again one day and return her fox back to her along with her necklace; and until that day, he'd never forget her.

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